Monday, July 28, 2008


That's my type of African Shero, go girl keep bringing the truth!

Jehaine talking it out at a panel!

Jehaine at a brunch with fellow female directors!

I took a little bit of time trying to understand the work of this passionate woman ...

I gotta say her work and the subject of one her documentaries was so interesting that I wanted to keep digging and digging

Jehaine,pretty name by the way was born in Egypt before settling in the States wither family.

While attending Harvard Uni at first with the honorable goal of being a doctor while taking a filmaking class she fell in love with the art of creating visual stories..that's to me the beauty of Western freedom she followed her gust and today she's a very respected docs director....

not only that her vision allowed people in the entire world to all be connected for one day that she called the Pangea Day in fact last may 10th 08,how did she do it simply and not so simply by winning the TED Award in 2006 which granted her 100 000 dollars.

It's amazing to me how one person can believe in a project and get thousands of others to do the same.

Jehaine is also known for her documentary called Control Room, the intent of that doc is to open the global mind but in particular the American people to understanding the struggles of others; there's not one absolute truth...

She convinced the staff of the television chanel Al Jazeera based in Qatar what's interesting to know is that at the beg it was a government founded tv station but as time went on they wanted and became independent in order to stay true to their professions of journalists..

As you can imagine in the Arabic world that came with a price, for exple these dedicated journalists are baned from entering the Holy city of Mecca , in most Arabic countries their chanel is prohibited ...I really have respect for these people.

Jehane also directed before Control Room another doc called in which she documentated the start up of an started by her roomie at the time....
This woman is def' heavy and she'll stay in my radar that's for sure....

Here's a great interview concerning the making of Control Room:
Here's the TED official webbie:
Here's the Pangea Day webbie:
Here's her video explanation on why the need of PANDEA DAY:
Here's the Control Room trailer:
More importantly give it up to the Al Jazeera team:

Djaa my Egyptian sistas sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Abayas done the fab way


some of us dont wear the veil but stay modest

One of my abs' favorite mags out there, I've done a post abt it already but u know there's such a lack of empowering yet chic mags for our young Muslim girls out there so I'm over the moon with this publication BRAVO BRAVO!!!!!!!

So they give advices, they let these young minds tell their stories, they have fashion spreads oh yes u can dress fabulous as a Muslim girl veil or not veil it's a personal decision
They talk food, Muslim traditions just allow these young girls to be
Love it

I see on their webbie that they would like to work with schools by adding their publication to the library , that's a fabulous idea if interested email them here :

They also offer training and workshops in the work area....i say work it
Here's their webbie , great gift for a young'un:

Djaa we need to celebrate our faith :)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


U truly learn something new each day, I had honestly never heard of this pitoresque litte town located in the Northen part of Tunisia but someone (word up londonboy) just came back from his trip there and shared the pictures with me and I wanted to know more and more about it....
I gather through research that before the village was named Sidi Bou Said after a well known Muslim leader, Abou Said ibn Khalef ibn Yahia Ettamini el Beji , its former name was Jabal el-Menar .

Sibi Bou Said exists since the 12th century and its people have been credited with trying really hard to keep the authenticity of the village....Now why is the town painted blue and white?
It is said that when the Baron Rodolphe Von Erlanger occupied Sibi he asked for everything to be painted blue and white

The architecture has many influences with the various people of the world who lived there, of course Arabic but also Greek , and Turkish..

People describe it as being beautiful with the uniforme colors, the blooming flowers, the market , its artsy feel with the famous Ecole de Tunis :art school, the cafes among them le Cafe des Nattes
also the Lighthouse that's dated back to the 9th century...

Video presentation of Sibi Bou Said:

Djaa we have some fabulous historic spots to hit in Afrika:)
Eyeeee Wayeee:)


Teiko you are too pretty sista Machallah!

Teiko is the cover of the Nicolay and Kay

Gorgeous features

Miss Fuzzy attending an Apple event

Send me the phone sis

Pretty in pink and black!

Her pose, hands on the hip now what?!

Attending an event

Pink is ur color sista

Freema is always classy

She knows what works on her and sticks to it

La go:Miss June Sarpong

June and her man

Attending the launch of Tara Smith

Works on her

Miss Tanya King supporting June's launch of her new webbie

Haven't checked on fabulous Teiko Dornor, Freema Agyerma, June Sarpong, the very nice Faustina Fuzzy Agolley who's been very sweet regarding my bloggie, and Tanya King the founder of the MOBO Awards....
As you know June left her tv show and now created a fabulous webbie a la
Sex and City but more abt politics and culture , on that site she has famous british personalities blogging could be interesting to some of you guys....
Teiko was interviewed by the fabulous Ladybrille wuz up sista:)
Faustina has been doin her thing on Australian tv and attending Aussie events.....

Here's June Sarpong webbie:
Miss Teiko's webbie:
Miss Faustina's webbie:
Miss Tanya King's webbie:
Miss Freema's webbie:

Djaaaaa my ladies from Ghana sont dedans aussi:)
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Mista Chilala Moco

In each one of us woman exist these 3 women

Family, yes we are the core and at the heart of it !

Seems like a cool couple!

Nature shoot by Moco

See he's great @ bringing out that iner sensuality that we have....

Love it it looks so good that it almost look unreal

African love !

The inocence of childhood , do u remenber those days?

First of all I would like to say thank you to you guyz for stopping by on the regular, for the little coments the votes ect ..I haven't been as consistent as I used to be btw trips and life simply besides there comes a time when with every passion u get burned out...I worked very hard at it and simply got tired and wanted to get my mojo back naturally and that's it I'm excited again ready to discover some more Fabulous African peeps and share it with you all
Thank you for your patiente spoken and silent support because

I love the art work done by this brotha ...I feel colors , I feel Africa when I look at his beautiful portfolio..I believe that he captures very well

the essence of a woman ...when I look or try to remenber the work he's done on women I think: nail paint, beautiful hands, feminite, love , woman embrace
I think to myself oh waouh our sisters from Angola must truly be something...

When I look at some other stuff he's done upon some other themes such as
sights and sound or even things on his land I'm left thinking beautiful photgrapher...
But where I think 31 years old Chilala , son of a famous Angolan leader,
Marcolino Moco got me is when he gives power to women by understanding us and showing our beauty to the world..

Moco studied international relations before falling in love with photography and taking courses , today he's a well known freelance photographer in Angola his tierra, his work has appeared in several local publication such as
Cais Magazine,he's also done some corporate work for the Government ect....

Here's his webbie:

Djaaa my brothas from Angola sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


This was one of my fav' performances of hers

Miss Comfort!
Very talented group of dancers I gotta say

Very agreable personality on tv

Yep u gotta step out of your comfort zone on this show!

I'm a hugeeee SYTYCD's fan so thanks to youtube I've been able to follow the competition every week, I've been able to see miss Comfort evolve on the show..when they were casting for the show, Nigel (yes Nigel lol for those who follow the show) who's the executive producer of the show called the "best female hip hop dancer" he's ever seen on the show..true Comfort has mad energy for real for real as she likes to say, she's petite very cute with her braces and just is passionate about her craft..the competition hasn't been easy for the 20 year old African dancer btw the waltz, the salsa , the jive ,ect.... it's been quite an interesting plate of food for her but she's been eating it all up.
She was eliminated but brought back when one of the contestants suffered from an injury, and she brought the house down with her hip hop number paired with the charismatic Twitch... A little bit about Comfort, she's a popper, she's had formal dance training, she's into music, rap and also enjoys painting ect...
She gets bored easily therefore is always busy doing something, she enjoys dance street battles...
Anywhoo if you would like to know more about her , here's SYTCD's webbie:
Here's Comfort doing her solo piece:
Here's her hip hop number with Twitch:
Here's another Comfort solo:
Comfort trying the Waltz:

Djaa my sistas from Nigeria sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)