Friday, August 31, 2007


The Ugandese Writter Monica Arac de Nyeco

What is up with the ladies born in 1979 ...they all seem to be doing the damn thing hun...

Monica Arac De Nyeco is the well deserving winner of the Annual Caine Prize Award which celebrates African writters...she won the cash prize of $20,000 sweettttt!!

In the story "Jambula Tree"she talks about 2 young girls who fall in love w/each other in an African society that of course condems it..

Mmm that's a pretty bold topic coming from an African sista I def' want to read it and see how she approached this topic.
In her other story "Strange Fruit"she talks through the characters of a soldier who's retuning to his country totally broken by the Ugandese conflict...

Like she says , she can only talk about what she knows,what she feels, raised in Uganda the conflict is part of her making...Even today as an adult having lived in various countries such as Sudan , the Netherland where she got both a bachelor and 1 master's degree in humaniarian assistance.

Her writting stylo is musical -lyrical..I am def' looking forward 2 reading her now.

Djaa the sistas from Uganda are more fiyaaa:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Mr& Mrs Makelele:)

Claude Makelele

Noemie Lenoir & French Hip Hop Artist Diams

Noemie & Hubby

Yes I've never talked about them before , but for those of you of french speaking countries may have heard abt them ... the others you may be familiar w/the pretty face of Noemie who doesn't need an introduction anymore..pretty model and actress from France. Years ago on her way to the post office , a model scout noticed her and the rest is history. Claude is from Congo, he's a respected professional football player.He has played for Spain, England , France'snational team several times.Several times during his career he decided 2 not play anymore professionally but came back anyways. It seems like even though he was respected as a great player for Chelsea , he wasn't as convincing when he was playing the "Bleu" (name for french national team players) but regardless history will remenber that he's been selected at least 50 times to play for the French National team-which means that he must be good at what he does right....:)

For those who've seen Rush Hour 3 , you may have seen Noemie ..I haven't seen it yet but I heard it's as funny as the others.

At 28 year old for her, and 34 for Claude they are the proud parent of a little boy of 2 years old named Kaylan ...cute name!!

Oh another thang Claude is also a businessman and owns a famous resto in France. He also does charity work and also speaks against the civil war in Congo...that's right use ur influence for good!!

Ezaa danger le couple LeNoir &!
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Love this pic of her..she's so happy !!

Award Ceremony

I love this pic because it shows true sportsmanship, the other athelte won 2nd place but shares in the joy of Janet...that's great!

It must trully be som' to hear the National anthem of 1's country....the pride mmm

Lovely how to wrapp herself around the flag and her smile is so geniune...
I like her ..... yeahhh!!

Anywhoo 24 year old Janet Jepkosge is the world middle run champion over 800 meters.

She won last year the Commonwealth Games at 1m 57 seconds ....mmm go girl..
And this week she won in Japan the world championship and became the
first Kenya woman(hollaaa) to win a gold medal w/1 m-56:04 secds.....

Djaa Kenyan Women are more fiyaaaa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


I could see myself waking up sunday morning & drinking 1 hot cocoa out of 1 of these nice cups or pouring milk....mmm

I love the secong cup...nicheeee

Nicee this could def'appeal to men-avis to bachelors

Purple -girafe..interesting mix

Interesting design right

Not bad ....either:)

You know how our mothers, aunts and us now I guess love us some nice ustensils..
I know that in my country it's def'a proud moment for women to receive guests and show off her beautiful kitchenware..:)

So this American couple had the brilliant idea to start of their line called "African Themes" in Zimbabwe, the cool thing is that they use African human and material resources.

I like the simplicity of the lines, the thing about me is that I'm 1 sucker for things that are subtle, so the discreet designs of the lines, the rich colors that remind us of our land, the animals designs are of great kudos.

The only thing I wish they would have done on the webbie, is put the prices of items on the main pages..som' to think about:) other than that lovessssss it!!!

Here's their webbie:

Djaa we can eat Zimbabwe stylo:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Looking good in her 40's

Don't like the bow action on her but she still looks good

She dresses very age apropiate!

I love this dress and the belt is very smart

Never heard about her before but it seems like this 44 year old woman is famoussss in Italy , first for being a reknown former model(Valentino, Yves St Laurent,Cavalli etc)..
she explained that the fashion indsustry didn't know how 2 welcome her at first because of her Muslim faith..but she was able to show them that it didn't prevent her from doing her job.
She is 1 respeced a tv host in Italy, a producer and a columist for the Italian Vanitiy Fair.
She has also designs her own line of swimsuits..
she was able to create for herself a great career and bring a positive spotlight on Tunisia mostly at times as these when Italians complain about clandestine Maghrebienne immigration....

Anyways go Mrs.Afef Jninen:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Reading St.Josephine Bakhita's story made me want 2 cry,
at the time when most of us had a pretty decent childhood, she spent hers as a slave.

Around 7 years old she was kidnapped by arabs slave traders (bastards)and they treated her so badly that it breaks my heart to even talk about it ...
of course as it was tradition at the time she was sold to various people during several years..
One of them an in particular treated her very poorly,

he had the never to mark heas his property by cutting her skin at various places of her body w/knive...and it's not over the deep cuts they would put a bit of white flour, sand ...come on mean...St Josephine has in total over 50 marks like this on her body (sometimes the tests that some of us have 2 go through in life are ...chetetetetete..very hard) I mean I don't know how she survived this....

Anyways...afterwards she got to know a bit of more of peace when she was bought by a kind Italian man , through him she met her final "master"(hate that word but ...)Augusto Michieli w/whom she moved to Italy and ended up helping raise his daughter Mimina.

In venice while the 2 of of them were staying w /nuns called the Canossian Sisters, Josephine found an inner peace that she never experienced before.Despite the fact that she was FREE, she decided to stay with the nuns when Mimina's parents came to get them.

She took the Christian name Gussipina Margarita (of course italian) she's remenbered as a hard worker within the sisterhood, but what people remenber mostly about her is that when she was the door holder she also touched people w/her smile, her kindness mostly toward children..

You know how like in life you meet some good hearted people who jsut touch your soul by a smile or a word, well she was one of those people.

Little by little she gained a reputation within her community and when she was encouraged by the sisters to writte her autobiograpy she became 1 peace figure all throughout Italy.

She's the first Sudanese, African woman to be named a Saint (that process is called canonization)after her death.

It's said that shorthy before her death ,memories of the time when she was a slave came back to her through hallucinations...however she died in peace w/these words
"Notre Dame, Notre Dame"

We Shall Always Remenber you Saint Josephine Bakhita!
Eyee Wayeee:)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I love these 2!

Check out Nicole in the back holding w/love her bebe...cute!!

I love these 2, they seem to stay away from the glitz of Hollywood and focus on their little fam'..speaking of fam' could Nicole be preggers again??....mmm if yes I don't blame her, it's good to do them back 2 back and be done w/it..and if she's not honest mistake based on the dress**

Djaa the Kodjo are doin' it family style:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

Monday, August 27, 2007


Miss Dorothy Ghettuba!

Another breath fresh air...I wasn't very familiar w/kenyan funky modern clothing until I discovered to online fashion boutique owned by 1 pretty Kenyan sista Dorothy Ghettuba and her guyanese partner/friend Maggie Duncan thus the dorothyduncan e- fashion hizzy :)

I love the fact they are both young business modern women of 29 and 28 years old....I dare anybody to say that we're not bold....yep that's the new generation of women...!!

Dorothy was inspired by the lack of e- African fashion boutiques for the women of this era...still modern, but w/a bit funk that we can wear to the office, on a date...that still say that we are African but doesn't necessarly scream it ..u dig..subtility is the key peeps:)

Attention African fashion designers they are looking for interesting designers to feature on their boutique, so if you know any or may be interested keep them in mind..

Right now they're featuring amonf others a Kenya fashion house called Kimila Africa...(dresses, tunics, funcky bright colors ..price go from 30$ to 70$ least on what I've seen for now....)
Here's their mission in Dorothy's words:

"The vision of our company is to become and internationally recognised brand with a global presence. Become a company whose products help our clients feel good about themselves and who they are. We want to create a memorable experience for our customers by giving them access to clothes and pieces that are culturally diverse, unique and stylish."

aight ladies I feel you.....!!

For those of you interested here's their webbie:

Djaa the Kenya-Guyanese duo is fiyaaaaa :)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Love the Album Cover

If you like lyrics "a la Ayo, Corine Bailey, Rokia Traore, the India" gonna love miss Julia Sarr.

She was a very sought after chorist for great french singers Jean Jacques Goldman, african singers such as Youssou Ndour, Salif Keita , Lokua K...etc..etc
I've heard about her but I never had the chance to listen her until lately...and let me tell you something I fell in love w/her....

I was sold right after I listened to this track called Namanala in which she talks about Senegal, how even though she may have left years ago and didn't grow up there, may not have the perfect Senegalese accent she's in love w/her homeland...lovely

On her first album w/Patrice Larose a flamenco guitar artist, she finds her niche btw/lyrics in wolloff and flamenco /african rythm...
She was in town a while back..but I wasn't familiar w/her time Miss Julia!!

Here's a video of her:

Djaa Senegalese Artists can be trully Authentic:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Mr Tatamkhulu Afrika

This man is so interesting!!

He was born to Egytian parents w/whom he moved to Southern Africa at the age of 2.Unfortunately they passed away shorthly after ,and he was then raised by a white South African family. He only discovered around the age of 17 that he was adopted by this Christian family.

When World War II took place, he was drafted and unfortunately made prisoner of war in Europe.

During those years he wrote his first book who never was published because it got destroyed by the guards. Of course you can imagine that he was devasted, i'ts 1 thing to be in prison and another to put all your energy in writting and having that taken away from you...

Years after he returned to South Africa and worked as a bartender, a miner, a drummer...he formed friendships w/black people 1 black man in particular who ended up committing suicide...

This was also at the time when apartheid, racism was at his peak,
Tatamkhulu was a fierce pro-black political figure who decided to move in the black and minorites neighberhood "District Six" precisly....

you have 2 remenber that because of his blue eyes his fair skin and his white upbringing he could have a much easier life had he decided to to stick w/white..

He became a Muslim, and part of the ANC...of course he was an enemy of the gov' at the time and spent more time in jail etc...etc...

He's remenbered as a great poet , his writtings speak volumes to people who suffered from apartheid, injustice, racisme and who also to us who never fortunatelyhad to experience it..but who need to acknowledge and understand..

He's a bit controversial because of his "homosexual references" in his writtings, he never denied that he was gay but was against categorizing people...mmm

He died at the age of 82 , shortly before his last novel came out , for those interested his autobiogaphy is called "Mr Chameleon" I will eventually try to read it..
.mmm waouh interesting man!!
I would love to see a movie about his life...

Djaa we need to know more about the Fathers of African Litterature:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Okay another Congolese beauty on the runaway , miss Davina Mulimbi who's half belge /congolese. Born in 1983, at 5ft 11 she's def doin it haute couture signed to diverse agencies such as Ford Models. The cool thing about her is that since she's very
light of complexion she can pass for Latina, White, Mixed, Indian...I'm sure it's def' helping her career.

Another thang I found interesting is that, in my opinion she looks better on the runaway than on enditorial shots ..anywhoo just my opinion.

She has a webbie , but it wasn't working when I tried to log on but here it is anyways:

Djaa my Congolese sistas sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)