Thursday, September 13, 2007


Sara Tavares in concert

Pic by Jurrien W.

Courtesy of Times Square

Sara performing!

She was born in Cap Vert, but migrated w/her family to Portugal.
This is where she started her musical career . At age 16 she won 2 sought-after Awards on Portuguese TV putting her on the map.

Very aware of her bi-cultural upbringing she decided to incorporate African rhythms and beats to her repertoire which was already colored w/Gospel , and beautiful soul.

She worked w/1 of my fav' African musical genius Lokua Kanza on her latest album "Balance" She reminds me a bit of Angelique Kidjo in the sense that she doesn't limit her sounds to the beautiful traditional cap-verdian beats , she adds foreign sounds here and there and it is refreshing...She plays the guitar on most of her tracks.

Yes it's refreshing because all musicians don't have 2 sound alike , we need a bit of pineapple and orange to make a pina-colada (I am fasting don't mind me .....)
I also love the fact that she's 1 woman w/curves, & natural in her style. oh and we are also the same age 29 bb.

Here's the very entertaining video she shot for Balance!:

Here's her webbie:

Djaa Cap-Verdian Women are doin' it :)
Eyee Wayee:)

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