Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bruno Campagnie

I found this very interesting website which details the very fabulous work of an acclaimed photographer and "Africa Lover"...Bruno Campagnie

We as African women seem to be mainly his muse...(goood)

Another interesting cultural event that took place from May/June 2006 in Dakar is what they call "La Biennale des Arts de Dakar 2006" where different painters were featured.

I'm leaving you w/couple of pictures taken by Bruno Campagnie

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hawa Diawara

Keep your eyes open for this one..she's hot!!

Hawa Diawara (reppin Mali yep ..le Mali est chaud)
Model with Trump Models
Her print work includes DKNY fashion campaign and spread in V magazine...

Les Nubians...December 1st and 2nd

Please mark ur calenders for those living in Ny or planning on visiting Ny..and

The Red Hot+Blue which is a non profit org' that raises awareness for Aids is organizing a tribute to Fela Kuti on both December 1st & 2nd 2006 with artists such as :

* Les Nubians
*Cheikh Lo
*Amadou & Mariam
*Mos Def
*Manu Dibango
*Baba Maal

I'll give you more info during the winter time......brrr...brrr (almost here peeps)

But just in case ..u wanna find out for urself here's the link:


I found this really interesting article in the latest issue of "Aspire" (black UK magazine)
about the dilemna that we as young African Intellectuals fas as figuring out what 2 do next, once we get the degrees , a bit of experience ...a bit of financial comfort...

Should we go back to actively contribuate to the developement of of our respective countries instead of complaining of the lack of advancement or development...??

Ca laisse a ponderer right (food for thought right?)

Ajuma Nasenaya The Kenyan Model Princess

Must be nice to be 22 years and to have the "couture world" embrace u...
Thus is the life of Miss "beautiful ebene skin " Ajuma Nansenaya , Kenyan Hereiss a proud member of the Fahshion hizzy "Ford Models".

But people..... Is that really suprising ??? ... come on now with her
beautiful sulky lips, her lean yet muscular frame , her 5 ft 10 self...and a victory at the
Miss Nairobi in 2003 where she was noticed by a prominent scout for Ford...
(Must be trully fierce, 2 not be afraid of ugying urself for a shoot)

The Fashion World is Trully Hers...Kenyan Style:)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Awa Meite

Awa Meite is putting Mali in the Map with her fantastics designs made of leather and of cotton...

Her collection is very diverse...(clothes, bags, interior decor

After an academic stay in the United States for 4 years, she decided to go home ...and find out what she could do w/our own ressources. ...



Ethiopian Bag Designer

I'm so proud of my African people...

Check out the desings by an Ethiopian designer , using weaving (tissage) as a concept to make banging bags and accessories...

The Brand is called Wubet

Marquez le Pas ...1...2...Ancien Combatant

I'm sure y'all remenber Zao and "1...2"

I was actually wondering what became of it's great 2 see this Congolese artist back sur nos ondes musicale nous revient avec l'album intitule " l'Aiguille" ...
where he uses traditional sounds , a lil bit of zouk, rumba, jazz...

Aissa Maiga la star Senegalo Malienne qui Monte & Monte

Well known in the "cinema world" in France and in French speaking countries,
Aissa Maiga keeps shining and shining..right now she's sharing her talent in the movie "Bamako" by the Malian director (d'origine Mauritaniene) Abderrahmane Sissako which was presented at the very prestigious and glamourous Cannes Festival.

In this movie, she plays the role of "Mele" a singer an African society that's struggling as a whole...
(Aissa & A.Sissako)

Oh just for your info' , the famous afro american actor/activist Dany Glover plays a role in it as well.

A very philosphical piece in which there's a imaginary jury that judges financial institutions as the FMI, la banque Mondiale..ect...


My Coup de Corazon Skin Wise

This almond oil from L'Occitane will trully do miracles to our poor skins that are affected by the heat or the cold every season..

It would make ur skin feel soft as a "bebe" and smell so good that your boo will go crazy...

It's a bit pricy for our little pockets, $ 30..... but what's that amount compared to feeling fantabulous.

Miss Congeniality

By now you all know that Miss Puerto Rico won...(boubouh..)

My question is : Are the latina women the most beautiful in the world?

it seems like everytime there's a contest they alway seem 2 find themselves on top of the Im gonna spare everyone the pic of victory..mais plutot vous gracer de la pic de la jolie
Miss Ghana, Angela Asere who won the title for miss Congeniality (for basicaly being the nicest or coolest chick voted by all 86 ladies)..go girl at least u got urself an award and 15 seconds of fame...)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

African Women Cos We're Doing It & Doin It Well

This blog is going to be about women...... women issues......women health......women beauty secrets women and work......but it's specifically going to be focused on African Women.

I've noticed that there are several online forums on Nigerian women but I've yet to see one on French Speaking African women , ..being that I like talking about every and Every thing I decided to give it a shot...
If you have any suggestions feel free to get @ me at