Saturday, May 31, 2008


Love the concept by this young ambitious African director,
Ladi Bidinga Mpoyo..beautiful idea by this young lady who was wondering why there were no lead roles (queens, women of power,ect) created for us black African women...
Masta means in lingala = 1 very good friend....the show revolves around 6 girfriends , 1 married , 1 who's an artist, another who just got out of a relationship,bref basically u get it...
It's their lives, our lives, as Ladi said in an interview everyone can relate to these Congolese young ladies that are going through regular , day to day life struggles.. The only thing I couldn't find was a proper webbie , except for the myspace page, once I get more details about the show I'll let you know:

Djaa my ladies from Congo are more fiyaaa:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)


Sakina in the middle among her models

Interesting non...
Love the top
A little too much for me but really interesting

I like it
En tout cas Sakina doesn't play dee...!!

Interesting yet complicated ..maybe detailed will be a more suitable word would describe best Sakina and her line. At 35 years old , being in the industry for more than 10 years Sakina is very far yet very close to the little girl that moved w/her parents to Marseilles..Even back then she was into details, colors , design..when she was 15 she was trained w/a respected costum designer, Genevieve Sovien D...
As she evolved in the late nineties,early 00's , more french personalites became interested in the work of this little lady...She ecountered great minds such as the philosophe Jean Baudrillard who by the way inspired her latest collection... When u see Sakina, you see subtle games of selvedge, pleat..what I love is the way she makes the fabric fall so graciously on the body, love how she can make silk, cotton , lace, leather ect look so romantic..when I see her pieces , I'm taking waouh these are garnments one should take delicate care of...I gotta say that I love details so Sakina's line speaks to me:)
In love w/fabric, in love w/poetry this sista is as well...She also creates workshop where she encourages young creators to find their own identity and express it freely over their designs..

While other great designers rather have their flag stores in the very chic neighberhoods of Paris, Sakina is still au 18eme (my french peeps will know) I guess the rebellious ado who was into Punk still lives within the elegant designer... Anywhoo for more on the sista, here's her site:
Here's a video clip of one her fashion shows:

Djaa my ladies from les Iles Comores sont dedans aussi:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)


593 votes minus mine...waouh ..u guys aren't playing:) I didn't expect so many of you to respond like this..this number may not be such a big deal to others, but to me it means a lot..I've been blogging for close to 2 years and to know that there's a sister or brother from Madagascar, Malawi, Togo, Lesotho, Uganda, Tunisia..who stop by, really humble me...:)

Anywhoo here are the top 10 countries represented on the webbie, I won't close the poll so if some of you haven't voted yet , please do rep' for your country:

1- Senegal: 64 voters (surprise..surprise!! djereujeuff waye)

2- Nigeria : 56 voters (Nna-ewo my Naija people thank u)

3- Ghana:54 voters (Me daase to my Ghanaian)
4-Ivory Coast : 34 voters (Abidjan est chaudd dee..anitie )
5-Ethiopia: 32 voters ( Amesegnalhu to my Ethiopian people )
6-Somalia & Cameroun: 27 voters each (Mahadsanid to my Somali peeps & Mbebekiri to my people from Cameroun)

7-Algeria : 25 voters (Marhaban to my Algerian people )
8-Kenya: 23 voters (Jambo my peeps from Kenya)
9-South Africa & Mali : 22 voters each (Hoezit to my SA people, & anitchie to my Malian peeps)
10-Zimbabwe : 20 voters (
Ndatenda to my people from Zimbabwe)

I just gave the top 10, but every country has been represented by at least one vote, so thank u , when the poll reach 1000 votes I'll do another top 10.

Djaa Africa is well represented :)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)

Monday, May 26, 2008


Sublime, j'aime bcp!
Cool purse for a relaxed day
Oh Waouh!
African divine
Gorgeous no question....!!

Aight I don't recall where I went but they were passing around these cute little flyers about the designs of Laeticia @ l'Hotel Teranga de Dakar so I thought to myself why not... On Saturday w/Sheeva we decided to stop by the Hotel and see...I knew I didn't have the mullah but I still wanted to see what Ekoba was about.. I wasn't disapointed at all , beautiful warm colors, brown, orange, dark red, leather, fabric, turquoise, ambre,leather ,mina , perls, silver..ect...
Africa was certainly represented...

I've come 2 realize that my people in Senegal aren't really that interested in arts but I was kinda hoping that there were 1 few people who would be open minded enough to come and see even if they didn't buy anything right there... Laeticia who is half Benenise and Togolese was so humble and nice, she def' is about Afrika, she's a pretty known and respected artist that has appeared in so many mags, French & African..I'll name a few, AM (1 of my fav' African mags), Amina of course, She tells me that one of the main reasons she chose to come to Senegal is because even though she has pretty big clients from other parts of the world, she still would like for us African sistas 2 appreciate our African jewelry of which she's a "teacher"...I feel her on that one...:)
One of her trademarks, is that she's very particular about
finishing touches..details... you know how like you will buy a bag but you can tell that it was cheaply done, well she takes time making each piece w/love and pride and u could feel it in her voice...

Ekoba is not just jewelry & bags, it's also house deco w/beautiful sheets, curtains, ect...
She also sells sculpture pieces...ect..bref u get the picture ..Ekoba is a whole lot. Anywhoo I digged it and I thought I would share it w/y'all...

Here's the webbie:

Djaa my ladies from Togo & Benin are more fiyaaa:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)

Friday, May 23, 2008


Regard sur les foyers
That's us smiling no matter what...!!:)

Aissetou is half Bissau and half Vietnamese...As a kind
she's always had an eye for images, ligh
t, pictures... As an adult, she founded the artistic collectif Diaph 1 Kat w/director Jean Loup Carrenard ,it's a place for visual artists to share and promote some type of universal artistic unity promoting minorities in France... They did a doc called "Regard sur les foyers", it's a doc that in some ways reconcilied Aissatou w/her origins, her dad was an immigrant from Guinea Bissau that had to stay in one those foyers @ his beg in France ... Being that her parents are immigrants, Aissetou is always asking herself questions about her identity...her work serves as a therapy in some ways..she explores the question of identity.... She also works w/various magazines and internet sites, she takes photos @ music, theatre events as well...Aissetou's work is always in progress...

Here's her webbie:
Djaa my sistas from Guinea Bissau are more fiyaa:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)


""Ehhh Ehhh c'est la moto, c'est la moto"
wuzzz up Miss Fafa:)
It's nice to see that we are all catching the coupe decale virus everywhere..I just discovered these 2 brothas...and they got me "doing mon boucan" lol.. The group was made of 3 high school friends, one left the group..the 2 remaining members are Fatowou Kossivi & Blaise Mensah.... They are very popular in Togo , just fun music bringing people together..thus allowing Togolese people around the world to feel proud...) Here's the video for Taxi Moto:

Djaa my Togolese people sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Thursday, May 22, 2008


"Fine don't come to bed"
"Today I will love myself"
"My Red Boots"

Not 2 many info on the sista, but I loved her work..hope she gets her own personal webbie soon.. I don't know why, but when I was going through her collection ..I was laughing a bit..I guess I didn't know that she would have such an urban aproach to her art..I like it..!!
You can find her work w/the African Contemporary Art Gallery...

Djaa les gos du Niger sont dedans aussi:)

Eyee Wayee:)


I discovered Claudia on the Jamel Comedy Club Show..she was tooo funnyy!! From that point on I was hooked...she has so much life to her...I thought she was a comedian but that was it, but when I saw the French movie Congoroma..I was like..ok Claudia is serious about her craft.
Claudia was born in Abidjan and moved to France w/her family as a child, she was always into entertaining people around it was no suprise to her family when she decided to study acting after high school.
Claudia has always been a confident and hopeful actor who never hesitated to present herself to all kinds of casting, not afraid that the color of her skin will work agaisnt her..and she was right...
When I read her CV , I am impressed by how diverse it is, she played in
"Fatou la Malienne", had a role in the short movies "La Dictee", "Lettre a A
bou" ...she also played in classical theater pieces like "Candide", "Demandez nous pardon",she has also played in the movies "Ma Vie sans Meg Ryan" (interestin title), "Sexe, Gombo, & Atieke", need I keep on going... Right now, you can see her on TV French tv , "R.I.S".. Claudia is def' 1 one of thew Fabulafricana women to be doing her thang in France... This multitalented sista is a complete artist, she can sing , dance...I just love her natural look, her curves that she embraces without complex....she feels really connected to her native Ivory Coast but is for now pursuing her professional goals in Europe... Even though the Jamel Comedy has been really good to her, she doesn't want to be categorized as a comedian, rather as an actress period..I feel u sis...
we love u "CRAZY CLAUDIA"
Here's a short interview of the very charismatic sista: Here's the clip of Claudia on the Jamel Comedy Club (looooooved it) Here's her webbie:

Claudia fais ton boucan sista:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Ethiopian sista!
Fashion Campaign!
Looking lovely

Haven't featured my Ethiopian model sistas in a while, I've seen this sista in ads before..but didn't have enough pictures to do a post about her, she came to the states @ first to pursue medical school...but modeling was her least he actual calling...!! I also get people asking me 2 feature model sistas of regular size..I actually don't mind..if you know of any ...pleasssssse feel free let me know I would love to feature them...but my small size sistas look good 2 ..let's be honest:)

Djaa my Ethiopian sistas are some of the most beautiful women on this earth:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)