Tuesday, February 26, 2008


From afar it looks her eyes..but peep closer


Interesting vision


Monica Belluci by Eric Traore

It's nice 2 see someone of African origins doin the dam thang w/photo editorial work

He's serious

Man so mad I've been searching like crazy for a biography of this photographer..Nada!! even on his webbie..mannn yo we African peeps may want 2 know a bit about u Sir Traore:)
All that I was able to come up w/it , is that he may be from Mali (please correct me if I am wrong) He's 1 tooppp toopp (Tyra says it best ..lol) Fashion photograper, working w/the creme of creme of Fashion designers, let's see: Elle, German Vogue, Editioral shots of Monica Belluci, progressive mag' that I dig a lot Trace, ect..he's doin his thang...

So please Mr Eric Traore, write 1 bit about ur journey it could inspire some of our African peeps who may be interested into photography:)

Here's his webbie:

Djaa my Guyz from Mali are more fiyaaa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Wanna be in your boo's arms on a romantic beat, I got you sis/ bro..get a

Marcia son on..for exple "Je t'aime Encore" ..u want another 1..no topo what about "Nha Amor"u want another 1 ..hey just buy the damn cd..lol:)

Marcia has the talent to just put u on romantic mood w/her sweet voice and "I'm so crazy without u lyrics", at some point she was not going to pursue music because a deal didn't come through but 1 meeting w/Nichols (yes ohohoh that singer) convinced her 2 stay in the Music industry and the rest is history..for those of you who may be not too familiar w/Cabo Love (Zouk from Cap Vert) she may be 1 great introduction:

Her webbie:
Here's the video for Vida:(lovely song)
Here's the video for Je t'aime Encore:
Here's the audio for Nha Amor w/her musical mentor Nichols:
Djaa les gos du Cap Vert sont dedans:)
Eyee Wayeee:)


Ally among his models

Love the fabric he used on this 1

In 1 year he's accomplished a whole lot

Funky yet comf' outfit

Love the little black number


Love this 1

conservative yet sexy skirt...du genre je vois tout sans rien voir

He's 1 new face in the fashion industry, fashion designer born and raised in Tanzania and of Indian ancestry..He feels that Tanzania is where he's from simply...He takes his inspiration from colors of nature ect...

He started officially his career in Tanzania only in 2007 and already have the Tanzanian industry buzzin' about his work..he has designed outfits for musicians, Tanzanian celebs..ect..thought u may wanna know about him:)

Here's his webbie:

Djaa my Tanzanian Fashion Designers are fiyaaa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Monday, February 25, 2008


Miss Binti Bangoura elle meme:)

Miss Bangoura dans le sensuelement

African doll

Doin' the Josephine Baker look very well

Black is just beautiful..now Black & African=fiyaaaa!!

So Binti was born 21 years ago of 1 Guinean daddy and 1 Guinean-Lebanese mum..she moved to France and was busy dancing for 1 african artistt and playing bball.. But 1 day destiny knocked at her door in the person of an assistant of 1 famous fashion photographer who asked her to be on the
French version of American Next Top Model.This opened a lot of doors for the young lady, she was on the cover of 1 political mag' called "Le Monde2"anybody that's w/my quite conservative French people knows that , it's 1 first..Binti has worked w/top designers such as Karl Lagarfeld and many others..She' s also the first black figure for hair stylist to the stars, Jean-Claude Biguine....

She just finished working on the ad for the Italian house of style, BraySteveAllan.
This sista is doin her thang, def' somebody to encourage....

Here's her webbie:

Djaa my Guinean sisters sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)


'Xuse Me Sir cual es tu nombre: Moustapha Salifou

'Xuse Me Sir How old is you: 24 years old bb

'Xuse Me Sir what part of Afirka are u reppin: Togo to the fullest (word up Fafa)

'Xuse Me Sir what position do u play: He's a striker /midfieder

'Xuse Me Sir what's so special about u: Moustapha Salifou is 1 member of the National Togolese team, he currently plays w/Alton Villas, unfort' because of an injury he wasn't able to play many games..however his coach has total confidence in him , the proof-they've extended his contrat to 09...support the Togolese brotha my people:)

The Official site for the Alton Villas is:

A video clip presentation of Mr Salifou:

Djaa my Togolese brothas sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeeee Wayeee:)


I looooooooove their products...had 2 steal the Karite -Shea Butter Pommade from my friend (sorry Lamine) ...great product ..a lot of times people dont like shea butter from home because of the original smell..but w/Karilor I was "smellingly"lol..surprised..it's moisturising..i've been using it for 1 short time but i can see 1 diff' in my hands...

I had 2 big them up couldn't resist,I see on their webbie that they are available in Accra , Abidjan, Ouaga of course & Bamako....

They have olive oil body cream, aloe vera pommade, cocoa and shea butter soaps, for hair they have for exple olive oil hair creme,ect...it's 100% BURKINABE:)

The only thing I'm gonna complain about is the quality of the pics (I'm a blogger what do u expect) they need to give a makeover to their webbie that's all:)but loooooooove the products and def' gonna have my Burkinabe family send me some products over....
Here's the webbie:

Eyeee Wayeee:)


A must read...

The courageous Novelist,Poet Hisham Matar..a son who deserves to know the fate of his father

At first I was just going to talk about Hisham's book " In the Country of Men" the book that made him the 2006 Man Booker Prize Winner..the book depicts the life of 1 young boy Suleiman whose father had 2 escape bTripoliecause of his work against the gov'...so the book goes on and talks about how Suleiman dealt w/it, his mother's reactions and the people around him that are affected by his dad's exile.....

Even though Hisham states that the book doesn't depict his own life..when you read his personal story it's hard for me not to see the
little Hisham in little Suleyman..

Hisham was born in 1970 in NY he has 1 sibbling.. His father was 1 UN diplomat and because of his political convictions against the Khadifa regime was put on the red list in Lybia.. This put him and his family in 1 quite dangerous situation...at some point his father had to flee the country for despite his mother's atempt to escape w/Hisham and Ziad his brotha..they were not allowed to leave the country ....1 year later his dad came back but his mother didn't feel that it was safe for her family to stay in Lybia...so they left but the father stayed....

Hisham spent a 1 year in Kenya and Egypt before their dad joined them once again....they lived peacefully there for years before 1 day after Hisham's dad answered the door he never came back..what we know is that Egyptian secret services turned him to the Lybian secret services ...the last time Hisham heard of him was through a letter and 1 radio cassette around 1993...and
take this at the prison of Abu Sleem where his father and thousand of political prisoners were kept a shooting took place by Lybian authorities but it was only officially known in 2002..NOW HOW CRAZY IS THAT...

Hisham says:"Life attempts to teach us about loss: that one can still find peace in the finality of death. And yet, my loss gives no peace. My father is not incarcerated, yet he is not free; he is not dead, yet he is not alive either. My loss is self-renewing, insistent and incomplete."

Today Hisham is married as well as his brother who has children...up to today Hisham doesn't know clearly what happened to his father...

This 1 great article written by Hisham Matar himself (so captivating)

Here's a French video clip of the French opinion about the unwanted Kadhafi's visit to France :

Djaa we have to fight opression by all means :)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Her name is Elsa Haile

She looks good in yellow

Miss Elsa Haile the Ethiopian Songstress

Waouh Elsa is not playing ..singing in Amharic on a R& B /poppish beat...she's not holding back...proud of her dual-culture..she's of Ethiopian blood born in the Western World (Canada) She stands tall on both cultural platforms and sings her her heart out..She's 1 songwriter, a music critic for local Canadian papers and 1 motivational speaker at local high schools...
Going through her webbie, I can tell that she's a progressive young African artist who's not afraid to express her sensuality, feminity and her love for her Ethiopian culture...From the review of her video "Ye' Libe Mistr"she plays seductive card, dance a little bit..waouh ok I see u Elsa Haile...wishing you great things in you career.

Here's her official website:

Here's the video clip for "Ye'Live Mistr":

Djaa my Ethiopian Sistas sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Miss Yelena Noah

She kinda has 1 rebellious vibe to her in 1 cute way:)

like these candide shots ..she's pretty tall around 6ft

Hanging out w/her mum at 1 b/ball game ...supporting her brotha

Nice..cool safari outfit

La jolie Metisse Camerounaise

We all know the father -tennis champ'/ singer/ social activist-Yannick Noah, we all have heard of the talented son, basketall player for the NBA -Joaquim Noah, we know that the mother is beautiful, she was 1 former European miss...but did we all know that the daughter Yelena Noah was also doing the damn thing...yep she has a degree in Political Sciences..it's said that in her clan she's the one who wanted to keep a low profile and have 1 regular life...mmm..can't happen when u are 1 Noah....Yelena who was born in 1987 is 1 model, and 1 painter, she also works w/ the non-profit org'that her daddy founded...thought u may wanna know:)

Here's the link to her fashion line w/la Redoutte:

Djaa my Ladizz from Cameroun are more fiyaaa:)
Eyee Wayeee:)


Overtaken by emotions:)

The movie that started it all for her..

Hafsia and her Cesar

Hafsia and Marion both well deserving winners..

Just 22, already a Cesar Winner

Hafsia couple of days before the Cesar at the annual Cesar Nomination Dinner

It's been an amazing year for this young lady who had never taken acting classes before getting one of the lead roles in "La Graine et le Mulet" by French Best Director this year at the Cesars , Abdellatif Kechiche...The Cesars took place yesterday and it was an emotional moment for this special young lady..she's set to appear in "L'Aube du Monde" by Irakien film director Abass Fahdel...

Also wanted to say that Marion Cotillard def' deserves winning for "La Vie en Rose" the movie about the life of Edith Piaf..she did excelllleenttttttt....gotta see this movie:)
She's nominated tonight at the Oscars..hope she wins..

Here's the official site for "La Graine & Le Mulet":

Here's 1 clip of the movie" La Graine & Le Mulet" the movie that put Hafsia on the map:

Here's the trailer for La Vie En Rose (1 of the best movies i've seen in 07):

Here's the Movie Webbie:

Here's 1 clip of Marion Cotillard winning the Cesar for Best Actress (she did an awesome job:)

Djaa my Tunisio-Algerian Women do not play dee:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)