Friday, September 28, 2007


"Phases Africa" is the fruit of the labour of Noleen Kutash a Caucasian South African woman who was inspired by the huge interest in the few furnutire items that she sold to retail stores such as Fred Segal.
She then decided to invest in her own line, the furniture is made by South African sculptors and craft workers.

Her work has been published in mags such as Upscale, Home-Garden etcc....

It's a sophisticated, one of a kind line...w/unique pieces..what i like about the line it keeps the authentic african edge and add just a bit of modernism to it...

Anywhoo here's the webbie:

Djaa we can decorate our hizzy African stylo:)
Eyee Wayee:)


m said...

Girl i think PHASE AFRICA range is simply gorgeous! Modern and African! Thank you for sharing a rare gem. I love it!.

Custom Made Furniture said...

Great style. She does have a fantastic sense of style!