Saturday, December 29, 2007


Modeling for Tory Burch!
This pic apeared in Vibe Mag this year

Nice Suit!

Doesnt' she remind of Tyra Banks a bit here?

If you live in the States, you must have seen the lovely face of Nina Keita on the Old Navy Campaigns, she's even on a billboard in Times Square, you've seen her in Essence Mag' or Black Up Commercial or even NY Fashion shows..just 2 say that this young lady is doing her thang.

My fellow blogger Comb& Razor (check out my fav' bloggers on the right) brought up to my attention that I never talked about her...abs' rite brotha...planning on showcasing her work more often people...
2 see some of her work , check these videos:

Djaa les gos d'Abidjan sont more fiyaa:)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)


La grande go waye; Miss Isha Sesay!!

Go Isha w/ur beautifulyet serious face!

Doin' red very well sista!

*This 1 is for you Miss Seneya, thank you for making me discover the world of this young lady, reppin' for us brainy/ fashion:)

Ok so from what I gather Miss Isha Sesay was born in the UK and as it's the case in most of immigrant families moved for a while to Africa -Sierra Leone before going back at the age of 16 to UK. I'm sure that this gave her a good and needed African foundation...anywhoo she studied English at Trinity College.

After the obtention of her degree she humbly took a non paid internship w/the BBC talk show Kilroy (very smart move) and quickly became a part of the team as a paid employee..

From that point on started a diversified and I'm sure wonderful career w/her working at various stations and different positions.. One of those jobs that made her a household name in the world of news was her job as presenter on

"Good Morning Sports Fans for Sky Sports" , she did this for 3 years and met some interesting peeps such as the members of the Arsenal soccer team( u know my UK peeps and their soccer..don't need to draw u 1 pic I'm sure)

Isha progressed later on to anchor at ITV1 w/the morning show
"Early Morning News "....
Today she's working as a CNN news anchor(since 2005); not bad for a young lady that started as an non-paid intern...this is a great example of steady , slow but sure success.....

Sometimes we look at young beautiful women who are good at what they do and don't realise that it took work, sacrifice and determination to get there, just like any other person Isha had to ,has to and will have to deal w/challenges; she lost her dad at a fairly young age , her and the rest of her family had 2 adjust w/the handicap of her sister, her mother's positive involvment w/politics but still dangerous..u know how it is w/corruption in our African countries...ect...

But Isha is here following her passion and I say you go gal!!!

And missy also reports on some important issues:
electoral votes in Kossovo, The Hajj Pligrimage,ect...she's about business!!

Here's 1 clip:

Here's her profile on CNN:

Djaa my ladies from Sierra Leone are more fiyaaa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


She was born in South Africa in1974 and started her career as a TV personality, w/her background in dance , theater she progressed surely to acting...

She's loved by South African soap addicts for her long stay w/the soap Generations...oh and she may seem familiar to some of you for her role in
"Hotel Rwanda" (I'm gonna have 2 see this movie again to see miss Rosie in action), she has also appeared in several theatrical productions...matter of fact for those of u living in the UK u may be able to see her in the play
"THE TRUTH"..miss Motone also took part in the femininst play
"The Vagina Monologue" ..I hope that 1 day i'll be blessed to see this play....I've heard so much about it, if any of you have seen it , please share your impressions:)

Rosie also played in the UK production "Wild at Heart"which was set to air at the end of this i'm gonna guess that it did already....
Miss Motene is recognized as a fierce fashionista, winning several style awards and gracing the covers of SA fashion mags, being the host and the face of Ugandan, S /African shows, hair products...ect..

U know that to me unless a celeb uses its status to help promote a cause I ain't (yes I said I ain't sorry grammar fanatics) I was impressed to know that she's been active in the fight towards domestic abuse...
take this on her webbie (i guess it really works 2 use som' who's famous 2 fight a social issue) she created a small non profit counseling service in SA...for those of u interested, here's the contact info:
GREATER NELSPRUIT RAPE INTERVENTION PROJECT (GRIP)46 Anderson StreetNelspruit PO Box 12197SteiltesNelspruit 1200Tel: (013) 752-5993 Fax: (013) 752-5993 E-mail:

Here's her official webbie:

Djaaa my South African ladies be doin' it hun:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Aight I know it may seem weird that I chose to talk abt this cartoon on my blog, but no so much when I say that the scene is quite the regular urban scene of Paris,London, or NY in the sense that it regroups all ethnicites...mostly in the case of Paris where in the urban scene you find quite a lot of french African young peeps from North, West, Central and even South Africa..when I think of the musical scene of Paris I think Congo w/Passi, Fred and Omar reppin for Senegal,Djamel from Marocco..ect ....just to say that u can't think urban without thinking Afirika..

Going back to les Lascars it's quite a funny satire , looooves it...

It was about time that a major french chanel makes room for urban life

good or's still a place where people need to be recognized w/their problems and hope...

So kudos to its creators, Boris and Alexis Dolivet.

Here's a little clip :

Another episode that cracked me up:

Here's Canal Plus Official webbie :

Djaa sometimes we gotta laugh abt ourselves, while still trying to solve our social problems:)
Eyee Wayee:)

Friday, December 28, 2007


"Writing crept upon me and surprised me, then I discovered that I loved the process and art of writing. It came by degrees, through my fingers to my body.... I wanted to be a writer and could answer at airports and immigration points and borders that I was a writer."

....Yep she's just my kind of woman, serious, talented, passionate and about the development of our continent.

Even though she's no longer among us, Yvone's work is still very much so alive and there for us to continue. Throughout her books she taked about women's conditions in a Zimbabwe that was going through its post-colonialism transition...Yvone's view to me is quite interesting, in the sense that she was awake enough to have witnessed Zimbabwea's own sons fight for their independence,young enough but mature still to realise that a lot of efforts were needed to give Women ..non let me rephase this allow women to enjoy their God -given rights...

After a productive stay in Canada , where she studied and taught and also fell deeply in love w/the word of Art galleries ( I am starting to feel the same) a now married Yvone and more than ever convinced that Africa needed all its strenght decided to move back.

While holding the title of director of the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwea..she also wrote many novels among them : Nehanda, Without a Name,Butterfly Burning and her last one that she wrote before flying to Heaven
"The Stone Virgins"...

A small fact that I read about her and that left a lasting impression on me is that she chose to sing a small local edition company...what's interesting is that some critics say that this is probably why she never gained enough international recognition...but u know what I feel her*

Anyways If u would like to buy any of her books ,go to :

Djaa my women from Zimbabwe are unstoppable:)
Eyeee Waye:)

Monday, December 24, 2007


'Xuse me Miss cual es tu nombre: Mika Gloria

'Xuse me Miss where are u reppin: Gabon & Greece bb

'Xuse me Miss why do u look familiar: Because she's an international model boo..I'm sure there 's more to her than that ..I'll try to find out more and let u know aight:)

Le Gabon est dans le chaud aussi:)

Eyee Wayeee:)

Here's her myspace page:


Mmmm that's where I 'll stop when it comes down to this pic

Emeka doin the usual baller casual look

Ohh America & Sudan (Luol Deng) trying to attack Naija boy...

Emeka's pics on the court always translate his strength I find...

Brandy & bro hanging out w/Emeka

Just like I said at the beg' mmmm!! the end:)

Naija boy... I don't recall if Emeka was mentioned in that "Naija Boy" video
( u know I love me that anywhoo Mr 25 years old Chukwuemeka, yeah his first name was born in Nigeria before moving 2 the states w/his family..

Emeka ain't no joke if this basketball career was not to work out for the worries he has finance as a background to fall back on ...Did you know that this naija boy was named Academic All-American of the Year in 2004 ..I'm 1 sucker for driven men so u know this struck a chord w/me lol..anywhoo homeboy graduated a bachelors in finance in 3 years people while pursuing his basketball career...come on people this 6ft 1 got it going on...

He played for U-con and had his number retired ..for his accomplishment..

He now plays for the Charlotte Bobcasts and is known in the nation for being one of the best center players period..

Of course just like any professional playa he had to deal w/physical challenges, a weight gain, a hurt ankle which slowed him down in 2006 but in 2007 Emeka was doin his thang...

This is not all, Emeka is also giving back to his nigerian communitty by establishing the "One Million African Lives to Save" which mission is to supply African health pros w/blood testing kits which will help prevent
unhealthy blood transfusions (yes people that unfortunately happens)
So I say kudos to this young brotha...go naija boy!!

Here's the official site for his non profit efforts:
Here's the Charlotte Bobacts official page:

Here's 1 video featuring our Naija Boy:

Djaa Naija boys are 'bout it 'bout it:)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)


Boy meets Womanhood dans l'elegance

Love the boyish look on the kidish ride!

1 Dark chocolate angel at the piano!

What u know about Senegalese women brotha?!!

Yep la Diallo meme!

I think that her hair has grown since then..but just for memory sake!

Of course for my first post gotta rep for Karda-Dakar Senegal my hometown since that's where I am at ...I think I owe it to people who keep asking me how do I feel now that I moved back, some of y'all may still be abroad pursuing your goals whatever they may be :professional, academic or personal..

I gotta say that for me my first week was tough emotionally I've lived hapilly and unhapilly in America for a long time so being back in African societty was really challenging..i wasn't used anymore to the society protocole I would say fully realising that I took this decision to be So here I am in an economic and political climate that is not his best, a political regima that is leaving its people unsatisfied, its youth -hungry, angry,disapointed,worried at the verge of taking the streets.

Yo the $$ ain't nothing anymore ;it's aproximate value is of: 400-440 CFA ...u do the maths.

What I was impressed w/was the work that is being done on the roads, they are heavilly working on them but the thing is that they tried to do too much at the same time which is for me coming in ..i'm like yeah....but people here are suspicious mad as hell at the jams...ect...ect..
For now I'm observing, listening, discovering my town...trying to stay enthusiastic and not lose my "ride or die mentality " u know..

So going back to Miss Rama Diallo , this beautiful Senegalese young lady won a couple of years ago the coveted title of Miss 2001 ..waouh years really do fly by ...I was in college at the time and everyone within the Senegalese community was thrilled that thia humble, elegant woman was recognised for her beauty, the fairy tale started , the sista was signed to Elite..from what I understood things didn't end up working out..whatever the case she's singled w/Max Models from SA a great modeling agency for women & men of African origins..

So here it for u sis...we didn't forget you.

Keep doin u Miss Rama Diallo w/ur beautiful self...:)
Here's the official webbie for the Nokia Face of Africa contest:

Here's 1 video featuring the contest:

Djaa les gos Diallo du Senegal sont more fiyaaa:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Hey All I miss y'all so much, thank you for stopping by my page even though I haven't updated in a hot minute. I just moved back to my country -Senegal and haven't had the chance to talk to you all but give me a few days, a quick connection and I'll be ready for you
I miss my blog so so so much..u have no idea ....:((it's like my bebe)
Keep up the good work wherever you are , because now I can say for shizzy that Africa needs all our help....:)
But it's all good , we'll make it!!
Africa is the Future:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Friday, December 07, 2007


Going further w/my E-discovery of African hotels, if you ever are in Niamey and would like 2 stay somewhere nice a bit sophisticated, somewhere overlooking the water the Grand Hotel of Niamey could be of interest to u..

Close enough to both the city area and the Airport this hotel offers great rooms, suites, w/the Net cos I need my internet connection...

Anyways so the rates start around 77 Euros and up/night
Here's their contact info:
471 NIAMEY - NIGER Telephone: (+227) 20 73 22 16 (+227) 20 73 21 52 (+227) 20 73 26 41 (+227) 20 73 26 42Fax : (+227) 20 73 26 43

The webbie :

Djaa we can chillax in Niger tranquille:)
Eyee Wayee:)


My fav' collection, love the animal print

U can never wrong wrong & beige

Couleur caliente

Woman @the factory

I am not really big on leather clothe..although I do have 1 dark red leather skirt somewhere i my allright guilty..but wait it's 1 hoooot skirt..I promise a little too flamboyant for my bums but anyways..

Relax y'all...we all have our fashion don't in our closet rite...:)

This company is owned by a foreigner but hires local Namibian employees - a great thing for the economy and for these people to make a living

Nakara uses Namibian and South African ostrich, Gemsbok, Eland, Hartebeest and Bovine skin to make leather jackets, capes, and bag accessories..I have 2 say that I like their bag collection the best, that's why I only featured that collection.

Go to their site if you wanna see more:

Djaa my Namibian people sont dans le chaud aussi:)
Eyee Wayee:)