Friday, July 24, 2009


Pic courtesy of Fatimata Ly Nze's blog

This lady is crazyyyy her blog is oh my God excellent, and I don't feel that way quite often, but this one... the amount of work she puts in it, the things she finds are amazing.
Her blog is mainly about" textures and patterns inspired by black cultures".
Why do I love it?
Because like I said , I respect anyone that works hard at what they do at providing interesting and diverse information, I discover African and non African interior designers that I didn't know, great ideas of design ect through her work...I love it
Sista respect period:)
If you haven't been u haven't added her as a blog friend , do it do it she's amazing:)

Djaa ls gos du Senegal sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Doing the floral look very well
Pic courtesy of Johnypez

Hot pink

Love the skirt

Love the jacket and veste combination
Pic courtesy of Ruthyf

Love the tights and the dress combination

Blue as sky
Pic courtesy of Pelletier

Zolani Mahalo is the lead singer of the south African group , Freshlyground.
I've been a fan of her style for a while now, I love her love for vivacious colors, I love that she's not afraid to show her curves, so for those of you who want to see more curvacious women on this blog, I hope this makes your day:)

Djaa my sistas from SA are true fabulafricanas:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Thandiswa and her unique style

Baaba Maal and Queen Latifah

Now you know Angelique had to give to them lol, I love the reactions of the other celebs

Suzanne Owiyo rocking them jeans during rehearsal

Sipho Mabuse

Yvonne Chaka Chaka

Loyiso at Mandela Day

Zolani Mahola
One of my fav' celebs, Thandiswa I think she won't be mad if i add and her bobaraba lol

Freeman, Lauper, and Lil Kim chatting after the show

The Soweto Gospel Choir , Mr Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin

As you all know we celebrated on July 18th, Nelson Mandela 91st bday, celebs were in hand in NY to pay respect to the only Madiba through speeches and music.
Angelique Kidjo, Visu , the Soweto Gospel Choir, Suzana Owiyo,Baaba Maal,Thandiswa, Loyiso, Freshlyground, and many others did their thang on stage
Here are a couple of performances:
Angie Kidjo and A Keys
Vusi and Josh Groban
Lil Kim and Cyndi Lauper

Djaa we need to celebrate Mandela day each day:)

Eyee Wayee:)


I admit, I admit I'm guilty!!!

I've been wearing my fav' walking Asics shoes at the gym, cute yes but right for the gym absolutely not..

So I've been wondering what's the pefect gym shoes?
As any good sales person would ask , you need to ask yourself if you have any room for your toes to move at the front of you shoes? if not even if they are the flyest adidas shoes put them down and move on to what fits .

Make sure that the shoes you plan on purchasing have good arch and offer you great stability and cushioning, don't forget to buy insoles.

It's advised to buy them in the afternoon and try them on with your running socks.

Here's a short article on the matter:

Djaa we need to be running with the right shoes :)
Eyee Wayee:)

*Pic courtesy of the charcolartist


Doing the black and white contrast very well
Racky Photography, Inc 2009

I like how the backgroud is sunny yet gloomy
Racky Photography, Inc 2009

Racky Photography, Inc 2009

Racky Photography Inc 2009

Racky Diack, where do I start with this witty classy strong courageous African woman.

I've been meaning to write abt her but I didn't know quite how, she's a personal friend and a woman that I admire greatly. Couple of years while going to treatment for a simple abscess,due to medical error she endep up catching the flesh eating disease which resulting in her having her leg amputated..for many of us this terrible incident could have stop our capacity to dream and made us angry and bitter people..not not Racky she decided courageously to fight in court had to face media scrutning, friends and family reactions, won her case, decided to write a book, mentored a basketball team, organized the 'bomb' zouk parties in Montreal and today is throwing herself in a new career as a fashion see why I say that I admire her..:)

Here's a short interview with miss Racky Diack, let's go:)

Pouquoi la photo de mode?/Why fashion photography?
J’ai grandi à Paris et je pense que sans m’en rendre compte nous sommes influencés par cette ville de la mode, que ce soit dans notre façon de nous habiller, ou autre. Mais je ne m’en étais pas rendu compte avant que j’arrive à Montréal. À travers la photo de mode je renoue un peu avec ma ville. J’aime la perfection, la beauté, la mode haute couture.
I grew un in Paris where whether we realize it ot not we are all influenced by the city of fashion, but Ionly realized that when I moved to Montreal. Through fashion photography I renew with this part of my life, I love perfection, beauty and haute couture.

Quand es et coment es tu tomber love de la photo?/When did u fall in love with fashion photography? Il y a 5 ans de cela, j’ai fais un bachelor en communication, et j’ai commencé à faire de la retouche photo. Mais c,est en retouchant les photos des autres que je me suis dis pourquoi pas faire de même avec mes propres photos. Donc j’ai commencé avec très peu de moyens en photographiant mes amis, avec comme éclairage les lampes de la maison, puis petit à petit j’ai acheté du matériel, et maintenant je travaille la plupart du temps dans un studio photo.
It happened 5 years ago while I was studying for my communication degree , I had to retouch pictures and I figured why not do it to my own pictures. I started with home lightning and little by little I bought more material and now mainly work in a photo studio.

Quand je dits noir et blanc a koi penses tu? /When I say black and white what do u think?
Comment ses 2 couleurs s’opposent mais sont à la fois tr`s complémentaires, que ce soit en terme de couleur de peau ou de la photo, c’est mon mélange ultime
Those 2 colors are total opositive and are complimentary,it's my fav' color mix

Quest ce ke tu recherces chez un model ki pose pour toi?/What do u look for in a model?
J’essaye d’obtenir une bonne complicité que le model se sentent à l’aise avec moi car c’est comme cela que l’on fait des belles photos. Auparavant j’ai posé pour benetton, donc je sais ce que ça fait d’être devant la caméra, de ne pas savoir exactement ce que le photographe attends de nous, donc j’essaye d’y remédier. J’aime qu’un model soit naturel, avec un look insolite , qui sait jouer avec la caméra.
I've worked as a model for Benetton and so I know that a good complicity is really important btw the photographer and the model. I want the model to remain herself and at the same know how to play with the camera.

Quelquin ki aimerait bosser with toi fais cmt pour entrer en contact avec toi?/How do we get in touch with you ?
FACEBOOK….je rigole, bien si une personne veut travailler avec moi, elle peut trouver mes coordonnées sur mon site web
Please go to my web site:

Au fait qd on a le trac kd on ns prd en photos ke ns conseille tu de faire?/By the way do u have any tip when we feel nervous in front of the camera ?
Retenir sa respiration pendant 4 secondes et répéter ça 4 fois….lol. C’est normal d’avoir le trac surtout si nous ne sommes pas habituer. Peut être en parler au photographe pour qu’il vous mette à l’aise. Mais normalement un photoshoot doit être un moment «FUN».
Hold your breat for 4 seconds four times lol. It's ok to be nervous tell your photogrqpher abt it and remenber that it's supposed to be a fun experience.

Djaa les gos du Senegal sont trop dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)


La jolie go waye

I love this chick, it's not her singing that does it to me even though she can sing but it's beautiful strong energy for life, I remenber her from the first edition of Africa Stars last year, her fambloyant personality, her big smile, her curvacious body just made her memorable in my eyes

It was def' a great surprise to see that her first albums is finally born "Eh Sanga", this cd has cuban, world music and def' guinean influences. On her first musical baby she's had the chance to work with great musicians such as Mamadou Barry and Kante Mafila

I believe that if she stays focused and keep perfecting her craft , we are not done hearing abt her, she has the potential, the star power so yes I'm def' hopeful for her:)

Djaa les gos de Guinee sont dedans aussi:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Ze ultimate luxe..isn't it?
Yes I've been reading that a lot of celebrities love the caviar ingredients on their hair or on their skins and so of course I've been wondering if it would first of all be affordable for regular people like myself in little Senegal ..and what's the fuss?

Caviar eggs are rich in keratin and collagen and omega 3 fatty acids, this combination of proteins would def' repair and strenghten your hair.

Skin wine, caviar contain minerals that improve skin cell regeneration, and fight agains environmental factors such as pollution, climate ect...
The eggs proteins would give a glow to skin and erase fine lines and the signs of fatigue, I know my thirty and+ would love that lol

Not everyone can of course afford the 200 Dollars treatment a la Catherine Zeta Jones, but some lines offer caviar product based products at rather decent price.
I'm adding couple of webbies, check them out and see what fit or use them as inspiration:

Djaa we need to take better care of our bodies:)
Eyee Wayee:)

*Pics courtesy of mylastbite and skrockodile

Monday, July 20, 2009


I won't coment but I'll let his movements speak for themselves

Fasso Danse Theatre Company

Mister Serge Aime Coulibaly

Before founding in 2002 his dance comapny , Serge Coulibaly spent 8 years with the Burkinabe dance company Feeren where he learned tradional dance technicks, theater and music.

Serge and the rest of company develop modern dance based tradional dance techniques.
They are performing around the world I missed their performance when they came to dkr but hope to one day be able to see them live.

Through the different pieces they present, the theme of the struggling African youth who wants to go away and just away is recurent ( A Bengue), the eternal quest of an imigrant identity is asked through modern and traditional dance (Quand j'etais).

One of his most critically aclaimed piece "Babemba" he pays homage to courageous political figures such as Thomas Sankara,Lumumba and Mandela.

He performed along the side of talented Indian dancerand choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman in an interesting piece called "J'ai pedu mon francais" which develops on the topic of language and its consequences on the social development of an individual.

Troughout his career he's had the opportunity to work with various dancers and choreographers evolving in various forms of dance, he's performed at many European festivals, worked with Australian choreographer and dancer Rachel Swain in an urban piece.

Fasso Danse Theatre Company's webbie:

You can see Serge and his troup on this video:

Djaa my people from Burkina Fasso sont dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Presenting her collection at the Africa Arise Fashion Show in Joburg!

I like the knot and flower accents of this dress!

Tuile and serpent africain

One of my fav' Nkwo's pieces

Pretty in dirty pink

Interesting contrast of fabrics for this dress

Kimono top done well


Nkwo was one of the selected designers who had the opportunity to show her work to the world during the first edition of Africa Arise Fashion Week
With her afro boheme collection inspired by the 60s and 70s which mainly consist of funky and elegant dresses , shirts and skirts
she showcased Africa with her choice of african fabric such as the wax and african paterns.
Even though she studied psychology in college she endep up following her passion for design.
The former Phoenix Prize winner is planning on doing a fashion show in her her home country in the near future and engaging in humanitarian efforts as well.
In the meantime, she continues to be a volunteer with the non profit organization Kambani by helping children develop an interest for the arts.
She would like to create a home line in the near future and possibly cater to men as well.
Djaa our Naija women sont dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)