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I've seen Naguib's profile in so many African mags, that I've been meaning to post about him....
Naguib Sawiris comes from a very wealthy family, his father is the founder of Orascom...
On his profile on the Orascom webbie, it's stated that he's been working w/the company since 1979 , 31 years in business waouh...
2day Naguib is worth 10 Billions of Dollars...making him one of the world richest man ...as per Forbes
I read a great interview conducted by CNN on the 53 years old businessman..he strikes me as a confident, w/"don't give up atitude ", strong, focused and centered businessman...
In the same interview, he says that he likes to take risks in business and likes to deal w/difficult situations, he finds it exciting, & challenging..
He explains that the main strategy of their company is to sell services to countries w/high level of populations & low mobile penetration...it works !!! The company counts 90 Millions of customers in the world..Orascom Telecom is present in 7 countries , some in African, in the Middle East,& the Indian subcontinent...
The company is fighting to get other markets like China..but as u imagine China is protected w/laws and regulations...however Naguib is not giving up and hopes to count Chinese people as Orascom suscribers soon.

The Orascom Telecom webbie is:
Here's a great interview on CNN:

Djaa my Egyptian brothas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Monday, April 28, 2008


Patrice was born 2 a German mother, and a Sierra Leonan father who was a writer and an activist. The same day he was born , his grandfather left earth, he was given the name of Baba Tunde 2 celebrate him..

As a child , Patrice dived in both his parents native cultures, speaking both languages, listening to all kind of music. Inspired by Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix, spending time w/African peeps in Cologne colored his music w/africanism....

He delivered his first album at the age of 18 years old, "Lions" was 1 of his first hits..and when Lauryn Hill came 2 Germany, he was the concert first act...
In 2001 he joined Youssou Ndour, Manu Chao in Mali for the famous Festival in the Desert...From 1999 to 2008 Patrice has released 4 albums ... I watched a video clip of 1 his concerts and he seems so natural on stage, it's like he's just playing for himself or a few friends even though the room is filled at capacity...

He's all about social consciousness, positivity...... good stuff He has 1 new album set to be released on May 18th called "Patr-iation...glad I discovered this brotha...:)

Here are his webbies:
http://patricebartwilliams.free.fr (in French)
http://patriceonline.net (in English)

His new song , "Clouds":

Video for Don't cry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSklTXgDb8s

Djaa my brothas from Sierra Leone sont dedans aussi:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)


Sometimes, last year while I was still living in NY, I went to see a fabulous African dance show @ BAM ..many dance companies were showcasing their work..but none came close 2 this Ugandan troupe..I had never seen or heard Ugandan music prior to the event , but I was blown away by the dancers grace and agility...A few of the female dancers were carrying on their heads clay (i think it's clay)vases..sometimes 3 or even more @ the same time while moving their waists and hips so quickly..talk about skills...
They also do abdominal and backbone tricks that will have u screaming...
I simply love this troupe!

The Ndere Troup was started in 1984 , the first day they did 1 show, the Director remenbers that there were only 3 people in attendance..but after 1 show in Europe, people starting hearing about them..and one thing lead to another they were touring all throughout the world... The Ndere Troup's vision is to reunite all Ungandan without tribal discrmination around their art, artists witihin the troupe hail from all parts of Uganda. The tradional music played, reflected the entire Ugandan musical heritage.

Here's the official webbie: http://www.ndere.com/ Here's an amazing short clip of the woman balancing the pots on their heads: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QGiHULZ6Fo Here's another 1:' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGzponeQJD4&feature=related

Djaa my Ungandan people sont dedans:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)


Jenny R in the middle, the first African and French manga illustrator
pic courtesy of chibimag

Le Papillon

We just do it all, don't we:)...In the cartoon/manga industry Jenny is becoming 1 respected manga illustrator & animator... She is the very first woman to draw and write a manga in France...

She was born in Antananarivo Madagascar, but grew up in France w/her family..She calls France home because that's all she knows, but everytime she visits Madagascar, she regrets not being able to speak the language...
She's always been a big fan of mangas like Dragon Ball, so after high school she studied movie animation ectt.... Her first big break came w/the short movie "Le Papillon" w/the French animator Antoine Antin...

I've read great reviews & in fact they received the Canal J Award for it in 2002 ... Following the success of this first project, she embarked in another journey but this time working for the Totally Spies cartoon as an animator w/ an already established team..

In 2005 , she met her destiny in the person of Thierry Jor a French editor, she presented him her project of writing & drawing her first manga "Pink Diary" convinced by her talent , he gave her a shot and the Pink Diary series started.... There are 8 books in that very popular manga serie, even though being the first French manga, mangas fans were sceptic at first, but it grew on them....
She received the Prix Anime et Manga for the best manga in 2006...
Today @ 29 years old married and w/child , she's also doing manga/portrait for the public ..of course u gotta pay..but if interested u could email her @ chibimag@chibimag.com for further details...

Here's her webbie w/her manga partner Riolait:
Here's the Totally Spies webbie:

Djaa my Madagascan sistas sont dedans aussi:)
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Sharp ain't it..!
Cool design

Thank u for voting guys..and letting me know which countries u are reppin...it feels good 2 know that u all come from Mama's African 53 sons & daughters... The current top 5 voters are:
Team Nigeria : 24

Team Senegal : 23 voters

Team Ghana : 17 voters Team Ethiopia &Somalia :11 each
Team Kenya :10 each
Thank u so very much I'm humbled:)

Beninese Aissatou Paraisso created la Maison d'Ai an interior design beautiful shop that celebrates her love for Beninese antiques, masks , embroidery, authentic lamps and vases ect... U can find beautiful bed covers in cotton w/Beninese designs, traditional masks, wooden sculptures, chairs..I fell in love w/the curtains...elegant and subtle...

Def' beautiful stuff..check it out:

Djaa my Beninese people sont dedans interior stylo:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Some of the political views of this woman are really questionable, but for being from African origins and being in the Government of an European country it's still important 2 talk about this woman:(... Nyamko was born in Burundi to parents who are orginally from Zaire, her dad was in political exhile in Burundi. After her obtention of a law degree, Nyamko moved to Sweden 2 pursue a media and communication degree n in Stockholm . There, she got involved in politics after the killing of an Ivoirian brotha by a Swedish neo-nazi.. Her parents are from # faiths, her dad is Christian while her mother is Muslim..this is kinda where I have a problem w/her..you would think that being born within an interfaith marriage she would have greater compassion and respect to Muslims..but her political agenda doesn't indicate that rather...she called for a ban of hijab for young girls under 15,the mandatory medical cheking of girls to prove and fight genital mutilation... To Swedish imigrants she says:
“If they want to live here, have kids, have grandchildren, they must make an effort to adapt to the society where they live.” mmmm I'm not gonna write what I really wanna say but F...... Give us a break, everybody has their own situation, their own stories...not everybody like her came around 12 years was able to go to school, have the proper legal paperwork..maybe if her story was different she wouldn't give us the same speech..

No wonder why Swedish imigrants who are for the most part Muslims dislike her and would like for to be history within the gov'... And she's not done here's another one her statement
“Practicing Muslims who live by the word of the Koran and the Koranic books — of course they limit their own opportunities,” who are u to say that?

It's like she would like for an entire country to live according to her own religious and social preferences...Of course she's not married to an African brotha but to a Swedish man...nothing against my Swedish men but I knew that no African brotha would deal w/such nonsense...

And what kills me is that just like the journalist said in the Ny Times profile, this would encourage division and discrimination..ah non!
I'll stop it here..can't do it...but here's more : http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/13/world/europe/13profile.html?pagewanted=2&_r=1 Swedish Gov' webbie:

Eyee Wayee:(


Le Soninke aux yeux bride

Mokobe & Dj Lewis
U know!

Ah noooo... as far as French/West African hip hop , Mokobe killed the game in 2007.....
I've been meaning to post about it..but after seeing his new video for Mali his homecountry..I was like oh hell to the no , no he didn't ....!!!
The video was pure red pepper ..not because of the cinematographic quality of the images rather because of the message of pride he gave to his land..anyways Malians are known for staying in tune w/their culture and for being proud people..but just 2 hear Salif Keita singing beautifully..seeing kids screaming
MALI , MALI..images of local Malian stars such as Oumou Sangare, Toumani Diabate..Ali Farka Toure..ect ..@ the end of the video I was clapping lol...
Just a little recap abt Mokobe's life as an artist..he was and still is a part of hip hop trio 113, which was really popular in the nineties for their denunciation of discrimination agaisnt minorities in France...

The group is still very much so together, but decided to explore their individual creativity, Rim -K who's reppin Maroc, has an album out at this moment... Mokobe wanted in his album "Mon Afrique", "My Africa" sing about our earth mother-Mama Africa, he got the chance 2 sing besides so many artists such as Fally Ipupa, Oumou Sangarwe, Salif Keita, Viviane Ndour, Le Molare, Dj Lewis, Diams, Gohou, Patson...ect..

if you haven't listened to this album, please do it's def' a classic...he really worked very hard and his passion for our continent is so contagious...I love him and respect him as an artist... Here are some of the videos that u have 2 check:

Mali Forever Bisou (w/Dj Lewis from Ivory Coast)
On est Ensemble ( w/la Jet Set)
1 Gaou Oran (When Mali meets North Afrika)
Safari (w/Viviane N'dour from Senegal)
C'est dans la Joie (w/the comedian Patson)
Nuit de Flammes (w/Diams)
Malembe (w/Fally Ipupa in concert)

Here's le Sonkine aux yeux brides official webbie:


Eyeeee Wayeee:)

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Miss Helina Metaferia

Helina in Art teaching session

Helina was born in DC to Ethiopian parents, in high school she entered and won different art and writting competitions. While in college, she pursued a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Helina is the type of woman who dives in different things at the same fully, she's a yoga and meditation teacher while she still finds time to showcase her work @ # Art Galleries & Museums, involves herself w/the community share her gift w/children encourage them to embrace their creativity. Helina is also involved w/the non profit org, Girls Gotta Run that support & encourage young ethiopian girls 2 pursue an education 2 be involved in sports...

Also, please look our for the children's book written by Joy Binahkaye , look out for Helina's illustrations...and oh before I forget she's also 1 web designer..sista is busy..

I find this young Ethiopian woman to be quite refreshing, it's cool 2 see a sista throwing herself in life and wearing so many hats..1 inspiration..

Here's the webbie of this talented young woman:


Djaa my Ethiopian Sistas are talented:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)


Maria's life is the story of perseverance , determination, self confidence and strength. She was born in a poor village in Maputo, as a little girl she was gifted in sports .. her first passion was soccer but there were not too many girls leagues ...thus she found herself playing along the side of boys..that didn't always go smoothly...other teams were not too happy 2 see a girl beat them @ a sport usually reserved to males... When she was 15 years old, the poet Jose Craveirinha amazed by her potential convinced her that her career was in athletics..She wasn't too excited by the intense daily training required at first and thought she would rather be on the fielb running after 1 ball.. But after months of training,she ran her first Olympique 800 m course in 1988..she was only 15... Btwn 1988 and 2008 she's managed to win 19 medals..and please count in several gold medals at the World Indoor Championship, Commonwealth Games & Olympic Games..

She's the pride of her country, and following her father's advice she never accepted to drop her Mozambican nationality ...rather she made it a point to show to her people and the rest world what Mozambican people are capable of doing ...:) Besides winning medals, she's also been an hononary youth Ambassador w/the United Nations, w/her Fondation Maria supported the financing of a track field, she's also campaigned against polio ans measles...brought attention to HIV prevention...bref Maria is a hard working woman who never forgot where she came from... She has stated that this year will be her last year in tracks, she feels fulfilled and ready to turn the page...In 2005 she suffered a great deal of injuries but came back w/a vengeance in 2006 when she won the Bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games...

She's remenbered in sports history as the main woman winner of the 800m because of her consistency at being a champion ....

Here's her webbie:
You can see her running here at the famous 2000 Olympique Games: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNnTCY1rkUI

Djaa my Mozambican sistas sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Picture courtesy of Motley Princess

Bissap is the Senegalese name for Hibiscus Sabdariffa leaves , wich is also called
Oseille de Guinea in Guinea , in Sudan & Egypt it's also called Karkaday,
dah bleni in Mali..I know my West Indies people also consume this drink but they call it Sorrel juice...

In Senegal it's an economical drink that peole serve guests at home, at weddings and other family holidays..

I tried making it on my own and it turned out to be quite easy...

U'll need:
-2 or 3 cups of the dried hibiscus

-2 or 3 cups of sugar
-if you can mint leaves, or 1 bit of orange
-flower water

-if you would like, you can also add 1 cup of pineaple or orange juice
-vanilla extract

The steps:

- after rinsing 2 or 3 cups of the dried hibiscus Sabdariffa leaves ,put them in aproximately 2 liters of water that you would have boiled for around 10 minutes
-When u are satisfied w/the red color of the water, remove them from the water add the sugar, the vanilla extract, a bit of the orange flower water and let it cool, add ice if necessary..
(Wanted 2 add that some people suggest dipping the leaves in water overnight)

This plant is also used as hot tea and it is said to reduce cholesterol as well, it's also great for people who suffer from water retention
Here are some versions of the bissap drink recipe: http://www.blogs-afrique.info/cuisine-afrique/index.php/2007/01/30/28-jus-bissap-senegal-recette-boisson http://www.soninkara.com/forums/boissons/le-jus-de-bissap-2356-2.html
(forum post on how 2 make the perfect bissap juice...for those of u who speak French)

Djaa we Fabulafricana Women can make the perfect coktail African style:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Friday, April 25, 2008


Feels good to blog about this powerful African woman working in 1 of the most controversial fields out there.. controversial in this case because it's said that the land that are used as mines belonged originally to the Bushmen people..This tribe is made of sedentary people who are used to and love their land ,putting them in reserves simply kill them....

Sheila Khama never thought growing up in her village that one day she will be at the head of a Diamond giant company, she started working for a substitary Anglo American Corporation as the Group Secretary for 8 years before moving up to working solely w/ Debeers Botswana. After a break of couple of years where she worked in the banking industry, she came back to Debeers as the
CEO of the company this time ....
Yes'oo as 2Face would say:)

As the Chief Executive Officer she's responsible for the external communication , basically the link , the face of the company in Botswana,
w/the gov, the public and stakeholders...aight sista:)

Sheila and her external affairs team reports to the Group Director for
external and corporate affairs.
Sheila is not the only woman within the group executive team, Debeers seems to be 1 company that hires women in key positions w/no gender discrimination..good thing. One of the things this woman is proud of is the fact that Debeers contributes to the economy of her country, thus helping in building new infrastuctures, new roads, schools ect...

Here's the Botswana Debeers webbie:


If u would like 2 understand a bit more abt the Conflict btw Debeers & the Bushmen, here's an interesting piece:

You be the judge, just wanted to celebrate this woman in the most objective light

Djaa my Sistas from Botswana are more fiyaa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Aight people I am so proud of this piece, because I've been a fan of this beautiful African sista... I know I'm not the only one out there, because I see in my blog stats that a lot of you find this blog looking for Atong...Speaking for myself, I just love her swagger, her African presence on the runaway, and it doesn't hurt that this sista has been is , will be the face of huge Fashion hizzies such as Malandrino, INC, K. Cole, Target..need I say more.... When she accepted to be interviewed ..I was beyond excited to get to know her better and to share it with you all...

What are we wating for,Let's go:

1- What's the essence of Atong Arjok?
A soulful, fun loving independent woman.

2-How do you define yourself as an African woman ?

3-When I say Sudan, you think of

4-What's ur fav' spot in NY
East village, Tompkins Square

5-Did u always want to be 1 model? How did ur career start?
It has never crossed my mind but not a day went by without people telling me that i should try it so my cousin took me to a model convention and thats how I got discovered.

6-What are the difficulties u encounter as an african woman in your line of work? I always look for u during Ny Fashion week, is it hard to get booked for those major shows?
There aren't that many available spots for a black girl.

7-Who are your fav' African models?
Iman, Alek Wek, Liya Kebede and Ajuma

8-Apart from your work , what are your other interests in life?

9-What's 1 day like in your life?
Castings, work and relaxing at home.

10-What's ur fav' sudanese food? in the western world when u get homesick, what places can you go to that would remind u of home? My grandmas okra soup. The closest thing in the city would have to be an Ethiopian restaurant.

11-Is ur success shared within your community?there are so many other sudanese successful models, do u guys help each other out, do u hang out?
I hang out with a lot of the Sudanese models that i have met but our schedules are so different so that makes it hard at times.

12-Do u have any business projects that u are working on? Are u really hands on when it comes down to taking care of ur finances?
I have a few projects but they are in the works, will definitely let you know once they unfold. I am very involved with taking care of my finances.

13- Are u really attached to ur sudanese culture?Do u speak the language?What are the misconceptions that ar
e out there abt sudanese people that u would like to clear out?
I am attached to my sudanese culture, I speak Dinka at home with my family. One misconception that I would like to clear about sudan is that it might be a war torn country but we are rich in culture and natural resources.

14-How important is faith or 1 certain level of spirituality to u?
Spirituality is very important to me. I believe we all need to believe in something. There is a powerful force out there bigger than any of us.

15-I see that u have a god child that u are really closed to..what does motherhood (in the future of course) represent for u?
Motherhood is something that i hope to achieve one day but its out the question for now. Most of my friends and cousins have babies so they are my babies for now.lol.

16-How do u handle ur success?how does it feel for u to get major contracts w/Target, Inc,2 see ur face on 1 billboard?
I don't think success has sinked in for me yet. Seeing myself in a billboard makes me hope that i might have open a door for someone else. Just like iman and Alek have done for so many sisters.

17-What's ur best memory in the whole world?
That would have to be being a child in Africa climbing trees and not having any worries.

18-What can't u live without.........
My family

19-Do u really know who u are,or are u still searching for answers? I know what i stand for but not who i am. Am constantly evolving each day. Each day is a learning lesson for me.

20-If u could tell 1 thing to ur younger self what would it be?
Girl you don't know everything.lol.

21-The twenties are......
fun, hard, emotional but i enjoy all of them.

22-I wanna look back on my life and say
I stayed true to myself.

23-The most beautiful insult is?
I don't know if there is a beautiful insult but the worst compliment is " You're beautiful for a dark skin person" Like what is that suppose to mean?

24-i find myself beautiful when....
I wake up in the morning and don't really care what i look like.

I think we are understanding that we need to come together.

26-What's 1 event in African history that u will never forget?
I would have to say Mandela freedom and John Garang death.

27-Are u involved w/social activism, charity?
To some extend but not as much as i wold like.

28-When u are feelin down, which singer can get u out of ur funky mood?

Bob Marley, but the movie Color Purple does a better job. It makes me say to myself "what are you complaining about, your life is not that bad, get off your butt and do something"

29-what would u tell to 1 young african sista who would like 2 become 1 model,(real advice)?
Keep in mind many doors will be closed when you knock but don't take it personal, knock at their neighbor's doors. One of them will let you in as long as you're persistent.

31-DARFOUR IS.....
tragic but i have faith that it will be over sooner or later.

32-life is
Too short

33 -What's the quote you live by
One step at the time

34- What's the best beauty secret u've ever been given....
Kiehls products, they just work for me. I got my friend hooked on them.

35-when u are abt to get on stage how do u feel?i love ur seriousness on ur face when u model..is that something they ask u guys to do..or is it ur signature walk?
Am a little nervous before i walk out but it fades as soon as i hit the runway. About my seriousness, i never realize it until you mention it.lol. So i guess that is all me.

36-What 2 do u know for sure in life......
Can't change anyone but myself

Aight well thank you Miss Atong ffor opening up to us, I feel like we all know you a bit better, wishing you ever more success and waiting to see you in other business ventures...:)
And remenber that we African people , celebrate and support u!

Djaa my Sudanese Sistas are beautiful and mad cool:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)