Monday, September 10, 2007


Beautiful Movie Poster

Pauline Malefane in the role of Carmen

I would love to see this movie

The Actress performing at the Berlin International Film Festival

The movie won a Golden Bear in 2005 @ the Berlin International Film Festival

U-Carmen eKhayelitsha is a modern movie /opera South African version of Carmen, the only difference is that it takes places in a rural township in South Africa and it's starting in the role of Carmen the beautiful and voluptuous Pauline Malefane. Matter of the fact the whole cast is full of people of regular sizes, the Aleks and the Imans are very seldom.

The other interesting fact about the cast is that most of them never had acting experience, the auditions attracted 2,ooo natural performers and singers at the end 40 people were chosen.

It's the story of a woman who refuses till her tragic death to live her life the way others mostly men want her to...Pauline who plays the role w/great brio is actually also the co-writer of the screenplay and 1 of the main translators. She was only given 3 weeks to train for this role.She is also part of the theater dance troupe Dimpho Di Kopane . Since her role in Carmen in 2005 , the 32 year old woman has played interesting roles such as the 1 of the Virgin Mary in"Yiimimangaliso The Mysteries" as well as 1 thief in

"IKumkanikazi yeKhephu The Snow Queen."

You can see bit of the movie right here:

Here's the official webbie for the movie:

I say go Pauline Malefane!!
South Africa is in the hizzy:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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