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Aight people back to the fabulafricana interview part of the blog, this time meet Eritrean model and journalist student, Elsabel Yemane.
I wanted to interview her because I wanted to know about the experience of an Eritrean fabulafricana . I wanted to know who she was at the heart, why she became a model, why she was inspired to be a journalist student at the same time while she could have just gone and focus on her modelling career. She's signed to Elite/South Africa and Profile Models..
Let's gooooo!!

1- How do define yourself?
I would define myself as an all around fun loving, social, caring person. I can be shy sometimes, over confident other times.. I try to adapt to people and my surroundings.

2- How long have you been modelling and how hard is it for you to pursue both your studying and your modelling?
Ive only recently took on studying and modelling at the same time. My new agency, Profile Models, are great. They've been putting me forward for a lot of jobs and I'm lucky to only be studying 3 evenings a week, therefore the two don't often collide.

3-Why did you pick journalism? how challeging is it, what year are u?what is your ultimate professional goal?
I love writing, its so easy and almost therapeutic to write and just flow everything to paper.
I definitely want to pursue a career further in the fashion industry and a Fashion Journalism course perfectly suited me. Freelance journalism for top fashion publications and online/TV documenting would be fun to work on but i actually do want to go more into the business and management sides of fashion. I'm a passionate maniac when it comes to planning and organising projects and events. Succeeding in Fashion Management & Journalism would be my ultimate goal Alongside Modelling!

4-How do define yourself as an eritrean woman and is there a huge eritrean community in england where you reside?
I've been living here in london since i was about 6 so I've very much moulded into the British culture. However, I'm lucky to go back home to an Eritrean household everyday. I live with my sisters, we speak our Eritrean language with my mum, who occasionally cooks the most delicious Eritrean food!
I think there are strong morals and values set for females in our culture, as they is for any other culture. But its refreshing to see the ladies of Asmara have a healthy balance of happiness and love of fun that compliments there manners, self respect, and respect for others.

5- For someone who's never been to your country if they were to visit where would you take them and why?
Ive only been back home to Asmara once. I'm hoping to go back again very soon. I would say it's one of those places where you can just trust where the wind takes you eventually stumble across all the different sides and characteristics, the country has to offer. After all, its not a big country!
6-In your blog i feel like you are really try to empower other through postive thinking, how did u get to be so positive?
Naturally, as I'm growing up I'm learning to be more aware of my emotions and my attributes as a young woman. I cant really say i exercice positivity well, or through, but i try to. I'm aso learning my ways with others. I'd like to think I naturally have good intuition with people, feelings and emotions. Reading books like "The Power of Now" and basically learning from my ongoing experiences in life, have taught me to be more conscious of many things.

7-Which eritrean people that you admire you wish the rest of the world knew about?
I love a special song called "Emotions", by a European Eritrean artist, Winta ( also my sisters name). She has that lovely Aaliyah feel to her music. I hope she becomes more popoluar over here.

8-Do you feel connected to the rest of africa, for example have u visted other african countries, do you have good friends from other african countries?
I've been to Lagos ,Nigeria for new year. I spent 3months in Cape Town modelling and also saw part of Johannesburg. I kind of felt bad being in these African countries, because i felt i should of spent that time in my own country, visiting my family especially my grand- parents.
I didn't really feel connected to these countries though. They had there own culture but it was special to experience other African ways of life.

9- Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Graduated, in business and marketing, a well experienced model venturing into new paths and succeeding. Hopefully engaged and soon having a baby! :)

10-Who are some of your fav' african writers, musicians, photographers, painters ?(if any)
Wow, I'm a bit unfamiliar with the works of African artists. I visited wonderful antique stores just outside of Cape Town. I loved all the south African crafts and sculptures, but i don't really follow any one in particular.

11- What's the biggest misconception about eritrean people in your opinion?
That the country doesn't even exist! :) Most people haven't even heard of Eritrea. It's probably one of the newest countries. We only recently gained Independence from Ethiopia, through Italian colonisation. I think people just instantly see us as Ethiopians.

12- How do u get your hair to be so healthy and beautiful?

I've actually just been online searching for a fabulous new lace wig. My agency have had me keep my my natural curly afro hair to shoot in for a while. I'm so used to straightening my hair or having a nice weave. I'm so fed up with the funky, natural look. Aussie hair conditioning treatment is the best for softening hair. I comb it through and leave it on when i go to the steam room. Smooth hair with serum after while still wet, hair creams are a bit light and grease is too thick and clumpy!

13-What's one african political event that took place that you will never forget (besides obama's election)
I think this is where my blond hair dye really wants to come out. :) I don't follow politics either. I really should as a journalism student right?!

14-What would people be surprised to know about you?
I can be really shy sometimes. I'm a geek for TV documentaries and the discovery channel. I love organising dinner parties and i can cook!

15- How important is financial stability for you, are there some good books on the matter that help you?
Well, its as important as all your responsibilities- money probably handles all your responsibilities. Having a good job is obviously important for a secure, regular income but be happy with what you do. Start up some savings accounts. One you cant touch at all, a not so secure one for dipping into now and again and maybe another for when your saving for something particular.

16- How important is spirituality for you and what faith do you practice?
My mum is a born again Christan. I don't really go to church, I've had my moments of going for a couple months here and there. But I believe in God and i confide in him in my prayers.

17-What do u wish men knew about women?
We are emotionally more advanced. They should understand us more. And i guess we should understand them more too, as they're logically more advanced. Being a bit too fair here, sorry ladies :)

18-Are you involved in helping your eritrean community how or do u plan to and how?

I hope to start a charity one day where I will personally donate money to the disadvantaged people back home and even all around the world. I would personally work on organising projects to better lives.

19-Whats the nicest compliment u've ever received?
I just got a nice one, from my friend on facebook chat.''You're like my little sister, I tell everyone that''.

20-What do u know for sure in life?
Everyone is different, with different opinions and knowledge from life experiences. Try your best to be happy and make others happy in the process.
Here's her blog:
You can follow her on twitter:
You can find her profile at these 2 model agencies:
Thank you for this very honest interview Elsabel, we wish you the very best in all aspects of your life...Thanks for reppin' for us on the runaway, on editorial pages, and on paper as a future establised journalist :)
Djaa my Eritrean sistas sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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Lovely, I just wanna run towards the entrance

Ouhh can u imagine, some time with ur boo here?

Love the colors and motifs and earth tone they used

Man when are we going lol?

Doesn't it look just so lovely and peaceful, I would love to stay there for even just half of a day..
The resort is located on the West coast of the Mahe Island.
You have the choice btw junior suites, senior suites , beach villas, presidential villas,family villas, and hillside villas .
There are 4 pools at Constace E.R, a Shishedo spa located in btw lovely gardens.
The resort also has 5 restaurants and bars for your lovely diners.(u know when u get all dressed up to enjoy the evening with Mr or Mrs )
The resort just opened its doors february 1rst 2010 so it's new new..
Here's their webbie:
Djaa we Fabulafricanas can enjoy ourselves on the Seychelles Islands:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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Great energy




Seems so muchhhh fun , I was watching a clip of the show on my dear friend youtube lol .
I was mesmerised by their dance moves, the natural way their bodies move to the sound of the music, the great colorful costumes, the great singing, I wish I knew how to shake my booty no my derriere like that..ladies got skills lol.
Zambezi Express is a 90 minutes long musical with 30 actors/singers/dancers from the theatrical troupe Siyaya. This play centers around the life of a young Zimbabwean young man by the name of Zili who pursues his dream of becoming a football star in SA during the world cup . Through the dancing, the acrobats and singing we follow him through this long journey from Bulawayo to the city by the Zambezi Express train. What's cool about this play I found is that we get through the eyes of Zili to experience Zimbabwean culture, political turmoil and the courage of its people ....
I read that it took 2 years to make this musical, the actors trained relentlessly, and today they tour the word to share this amazing gift that is the Zambezi Express Musical..

Here's their website:
You can experience them, HERE

Djaa my Zimbabwean people sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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Aight people meet the very interesting and pretty Akua Kyeremanten, an American born and proud Ghanaian fabulafricana. I wanted to know how she felt about her African heritage and American identity. I always wondered how fabulafricanas and fabulafricans that are born in the States feel about their African roots, so there you go, hear her out.

Thank u Miss Akua:)

Being a first generation, American born female born in my family, I was raised in a very cross-cultural household. My parents taught my two siblings and I the best sides of Ghanaian and American culture and I am very thankful for it.
Therefore sometimes I feel that if I was raised in Accra, that I would have a better perspective or outlook on life. Many Ghanaians who immigrated here to the US in their twenties know the hardships of Ghana and have a clearer view of their destination I life.

If I were raised in Accra, I would not have taken anything for granted. I would cherish every opportunity as a blessing and hardship as the lesson. But the most wonderful thing about being an American is the benefit of getting an education. The Ghanaian education system is very arduous and sometimes almost impossible to pass their standardized tests and I feel that you can get a education at anytime, anywhere in the US with any cost of money.

Another benefit of being raised in the US is the work ethic. Americans have a stronger trait as work ethics and balancing I’m so blessed and thankful that I learned the value of the dollar at such a young. Despite my family lifestyle as "very bourgeoisie", my parents scheduled me to work in their business every weekend in my high school years .I would work as an employee like the ones they employed. And because my parents worked hard when they immigrated here, they wanted us to know how to work when hard times hit (God forbid!) and I am learning that as I am become more independent.

Thank you Miss Akua for your honesty, wishing you the very mais alors la very best sis:)

Djaa my Ghanaian American sistas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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Dr Chika Unigwe is a fiction writer, a poet, a wife and mother of 4 children. She's one of the very african authors to be published in both english and dutch.

She was born in Enegu and now resides with her lovely family in Turnhout Belgium.

She's the author of two published novels, the first one called "De Feniks" and the second one "On Black Sister's Street". Apart from those 2 novels, she's also written short stories, one of them "Borrowed Smile" was the winner of the BBC 2003 short story competition. She also was nominated for the Caine Prize in 2004. Last year, she received the 2009 Rockefeller Foundation fellowship for creative writing..just to let u know how gifted this sista is:)

On her site, you can read some of her work for free and stay updated on her upcoming projects:
You can also see and her speak about her work, HERE

Djaa my nigerian sistas sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


Do you know that we are lucky to live? That being creative is a gift?
Well if you didn't know, check other black women of the world on

I was honored to be interviewed by Kathryn and Miriam and to be in the company of other black women around the globe who are trying to make an impact socially, economically through their word. They also host film screenings, poetry slams, art exhibits ect...
Liveunchained's goal is to present a collection of audio,visiual, written works by women just like you.

Def' check them out:

Djaa we black women have to live unchained:)
Eyee Wayeee:)


Love the combination of the grey and dark blue colors
You can tell that he pays attention to details

So he did the Sahara shall and the dressy shoes, I didn't expect that combination
I really like this suit, love the grey and red wine comb'
Looking sharp

He loves hats I see

I love how comfortable he seems in his outfits particularly in this one, that's sexy

Blue is def' one his fav' color
Wonder how many pairs of sneakers this brotha owns:)
Sporty chic
Black yellow and gold, this boy loves to dress:)
He reminds me of Corneille
It would be nice how this 31 years old brotha's style will evolve in the future.
You probably have seen him on "House" as Dr Jeffrey or on CSI Miami or on Veronica Mars, Lincoln Heights and other shows on which he guest-started.
But his big break came into the role of the vampire Laurent on Twilight franchise.
I've never seen the movie but I know that it's a big deal in the States and around the world, so I'm guessing and hoping that it meant mucho $$$.Apart from that movie he's also appeared "Gobe Baby Gone", "The Fifth Patient","Crank" (for that role he had to learn how to speak with an Haitian accent),"My bloody Valentine"
Edi was born in Nairobi Kenya and has lived for most of life in California. He wanted to be a basketballer while in college but after a leg injury he took acting classes fell in love with it and enrolled at Tish School of Arts and NYU .( love a knowledgable brotha)
Besides working at being a huge movie star, Edi is also an avid theater actor.
Among some of the plays he's appeared on, Cyrano de Bergerac,Othello.
He's set to appear on the twilight sequel "New Moon" and on the Broadway play, "Joe Turner's Come and Gone"
Going through some of his interviews, I'm left thinking that he seems like a down to earth frere, honest ,and I have to add he def' has swagger and cool confidence.
Check this interview, HERE
Djaa my Kenyan brothas sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


Jolie la Monica

Monica is very pretty hein with her full lips and slender yet curvy figure.

This beautiful black gazelle is Bissau Guinean and Cape Verdian. As many habitants from both lovely places, she immigrated at first to Lisbone Portugal with her family with whom years later she discovers the romantic city of Paris. There in btw poetry, litterature she falls in love with music.

2001, first group with "Honneur o Dames", first taste of success.

Today, she's now flying solo, taste of zouk,kuduro, funana,morna. In this album, she's blessed to have
Mr.Justin Delgado on the title "Dame un sentido"
Def'take the chance to discover her.

Her webbie:

Djaa my Bissau Guinean/Cape Verdean sistas sont trop dedans:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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Zena an Ukranian American woman started her business in 2000 after her son was diagnosed with a serious birth defect. As any responsible mama, she knew she had to everything in her power to help her son, armed with her aromatherapy degree she decided to launch her tea business.
A decade later, her company offers herbal infusions and teas of all kind; chocolate flavor, cinamon, caramel apple, red lavender ect..
Usually I tend to post things by Fabulafricanas, but when something "m'enjaille" I have to write som' abt it.
Zena's teas and infusions are hand -blended,made with organic ingredients, and are petrochemical free.
I'm in love with the packaging, these products could def' make great gifts to friends and loved ones.
Here's the webbie:
Djaa my Ukranian/American peeps got it going on:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


And he was..but God had a higher plan for him

Always sharp even in the battle

Free Mandela

Nelson and Winnie

was listening this morning to RFI Radio, listeners were calling in to share their thoughts about Nelson Mandela.It's amazing how this 91 years old activist has an impact on the entire world, it seems like it's everyone's dream is to one day have the chance to be in his presence.
Listening to callers from Benin, Cameroon, Senegal and other parts of Africa, I thought to myself if this man could have such an impact on us outsiders how proud must South African people be. I thought about a young south African young woman back in Cape town who was born years after apartheid, I thought about how she must feel seeing the progress in her country in comparaison to what her parents must have told her about the past.
I thought of Winnie Mandela despite some of her mistakes, she'll always remain a symbol of resilience. I thought about Mandela's ANC companions during those years of solitude and extreme violence. I thought about them waking up with just an idea, freeing their people, not knowing how but knowing that it would be done and needed to be done.
I thought about maybe not having all the financial means but waking up in the morning with the determination to change things. I thought about their mothers , sisters , wives, who must have been so worried for these strong men of courage. I thought and thought about them meeting somewhere in secret discussing new ideas of freedom, new ideals, cheering each other on going home worried about their future..and here we are today, things changing bit by bit. South Africa is getting ready to welcome people from all nations for the world cup, senegalese, japanese, cuban, portuguese, namibian ect...and I thought waouh that's what living with a purpose means...Vive Nelson Mandela, thank you:)