Monday, June 30, 2008


Noah just like many other black Germans consider Germany as her home just like her white German brothas and sistas, in view or open racism , discrimination toward the black minorities, when presented w/the chance Noah wrote a book called :
"Deutshland Black & White", that book made a lot of noise after the 2005 scandal where Germany hosted the African festival in a zoo.. anywhoo Noah also founded a mediawatch organization called Debraunemob (the first antiracist organization in Germany)
She's been an on air personality since she was 18 working on the radio and on tv...

The other cool thing I found out about her , is that her and a few other sistas of African origins have created a group called Sisters ( they join their individual talents and created a girl band pretty cool)
It was really hard finding out what African country she was reppin but I gathered through my research that it is Senegal , she has bit of Vietnamese as well in her.....

Here's her book webbie:

Here's her personal webbie:
Here's a performance by Sisters:
Djaa my sisters of Senegalese origins are more fiyaaa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Miss Kis'Keya !!

Ohh she's too cute , I love this portrait of Lena

"You & Yours"


She's of Congolese & Haitian origins (sa passe my peeps from Haiti!) I first heard of her when I was doing some research on the Congolese sitcom ; Masta.

I thought ok an actress that's already a challeging career, wasn't ready to dive in totally in all her acomplishments... come to find out Miss Kis'Keya is also a visual artist,
a beautiful abstract painter, a dancer...

Looking through her portfolio I was surprised to see some photography work on men in Senegal , beautiful pics actually...
She also does portrait work and is willing and actually rather come to the client's house to see what colors would work best w/the decor...
This is the quote she stands by :

“I seek not what is real, nor do I seek what is unreal…instead, I seek what is instinctive to the race.”

Art evolves but for the most part her work focuses on women through the use of vague feminine body shapes,

to me there's def when I look at her work the sensation of "unfinished, vague, can change" I love some of her interpretations of jealousy, peace .. interesting work ...
So briefly: she sculps, she directs movies, she dances, she takes pictures , she acts......
My only question to Kis is: When do u sleep?do you even sleep at all? lol

Here's her webbie:

Djaa my sistas from Congo sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Au Naturel

Go Tshuma!

She reminds me of JanelleM.

Elegant look!

Aight sis!

Long legs, brown roasted complexion, deep stare, full lips was there anyway for Trump to deny the sista? don't think so!!!!!
After winning the Botswana International Model Expo, Tshuma was given 1 chance to prove herself on the International runaway, & that w/the blessings of her mother who never knew that one day her daughter would be pursuing the modeling path....

So if you see the sista on ads , internally smile and say dang we are beautiful!!!!

Djaaa my sistas from Botswana sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeeeee Wayeeee:)


Sheryfa Luna reppin for Algeria

Estelle reppin for Senegal

Amel Bent reppin for both Algeria & Maroc

She's not a Fabulafricana but I really like this girly Kat de Luna

Nadiya reppin for Algeria

So every year Paris est en fete, celebrating the gift of music, honestly I can't imagine a world without musical notes can you?

It took place on June 21st , this time miss "American Boy" was present w/Kanye da West, Nadiya , Amel Bent, Cherifa Luna did their thang as well

Here's Kanye & Estelle in Paris , June 21st 08 (they brought it fiyaaa):
Here's Sheryfa Luna @ la Fete la Musique 08:
Here's Amel Bent @ la Fete de la Musique 08:
Here's Kat de Luna @ la Fete de la Musique 08:(I like this little gal too cute)
Here's Nadiya & Iglesias:
Here's the official Fete de la Musique webbie:

Djaa France knows how 2 celebrate Music:)
Eyeeee Wayeeee:)

Friday, June 27, 2008


Some people compare this young Frenchie Congolese brotha of just 23 years old to the Great Mohamet Ali, one for his subtle ressemblance w/the boxing champ , and secondo for his ability to come back stronger every time people want to write him off.

Kinda like Tiger, Serena , & Venus, Wilfried has the chance to have 1 father who's very supportive of his career, indeed Wilfried states on his personal webbie that one of his greatest joy was to have his father and mother with him when he played the US Open in 2003.It's important to add that as 1 junior he was Numero 2 & has played 3 major grand slam events.

Unfortunately in 2004 started a dark period for the curly hair brotha w/various knee injuries that didn't stop from playing and offering great sportmanship to his fans when he played w/the former Numero UNO of the tennis world Andy Rodick in 2007 , even though he didn't win he showed Andy what African brothas are made of ....besides that the world noticed him period.

Along his career, Tsonga had the change to play against some of the greatest players such as Nadal (he beat him 6–2, 6–3, 6–2 @ the 08 Australain Open) Gascet,Youzhni,Dokovik.

As of today he's forced to have knee surgery even though that's the last thing a player would like to do, bt he knows that he has to heal. Apart from playing tennis he enjoys spending time w/his little lady, and their respective families.

He enjoys fishing and is a big fan of Yanick Noah, Venus Williams among others....
He recognises that he can be a big agressive on the court ;he calls that side of him Mr Hyde and would like to control a bit more...

Anywhoo I wish this young man continuous success,great and prompt recovery:)
Hoping to see @ the Olympics:)

Here's his webbie:
Another fan webbie w/English translation:
Here's a clip of his game against Nadal:
Here's an interview of the brotha on his qualification to the Australian Open:(cute French accent)

Djaa my brothas from Congo sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Sexy chocolat!
Go Atim!

23 years old Atim (pretty name) hails from Uganda originally, because of the conflict in her country she moved to Kenya w/her sibblings.Important to say that unfortunately that she lost her mother before she was even 1 year old .. When given the opportunity her parents sent them to the States where she resides currently....
Despite her first hesitations, Atim is attending the Robinson College of Business where she is studying Real Estate Management. Miss Atim has been named the Face of Miss Africa, those of u who read Upscale Magazine (American mag) may have seen her pretty face in the May issue... She's worked w/MAC, Proactive,Pantene...and has appeared in Exodus mag as well She hopes to be a positive representation of Ugandan youth out there, since she left her homeland rather young she doesn't remenber much about the language Kiswahili..but she's teaching herself so next time she goes..she'll be all set:) Nice 2 see such a positive African young lady, pursuing her dreams...
Here's her webbie:

Djaa my Ugandan sistas sont dedans aussi:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)


I was sold when I listened to her version of Nina Simone's song
"I put a spell on you" (great adaptation of that song) Her music is a fusion btw electronics and Arabic music, maybe the fact that her mother is British and her dad Egyptian can explain the modernity of her sound..

She grew up in the Maroccan side of Bruxelles, after her parent's divorce she moved to Sussex England.Through her various trips to Turquey, Greece, & the Middle East she perfected her sound and little by little made a name of herself w/her local appearances in clubs.

After working w/various producers, she finally got a break w/her hit
"Mon Amie La Rose"
She's quite popular in Egypt, they get to listen to her voice on various local soap operas
Through her various albums, her music evolves, she goes from classical, to pop Hindi, reggae, quite interesting artist , I'm wondering I never took the time to listen to her before.

At 44 years old married to Syrian musican Abdullah Chhadeh, Natacha is a woman who knows herself, she's proud of her dual heritage . When she was younger, she was trying to repress her belonging to the Arabic world , but as she grew she realized that it made her who she was..
She's been appointer UN Ambassador against racism..

Here's her webbie:
Here's Natcha cover of "I Put a spell on you" (love it):
Here's her song "You only live twice":
Here she is belly dancing (watch out Shakira):

Djaa my sistas from Egypt are doin it:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Angele and some of her models!

Ahh sexy dee!

Mrs Epouta, as a little girl enjoyed making clothes for dolls. Her mum who was seamstress encouraged her greatly She went to Paris and studied her craft and took also some management classes before creating her own line, she's been invited consistently to African fashion shows...
She works w/a lot of African fabric; pagne wax, raphia,ect... her style is very feminine She works w/her association OWALI which helps new young designers, offer them classes, also give them the opportunity to show their designs... I listened to one of her interviews, she was insisting on the fact that in Africa a lot of our tailors disdon't focus on finishing touches (I would have to agree w/that) so she advises them to study their craft, go to school..good advice:)

Here's her webbie:
Here's the webbie for the association OWALI:

Djaa my ladies from Gabon sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Yamina made knight of the legion of Honor by Sarkozi
Yamina and Rama Yade @ an event
Yamina and her hubby!
very elegant woman I gotta say:)

Yamina was born in France to Algerian parents, she considers herself a Parisian , she doesn't want to chose btw her Algerian roots and her french upbringing, matter of fact she is the mayor assistant of Paris... Added to that she's been honored and made knight in the
French order of the Legion of Honor la
st february.

Her documentary "Memoires d'Immigres" remains one of her most notable work, on that piece she focuses on Immigrant families from North Africa (Algerie, Tunisia, Maroc) the documentary is divided in 3 parts, the fathers, the mothers, & the children's testimonies...
What I learnt is that a lot of North African women didn't know much about their husband's past in France before they joined them on the path of immigration.. That's also Yamina's story, her father was a militant and was even jailed because of his political views...She knew very early on that she wanted to become a director despite her father's reluctance...

In her movie "Inch'Allah Dimanche" she pursues the theme of immigration and identity ....I heard great things about this movie actually. While fighting against discrmination on the political scene, she's also busy working on a movie called "Le Paradis c'est complet" w/ the delicious
Isabelle Adjani...
This married mother of 2 is def'a North African sista who's doing the damn thing.

Here's a scene from Inch'Allah Dimanche: Here's a little interview of Yamina Benguigui: (interesting lady)
And here's a bit of Memoires d'Immigres:

Djaa my sistas from Algeria are doing the damn thing :)

Eyeee Wayeee:)


African Finesse!
Aight Juanito:)

Such a cutie
Nice Smile

Of couse, beautiful body, beautiful lips, long eyelashes, he may be just 23 years old but as Aaliyah age is nothing but a number, through his texts , one could see his maturity and sensitivity..he talks about how things were not easy for his parents when they imigrated to France..and the superficial side of modeling ect... He has roots in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal..he could only be a beautiful African soldier. Brotha has 2 Master's Degrees in International Commerce
& Techniques de Commercialisation, he's into sports, has modeled for the brand Unkut, Ahmed Bel A., done editorial work for black frenchie mags...
If you didn't know in France a lot of our African sistas and brothas who are models are fortunate to have ethnik designers and mags that give them work..

Anywhoo here's his online book: (There's a little video clip of him )

Djaa my African brothas sont dedans koi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)