Friday, September 14, 2007


This is my fav'picture...Nelson & Nelson

The Unveiling

Nelson Mandela & his wife Marcha Machel

Enjoying this great day...who would have though 30 years from now...

Naomi & Jessi J.were there...she loooooooves her some Madiba

I love the diversity of the crowd that came to celebrate Nelson Mandela, African, Indian, white, black brits....

The Statue facing the House of Parliament

For 1 better World Dinner Gala w/the Monaco's

The Campbell once again

The Bono in his black signature

Wycleff minus the fro'

Nelson Mandela had a busy and wonderful summer with the unveiling in late August of his statue made of bronze by the sculptor Ian Walters which is 9 feet high , facing
the House of Parliament in London ...
His wife Graca Machel came along to support him, as well as Jesse Jackson,
Naomi Campbell who comes to all major events that center around Nelson Mandela, political figure David Lammy among others.....

Early September the Monaco Royal family hosted a Gala in his honor , where they raised money for several of the Nelson Mandela's Foundations.

Morgan Freeman who is set to play him in a movie about his life was invited, Naomi came once again, Wycleff and Bono who are known for their non-profit work were also present....

46664 ..we Will not forget!!
Eyee Wayeeee!!

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