Friday, September 21, 2007


Fally the lil stylo

Nice Pic

Fally doin press

Nice pic, all courtesy of his blog*

Okay for Congolese music adepts you may be familiar w/this cutie Fally Ipupa that used under the management of Koffi Olomide . He learned almost everything from him, from how to sing lead, how to compose better...ect..Today he'son his own,and doin'not too bad..actually last year he played at 1 of biggest concert avenues in Paris -L'Olympia which was sold out...

He tours all around Afrika-Gabon, Abidjan...etc...He's smart in the sense that he understands that the youth of 2day wants 2 relate 2 the music, they love the rumba, etc but they wouldn't mind remixing the music of their he adds 2 his cocktail 1 bit of reggae, 1 bit of soul but everything w/a whole lot of dombolo and u have Fally Ipupa's sound.

Of course as any Congolese man the 30 year old father and married man is into fashion & loves 2 dress 2 impress in his videos..

Anywhoo he has 1 great blog that is translated in both english & french:

Here's my fav'song "Droit Chemin":

Djaa Fally Ipupa est pret pour la releve:)
Eyee Wayee:)


BeautyinBaltimore said...

He is FINE!

Anonymous said...

actually he is from RDC not the republic of Congo

Anonymous said...

il faut rectifie beaucoup de truc dans ton article,je vais t'aide:
1.ils de la RDC est pas marie

Anonymous said...