Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hey guys,
Our girl Amina Shabani author the amazing beauty blog Coup de Coeur entered a contest with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics which could give her the chance to meet with Bobbi Brown herself over brunch and a master beauty class.
So please guys vote , vote at least once a day until March 26th.
Here's the link :

Good luck Amina:)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


La plus belle, miss Aissa Maiga Photo by Dominique Charriau

Check out Aissa getting comfortable w/Karl Lagerfeld:)
Aissa at the Jean Paul G.'s show
Photo by Eric Ryan

Looking Fabulous
Photo by Eric Ryan

Miss Aissa Maiga make us so proud each time we see her pretty face on movie posters, tv shows, fashion shows.
She holds herself with so much dignity and class, it never gets old posting abt her.
At the beg' of March she attended a few shows during Paris Fashion week and looked simple yet sophisticated.
By the way her latest movie came out last February, it's a french comedy in which she plays the role of a married wife of 2 who has 2 deal with the big personality of her mother in law who moves in w/her little family .
Here's the trailer, HERE

Djaa our sista keep working:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


My crew& my mother present , supporting me on my presentation day during
the Networking Event! love u guys:)

My youngest brother,Doudou supporting me all the way from Houston Texas

Some of my classmates and now official friends :)

Miss Jemila Abdulai supporting me by sending over her beautiful pic:)

Amina B Shabani supporting me by sending her beautiful pic'for my presentation

Some of the beautiful ladies I got 2 meet through the program

The beautiful Sandra Mulumba, thank u for the pic sis:)
It was an honor meeting and learning from
these talented young Senegalese entrepeneurs

Miss Amy, my homegal posing for my presentation lol

And yes u are sista:)

I'm telling y'all we had so much fun
it seems like we had always been friends

Miss Claudia who was kind enough to send pics of her artwork,
merci la sis:)

Yes u are sis:)
Momar is a talented upcoming animation film director,
miss Maram is a talented crochet designer:)

On this pic, you have hip hop artists, upcoming movie directors,
fashion designers , painters...

Miss Dielle Ndiayes a beautiful Senegalese accessories designer
who was kind enough to send over pictures (more abt her soon soon)

Yes u are sis:)
Tinee is a talented fashion designer who joined the progam in order
to learn how to become a better business entrepreneur

Vanessa Nadal another beautiful sista who was kind enough to send over a picture:)

I love this pic of Maram & Barkinado leaving after class

I used this pic during my presentation to show how" broke"
I am because of my love for magazines
I had so much fun with the guys

The beautiful Carina Ndiayes who was kind enough to send her pics, thank u mama:)

Yes u are:)

Bambino & I during the Networking event, this brotha is def' doing his thing in Dakar:)

The beautiful & talented designer Sandra

Thanks for sending over your beautiful pics sis:)

Gorgeous sista:)
Yes u are:)

We've shared so many good moments with each other, became friends..
it was a def' a beautiful human experience:)

Spending some time with some of the guys from the Progam after class

Miss Ndeye Marie Keita, la plus jolie and talented blogger:)

I became really good friends with this young lady, Mame Bana Badji
a beautiful writer (more abt her soon soon)

Miss Assa Cisse, kind sista and author of:

La go, merci vraiment:)

Touty is a lyrical and tradional dancer who joined the training in order to learn how to become a better entrepeneur through her passion for dancing:)

She was quite stylish during those few months we spent together,
she always had a different style each week:)

Mr Pamphile, a scriptwriter part of the CE Program

Charlotte Seck a beautiful Senegalese writer who also was kind enough to send a pic
(more abt her soon)

Mum & I at the networking event for us students of the Creative Enterprise Program.

Saran & Sarata , 2 Guinean twin sisters and founders of Guinee Espoir,
an ONG that helps the needy in Guinea:)

Thank u ladies and yes u are :)

Us in class with Mr Jules Kane
On this pic some of the students and I went to see the beautiful paintings by Barkinado Bocoum, a classmate and a beautiful painter

Miss Teclaire at theNetworking Event, this sista and I keep keep bumping into each other at most culural events lol.

Miss MJ (not gonna say anything bt this awesome sista u'll discover more bt her soon)
Au centreWe would meet up after class and some of the musicians would just freestyle...:)

Arame Tall a kind and very supportive Fabulafricana:)
Thank u for all ur kind words sis:)

Jimtan Dackoy a beautiful Writer & I during the Creative Enterprise Training
(ouhhhh my cheeks were huge mmmm lol)

So my people got a lot of explaining to do lol
I was part of a training program called "Creative Enterprise" sponsored by the British Council, Dakar Senegal.
This is the first edition in a francophone African country, and I hope that in the near future it will spread in other African countries because it's the bomb.
I had heard of it through "le Solei"l, a Senegalese newspaper and check this I send out my application at the last minute no not minute but second , at midnigt , was accepted a few weeks later didn't know what 2 expect but was def' excited.
Let me just say that it was a beautiful experience, meeting , learning with 52 students of different backgrounds , evolving in different artistic was just a gift from God.
During the program, professors and professionals gave us adviced on how to mix business and our passions, a lot of time artistic people don't know or are not even interested in the business side of things unfortunately..
Honestly I learned a whole lot about the direction I would like take this blog.I asked myself important questions that I hadn't in the past. During the training some more experienced creative entrepeneurs shared lessons they had 2 learn the hard away.
The most important thing I learned had 2 do with legal rights and oh boy I left the class thinking waouh I got 2 be careful with that aspect of things.
Some of my classmated are writers, scriptwriters, paintets, artisans, clothe designers, photographers, dancers, musicians, videographers,talent managers so youuuu know that I was in my element.
First day of class I was like "Oh My God I want 2 write an article abt u , u and u oh and u lol"
and we all embraced each other witk kindness, if one of us had an event if we could make it we would go support or we would spread the word.
It felt like a real family, we all agreed that it's difficult in our African society 2 be accepted as an artist, so when we would meet under the CE Program it was "the no judgement zone" as Mo'nique would say (Yes I'm watching)
If you read my blog last week, you probably have seen the post abt "fabulafrican pictures", let me explain.
A few of us were chosen 2 explain our future projects using the Pecha Kucha format (20 seconds/20 slides) . The networking event went well, we got 2 learn 2 explain our vision 2 over 200 strangers in 6ms 46 seconds.
I'm glad I got 2 do it even though I was so nervous up to the last second, I would like to thank my mother, family and friends who supported me.
The fabulafricanas among you who sent me pictures and those who send me words of encouragement.
To all the students I met during that program, thank u for the love, the friendship, the support, the advices, the humanity and inspiration.
Love u guys:)
Big up to Professor Katharina Kane (u were the bomb)
I would def' encourage anyone to participate to that program in the future,
Learn more, HERE