Saturday, September 01, 2007


I love the "I am not aware while still being aware "effect on this pic

Love this cover..that's my chick...get'emm

1 certain vulnerability dans le regard

Hanging out w/Mister Kaysh'

I guess reppin on a Arabic station dans le naturel

I had no idea that Soumia had Arabic origins , when one listens to her , the way she translates emotions on zouk beats one could believe that she was born in the french west Indies culture, but no the 30 year old young woman was born in France.

She started her career by being a chorist for a hip hop group . Music wasn't the only thing she was pursuing at the time, she also holds a bachelors degree in Communication okayyy..

She's my favorite zouk/R&B artist from France at this moment because she's very convincing in her singing, usually her lyrics talk about failed love, regrets over letting go of the wrong person, when I think of her two songs come to mind "Mes Sentiments"'s a very popular song in which she tells the man she lost that her feelings are still the same..def' a favorite of zouk lovers. Of her latest cd "Still in love"there's another song I fell in love with called "Ton Silence" the song starts smartly w/a children toy instrumental beat ..and then goes into another story...of her refusing to let go of the man she loves once matter what...go girl il faut refuser deee!
Yes that's it..I know what I like about her, she's 1 great story teller..when u listen to her u embark on a journey..the end of the song has this jazzey feel to it...yes I am a fan!
She's under the wings of Mister Kaysha...

Here's her webbie page

Also here are couple videos of her:

Kudos on 2 quality of the videos by 2 way...

Djaa le mix Marocco/Mauritania is more fiyaaa:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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