Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Elles sont trop "chou"
Zee Love It
Ze heel seems so comfortable
Sunny Yummy
Orange Sexiness

Rainy Yellow ,nice combo

I am really feelin this designer and as I am doing research on her I see so many fashionistas/bloggers are "worshiping " her, the first thing I noticed abt this Japanese with a Spanish upbringing designer is the use of comfortable heels...come to find out she worked at an orthopaedic boutique for a a designer who understands that we want to look cute but do it without hurting ourselves..gotta love it..
She has a sandals , a boots line and handbags..On this post I focused more on her sandals since I live in hot-frika..dont be jealous lol...
Her shoes range in the 300 $ range and up , if you are in NY they are sold at Saks Fifth Avenue...
Here's her webbie:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Elle est Belle Hein

I just had to share the talent of Zimbabwean Jazz songstress Eska..and that is if you don't already know all abt her...
She was born in Afrika but grew up in the UK, she is one of the most sought after Soul artists at the moment in the UK, everybody talks abt how great her "live experience" is...
Critics compare her to Stevie Wonder, Prince ect..ok some call her "the Queen of UK Soul"...need I sweat her even more...

As a child she listened to all kind of music, african, jazzy, classical music, maybe that's what explained her open mind to playing with different kind of artist today.
At the beg of this year, she was on tour with the Mathew Herbert Big Band in Australia where she reports on her blog that she had mad fun but felt ready to come back to the UK to lay new musical tracks...
Hope to one day experience her live so that I can say as a fan of hers
"Eska you are emotional"

You can listen to her, here:

Djaa our sistas from Zimbabwea sont dedans aussi:)

Eyee Wayeee:)


'Xuse Me Sir, Who "you is": 20 years old Karim Benzema, yes mam!
'Xuse Me Sir"Where you reppin": Born to Algerian parents in Lyon France
'Xuse Me Sir, what's so special abt you: He was discovered by scouts at 9 years old and was signed at that age into the Lionnais youth Academy of Football. There he excelled , he made his entranced in the senior Lyon team at age 17 in 2005 with a 5 year contract. There are rumors that at the end of his contract he would be signed with Madrid..but chutt these are just rumors.
He was asked by Algeria in 2006 to play nationally for them but he declined..hoping that in years to come he'll change his mind:)
As of 2007-2008 over 16 matches he scored 12 goals ..not bad:)
'Xuse Me Sir any webbie: &

You can also see an interview of him, here:

Djaa our brothas from Algeria sont dedans aussi:)
Eyee Wayee:)


I didn't ...just like most people I've heard that it improves your vision but I didn't know that eating as little as a baby carrot / day could help fight against lung cancer, and heart diseases.

Did you know that carrots were not always orange but used to be lavender mmm interesting...
Did you know that carrot is the chief of all vegetables when it comes down to its intake of
beta-carotene. Beta-carotenes are high in antioxidant levels which can help you fight oral cavities,strokes ect...

Did you know that if you mix carrots and celery and turn ito juice it can help fight your rheumatism.

Did you know that if you mix spinash and carrots and you drink a glass a day it can help your face get rid of the ugly acne

Did you know that if you mix carrot, celery and a grapefruit in a blender it can help fight arthritis

Did you know that if you mix carrots and cabage in a blender, you can reduce the risks of cancer.

I found this article quite helpful for this post:

Djaa we Fabulafricanas have to take better care of our bodies:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


I've been a huge fan of the Congolese Musical collective Bisso Na Bisso since my early college days, I don't remenber how I fell in love with them but I remenbered being so convinced by them that they ordered my cd online all da way from paris..matter of fact that cd is now "dead" I listened to it so much that it gave up on me.
The concert was great, it was all I expected, the 7 peace soldiers of the Bisso Na Bisso were celebrating with us in Dakar their 10th year anniversary..they've managed through personal careers, through marriages, babies and life in general to come back together and deliver a second album..
What I really liked abt them is their discipline on stage, I also love the fact that whether we were here or not they would have rocked it and have fun anyway..
They deliver what I call "clean fun" a concert where as a parent you could have came with your kids and not have to worry about disrespectful behavior, with their witty sense of humour they deliver messages of peace, self esteem, solidarity, fun you leave the concert uplifted and in a really good mood..
Tata Mpassi the songstress of the group honored the legacy of the late Myriam Makeba with the song Malaika..may I add that sista had her stilletoe game on point doing "the change of clothe and shoes" 3 friend and I were like aight sista...go on with ur bad self..
Passi the creator of the group blessed up with his first hits like la "1 la 2", the twins of the group 2 BAL did their thang as well, Calbo and Lino from Arsenk showed us that they still go it, and the cutie pie that is Benj from the group Neg Marron blessed up with us with their hit song "Petit Pays"..
On their first album "Racines" Bisso Na Bisso had a song with Ismael Lo so I knew he would be here as a guest surprise...and I was rite...
It was a great concert, if they ever come to your town don't hesitate go goo..
Cant wait to see their new video for "Tout le monde levez les mains pour Bisso"

Here's their webbie:
Here's a video doc that should tell u all bt this musical collective:

Djaa Bisso Na Bisso c'est vraiment Bisso Na Bisso:)
Eyee Wayee:)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


UPDATE ON POST: Waouh Im so impressed by all of you Fabulous bloggers, bip up to my people from Belize, Nigeria, Gabon, Congo, Camer, Senegal, Namibia, Ghana..I'll soon list all your webbies..but I just had to take a minute to say waw Im amazed at how talented we all are..
Thank you for introducing US to ur blogs, keep sending them..hey we all can learn from each other..going to see Bisso Na Bisso (Congo) performing in Dkr tonite...will come back with thoughts on the concert and introduce some of you to these talented musicians from Congo..bioux bioux:)

Aight so to my Fabulafricana blog stars out there, if you have an African blog or blog on anything African , please send me your links..
  • I am reogarnizing on the rite side of my bloggie all the cool links of Fabulafrican bloggers by African countries and by subject..
  • If you have "linked" me and you think that I may have forgotten to link you back, please receive all my apologies and please send me your link so that I can return the favor...
  • If you think that there are great blogs on African culture ect...out there that other Fabulafricana people should be aware abt, please send me the link...

We are all Fabulafrican Blog Stars, so kudos to all of you African Bloggers out there:)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


If you are into Lokua Kanza, Richard Bona, Ismael Lo ..u would def' enjoy the soothing voice of Bholoja. Born in 1979 in Swaziland this brotha sings with the mission of representing internationally his land, sound of mbira, sitolotolo, and zwazi traditional drumming styles.
He's looking to be signed to a label and with the help of the French Alliance in Swazi he was given the chance in 2007 to go to Paris to produce his demo.
He sings about every day life every day people within the Swazi community..
He's famous in his land and South Africa and is often invited to sing at corporate events.
Discover him here:

Djaaa my Swazi brothas sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


My Fav'...loves it

See we can wear African clothe without feeling like
we are carrying the weight of our continent

C'est mignon

Ca c'est sexy purplicious lol

Ca mome c'est luxy

Christine's line is feminine delicate and has a " luxy"(luxurious and sexy lol ) feel to it..She was born in Tanzania and grew up in London.You can find on her collection both her African and Western influences.
She uses for the most part an East African fabric called ''khanga" and adds her twist to it.
She studies fashion and worked in the industry for a while before flying on her own.
As a new entrepeneur of course "it aint easy" but people are starting to notice her ....
She carries beautiful tuniques, tops, skirts and dresses..what I love abt her line is her attention to makes a huge difference..nice work:)

Her line is available for sale here:

Djaa my sistas from Tanzania sont dedans aussi dee:)
Eyee Wayee:)

Monday, March 16, 2009


Beautiful Man

Paulo is a celebrity in Angola with hits like "Before the Night is over", "Coca Cola" he's made a name for himself. He's a multi talented brotha who acts, models,sings..does it all.
He studied dance at Julliards School of dance in NY..that's just how talented the brotha is.
His latest album is written and sang in English, it's called : "I Wish that I"..He's had the oportunity through his career to perform along Mariah Carey, Shaggy, Eve..ect
He also has a role on an american local tv show called "Power Rangers"
Wishing him good luck with his career:)

Here's a video of his:
Here's an interview of his:

Djaa my brothas from Angola sont dedans :)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


The Transit Coridor Project, NC

The Straford Richardson YMCA Project,NC

The Harvey B. G Center for African American Arts & Culture, NC
The Cato Campus Phase II,NC

Always nice to see African people do their things in various fields. Mr Chris Ogunrinde is the co -founder of Neighboring Concepts. He cofounded his company in 1996 and today it's one of the most prestigious firms in the NC area.
The mission of this firm is to "transform communities through architecture". They are proud of their involvment with green building practices which help manage energy ressources.
They work closely with education establishments, they do interior , real estate work, planning and urban design..
They have this cool internship program for college graduates and high school students in the North Carolina area and are always looking for inovative and fresh minds for employment.

Here's their webbie:

Djaa my brothas from Nigeria sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Winner of the European Literary Award

Koplano was a Medical student when she received her award for her first novel Coconut about the lives of 2 black South African young women who grew in white surburbs.
One of the characters Ofilwe comes from a wealthy dysfunctional black family where she feels rejected both by her parents and her white racist friends, the other character Fikile was abused sexually by her uncle, her mum killed herself and she was raised by a maid. Her main goal in life is to escape poverty and that means in her mind getting rid of her "blackness".
Kopano is currently a 4th year Medical Student in SA and is writing on her spare time.

Her webbie:

Hear Koplano read from her book Coconut:

Djaa my SA sistas sont dedans dee:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


Nice non...

Cute Set
Cool thongs


Cool Thongs

Nice Print

I love these shoess


Cherie Coco waye

The brand Cherie Coco speaks to the Fabulafricana in me...The line is inspired by wax inspired prints. The Cherie Coco line carries urban wear, cute little shirts, leather bags and shoes with bit of african print..I love it , I think it's wearable and cute, love the shoes !!

Djaa my sistas from Burkina Fasso sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Beniwe is from Rwanda, he left his country at the age of 17 and now resides in France.
His soothing and melhancolic music is a reminder of his culture, where people are reserved and modest they let their work speak for themselves..
I found something interesting abt him: he's Christian but he also believes in the the Rwandese "God" interesting.
His latest album is called "Isekere" I really enjoyed listening to that title, he has worked with Lokua Kanza, Menelik, Sonia Rolland,and in february played the first part of french singer Frederic Lerner a l'Olympia.
He's hungry for music and returns quite often to his land .He rarely speaks about the genocide in Rwanda but as a singer he def' brings awareness to this social crime.
The video for Isekere:

Djaa my brothas from Rwanda sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayee:)