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Black Love by Chidi Okoye

Aight ladies just for the fun of it I came up with this test, please don't scroll down before answering each question, which may be able to tell you what's your type of African man....

Let's go:

1-Your fav'outfit on your man
a-funky jeans, tight shirt ,sunglasses, a bit of jewelry
b-a nice suit,nice tie
c-sport gear a la jordan
d-tee shirts w/funky messages ,jeans
e-clean cut pants tee a la banana republic/meets European feel

2-The African Mandingo you set your eyes wanted to surprise you for your b-day, which one of these date ideas will make you scream hell noooo?

a-He surprises you and fly to Tibet to meditate on you getting one year older
b-He surprises and take you on a campaign advocating women's right when you are wearing your latest Sun Goddess Dress
c-He surprises you w/the best tickets in town to watch his favorite football team play
d-While you were hoping for some 1-1time he goes and bring in his whole loud crew to sing happy b-day to you
e-While you were hoping to go to Jamaica, he flies all the way to Germany in order to better your practice of the language
f-While at the beach in beautiful SA, he takes all the attention from you in his swimming trunks and put you to shame.

3-Which African country would you rather visit?


4-Would you rather be with....?

a-Someone who could be so" into the moment ", shower you with attention at the moment when he's feeling you but just wanna "be friends"
b-Someone who may not be the most exciting but would be devoted to you and your kids
c-Someone who is still trying to find himself but got it going professionally
d-Someone who could be a better friend than a lover
e-the pretty boy that longs to be complete surprisingly
f-Someone who may seem tough but is very sensitive inside

5 Chose lyrics that appeal more to you

a-"From an African point of view, we will get there when we stop asking, and do it ourselves"
b-"I have a dream"
c-" "Players are bigger than rock stars in my country,"
d-"If I can' t apologise for being wrong than it's just shame on me"
e-"“I want to do well and conquer the world for them, like Superman. It's as if a whole new chamber in my heart has opened up.”
f-"We African people are people with feelings"

6 Do you like your man.....?

a-in his early thirties acting his age w/confident swagger
b-in his early forties w/a lot of wisdom
c-enjoying his late twenties
d-in his mid thirties but acting like he's still in his twenties
e-living the thirties at the right temperature
f-in his forties looking like he's in his thirties

7What's your favourite desert?

a-milk chocolate delice
b-marble cake
c-chocolate fondue
d-dark chocolate
e-flan au caramel
f-raisin cookies

8 If you could chose a physical feature in a man what would it be?

a-beautiful eyes
b-strong and beautiful hands
c-tight muscles
d-dark chocolatey skin
e-1 smile a la "the Rock"(u know)
f-nice abs

9- Would you rather have a man who is?

a-a hard worker, a gentleman, but 2 whom work comes first
b- an idealist but a risk taker
c-1 man who's passionate about what he does but who still have some maturing to do
d-a man who makes mistakes but who's not afraid 2 apologise
e-a family man but who's fairly successful professionally
f-a man who's willing 2 start som'but who's been a bachelor for 1 long time

10- Chose your fav'animal


So let me remind everyone that this was just for the fun of it...I am not claiming to be a psychologist or anything...strictly fun...

Count the number of a, b,c,d,e,f ...

If you have more A's your celeb African man is Kaysha:
Kaysha is an artist from Congo. He's sweet but at the same time not totally ready to settle down..He's successful and not afraid to try new things. He is also a businessman who owns clothing line, and his own production company.
You would def' have a blast w/this brotha if you don't mind that he's not ready to settle just yet.

If you counted more B's, your celeb African man is Barrack Obama.
No need to introduce him this half Kenyan brotha. A soft spoken yet 1 strong community leader.He's a married loving father of 2.He may not be the type to take you to the moon everyday but he'll charm w/his idealism and his belief for a better tomorrow.

If you counted more C's your celeb African man is Ovie Mugabi
At 27 years old this Nigerian brother is having the career that many athletes would only dream of. He's hip , young and only starting of. He would def' be the exciting type of man if you can accept that he's only starting...:)

If you counted more D's your celeb African man would be Senegalese Akon.
What can I say successful, fun , energetic def' wouldn't be bored w/him. However this brotha will make many mistakes but won't be too proud to apologize..can you handle it.

If you counted more E's your celeb African man would be Boris Kodjoe.
Gorgeous, sensual, and surprisingly a family man.If you don't mind other women 's envy ....pretty good catch.

If you counted more F's your celeb African would be Djimon Hounsou.
The quiet man within the hard body.With this brotha you are promised deep conversations as long as you don't wonder how come in his forties he hasn't settled down yet....

And of course if you have the equal number of letters your celeb is a mix of the 2...

LOL that's it, it was fun coming up w/this ...please let me know what you think,
I am curious.
Eyee Wayeee:)

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kaysha was interviewed on the africanloft. pls, include link to the interview