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It's the turn of Mr.Abdoulaye Awe , Senegalese brotha, Senegalese entrepeneur, owner of 1 of kind "PR Boutique"which main focus is to position & brand African Artists in a shark infested International Market.
He's a married father of 2 and 1 man who never stops thinking and working....
Here he is in his own words...:)

1-How do you define yourself as a Senegalese man?
Let's see, as a Senegalese man I'd say I'm proud of my culture and heritage. I love my country and try to represent it well at all times.

2-How do you define yourself as an African man?
As an African man, I'd say the same answer. I 'm proud of my culture and heritage, which is so rich and varied, much different than the current popularized view of what Africa represent. We, Africans, are much more than the horror stories that are covered so widely by the media.

3-Simply how do u define yourself as a man?
Definitely spiritual, hardworking, ambitious and grounded.

4-What’s success to you?
Being able to take care of your family both emotionally and financially.

5-What does it take to be successful?
Perseverance, hard work, courage and blessings

6-Introduce Propagand’Arts
Propagand'Arts is an entertainment label, consulting & PR firm that focuses on building strong brand identities and exposing talents to the world through new and emerging technology. Our services include talent management, artist development, promotions and production. We also specialize in representation as well as consulting for artists regarding development and marketing. In addition, we plan promotional parties and events for artists.

7- What’s your vision of Propagand’Arts in the next 5 years?
It all started with ORBIT 3000 International and that’s where it gonna end. ORBIT 3000 International is the parent company of Propagand’Arts, MEG Staffing, Waaw Production and several other entities that will go much further than helping artists and entertainers. In five years time I see a successful media conglomerate with tentacles that will benefit our community in positive ways. We’re about to introduce several media outlets all designed to empower and impact young Africans’ lives. Our mission will be to bring important topics such as education, Technology, Careers etc.. to the forefront. It’s about time we talk about the real issues affecting our people.

8-Do you feel like there enough African cultural vehicles?
Not at all. If you read the welcome section of my personal blog, I said this “The commercial entertainment industry continues to be a hostile environment for minorities - a place where our talents are exploited and our images distorted, and where white executives are still the only ones with green-lighting power. But dawn has finally broken over the horizon with the advent of various technologies that are altering the industry. Today tools such as MySpace, YouTube, Tap IT FAME, MyFace, or Propagand'Arts are creating outlets for us to showcase our creations when and how we want it. GLOBALIZE YOURSELF.”

I think that answers the question. We definitely need much more courageous entrepreneurs that understand how this global market works and also how it can be an advantage for us. And the only way is for us to learn the game and play it.

9-What’s Art to you?
Life, Expression, Fight.

10-Why are you passionate of P.A?
Because as a former entertainer, I know how it feels to flounder and feel confused by the business side of the industry specially if you live in a country like Senegal. It's a personal mission for me to help artists find their footing in a business with sharp fangs itching to sink into the flesh of ignorant minds. Someone needs to look out for the best interests of the artists so they can focus on their crafts; that's where Propagand'Arts comes in. We fill that gap.

12-What are the pluses and minuses of starting a project of this dimension in an African continent that may not be so familiar w/it?
I’m dealing more and more with local people who still can’t figure out what is the meaning of the global market. I acknowledge that the whole concept is a huge challenge but, it’s a challenge that somebody need to take. And I’m taking it.

13-What sets apart African artists from American artists?
Lack of infrastructure and a healthy artistic environment. Nothing else

14-When I say Didier Awadi what comes to your mind?

15-Do you find that it’s hard to show credibility in America as an African businessman?
I seriously don’t think so. If you learn and educate yourself in whatever business you want to get into, you’ll get the respect and credits you deserve from individuals, professionals to corporate. As an immigrant here, I watch so many people lining up every morning, punching IN & OUT at their boring and stressful jobs while a small minority of people choose to brand themselves and gain true independence. They do what they like, love doing it and are making a living of it. If you are too smart and get caught in Corporate America, it's time to play it dumb. Get a life, get some friends who think like you, make out or start writing a business plan about that idea you had couple of years ago.

16-What’s your life devise?
You won’t know until you try

17-What’s a day like for Abdoulaye?
Computer, phones, Computer, phones, Computer, phone and of course my girls (daughters and wife)

18-How do you see what you’re doing contributing to the betterment of Africa ?
It’s giving the young people new perspectives and showing them that life is more than what they can ever imagine. The sky is truly the limit if they’re willing to spread their wings and fly. We help make that happen. We are broadening minds in a positive way.

19-Who are your fav’ African artists (poetry, photography, painting , etc)?
Wow, that’s a hard one. Sembene Ousmane, Chinua Achebe,

20-Who do you think embodies the best example of African success and why?
Youssou Ndour, Djimon Hounsou

21-How’s being a married man and father changed your life?
Man, marriage and kids have shown me that I am much stronger than I ever imagined. It's made me more focused and driven; it made the desire to succeed much stronger. Once you become married, it's bigger than just you; you're responsible for the wellbeing of others. That's a big responsibility…it forces you to grow up.

22-Dakar is....
da bomb

23-I know that you used to manage a clothing store in Dkr how did that better prepare you for your career?
Inter-acting with people as well as preparing myself to be a better and well educated entrepreneur.

24 –what are 3 things you cannot live without?
My girls, my phone and my laptop. Actually 4. Gotta watch TV to know what’s up around the world.

25-what African countries have you visited? Which ones do you plan to visit?
Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Morocco, Guinea,
I plan to visit S.Africa, Egypt

26-Bettering our country is ……..

Providing real opportunities to the working population.

27-what are the hottest places in Dakar .
Just 4 u, Senat, Casino, Central Park.

28-how do you connect to your African roots in DC
DC is a very diverse area full with first and second generation of African immigrants, including myself and members of my family. So its easy to stay connected.

29-Life is……

A challenge but sweet

30-Who would you like to meet (African ) of course?
Nelson Mandela, Abdou Diouf, Cheickh Anta Diop, , Tiken Jah Fakoly

31-what drives you every morning to keep fighting each day…..
My family

32-what would you tell to a young African entrepreneur
Believe in your dreams

33-the state of African art is…..


35-what’s your fave item of clothing?
Shoes. I own more than 50 pairs

36-what ‘s one negative perception of Senegalese people you would like to change?
They talk too much

37-how important is a sense of self-awareness?
Big time important. If you don’t know who you are, you will fall for anything; Especially in the entertainment industry

38-Money is….

39-Africa is the future……….
Of hope

40 –African Women are


41- Of your culture what would you teach your children

The language, the values and the history

42-Last but not least what do you know for sure in life
That God exists

Thank you Mr .Awe, it was a great interview brotha, great cultural initiative that we should definitely support. I love ur web site, it's well detailed and your vision is clear..I say go for it all, we need more people like you:)

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Djaa our Senegalese men are on it :)
Eyee Waye:)

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