Thursday, September 13, 2007


My fav' pic of her, she looks happy and free, you can tell enjoyed herself on this photo-shoot!

Coquine dans l'elegance!

Walk It Out in black and Jackie O' sunglasses

Geometrically Feminine

What can I say...Lady in Red:)

Okay this post is a bit special to me because this gorgeous young lady is actually the sister of a sistafriend (big up Fa'). Astou is a beautiful young woman evolving in the IndSenegalese Fashion Iindustry as a hobby while still being a brilliant student.... see she doesn't forger her priorities.

These flawless pictures were taken in the beautiful hotel Le
M. President in Dakar-town..isn't the scenery nice as well.
Big up to Brune Magazine and to the stylist for this piece Alex Ba, who did an excellent job-this is how a fashion spread should be done.
I love that they used designs by Katoucha Niane and Angelique Diedhou whose sense of fashion I absolutely love.
Anywhoo I had to shout Bobo M'ballo for this, real beauty comes from the inside wouldn't you see looking at her smile:)

Djaa Senegalese Women are just Beautiful ,period:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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