Tuesday, September 11, 2007


72 years old, lifetime achievement award...reppin in African boubou Sir Malick Sidibe

Malick Sidibe looking back..waouh !!

Styleeeee a fond la caisse

Oh Waouh ladies...pick a card..and these guys are probably fathers of young adults today..i wonder what they think of these pics 2day

Can I have some of that fabric

Fighting but still keepin the sexy ..lol

Going to the beach dans le relax


Malick Sidibe receiving his award, reppin dans son boubou blanc hun!!

I don't know if I can do enough justice to Sir Malick Sidibe , I know photography fanatics respect and love this man who was born in Soloba Mali in 1935/36 (not sure).

He was always artsy and crafty; he studied design and jewellery at the
Institute National des Art of Bamako.This could explain why in his photos, there's a huge accent of clothing ,accessories , and personal style.
His work evolved from being centered in the 50's around documentary work to in the 70's center around portrait pictures.

The thing I love about his work is that allows us younger generation 2 see the fun side of our parents , it's called to see them in "fl aired pants" or mini skirts.....or just acting young...

Sir Sidibe received along his career many awards , but I'm gonna say that the most important is the 1 he received this past June at the age of 72, the "Venice Biennial Golden Lion" , he's the first African man to receive the lifetime achievement award for his work and
"his intimate portrayal of Malian Music Scene" (official statement)...wonderful right!!

Djaa we need to learn more about African Art pioneers:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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Margot Lee Shetterly said...

Sidibe gets a mention in the NY Times today: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/11/fashion/11SUNGLASSES.html