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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


The Kodjoes , GHANA

Oscar nominated Gabby Sidibe , SENEGAL

Gabby and part of the "Precious " cast

Beautiful singer and peace activist Corneille, RWANDA

Professional NFL player Ovie Mughellie, NIGERIA

Beautiful songwritter, singer and musician Laura Izibor, IRELAND/NIGERIA
DC Hip hop artist Wale, NIGERIA

I'm addicted to the Mo'nique show, her energy is so infectious. Thanks to the BET website online, I've been able to catch almost each episode since the show started. Congratulations to her on her Oscar nomination, her golden globes awards among all the great acolades she received lately.
I'm proud to see how she's taken her health seriously, has put forward the efforts she needed to lose some weight, she looks happy and radiant.
I love her show, loves how she didn't forget the actors and comedians she met along this long road, it's nice to see them on the show sharing some past experiences they've had with her ect...
Here's the webbie:

Djaa our African celebs are doing their thing thang:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Saturday, May 02, 2009


Work it Iyadede!

This pic reminds of a Marylin M.pic

Thank you for this gift Allah and big thanks to the new readers and the loyal ones, you make doing this amazing, let's go!!:)

So exciting when I'm discovering an artist that's new to me, Sabrina Iyadede is of Rwandese heritage, she was born in Rwanda and unfort' lived part of the genocide before finding refuge in Belgium
On her blog she talks abt how she misses scents, noise from her homecountry to some level we can all relate to that in our lives...
She sang background for Zap Mama and is now unleaching all that she got through her own solo efforts, w/her diverse band she delivers a mix of punk, soul, euroasian, futuristic sound on witty lyrics..
I enjoyed listening to her and wish her a beautiful musical journey..
This graphics , color and style loving girl has an album in the works called "Talking to God"
After making research abt this talented and creative young lady I'm left with the impression that she's a sweet girl at heart who doesn't take the opportunities that God gave her for granted:)
For those of you living in NY she has a gig coming up this month on May 22nd at 10 PM at the Underscore, go support an African sista:)

Her webbie:
Experience her via video here as well:

Djaa my sistas from Rwanda sont dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Beniwe is from Rwanda, he left his country at the age of 17 and now resides in France.
His soothing and melhancolic music is a reminder of his culture, where people are reserved and modest they let their work speak for themselves..
I found something interesting abt him: he's Christian but he also believes in the the Rwandese "God" interesting.
His latest album is called "Isekere" I really enjoyed listening to that title, he has worked with Lokua Kanza, Menelik, Sonia Rolland,and in february played the first part of french singer Frederic Lerner a l'Olympia.
He's hungry for music and returns quite often to his land .He rarely speaks about the genocide in Rwanda but as a singer he def' brings awareness to this social crime.
The video for Isekere:

Djaa my brothas from Rwanda sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Rwanda is an African country where it's still rare to see a young woman on top of the musical charts ..Josiane Uwinewa is living her dream,a litterature graduate student she chose to live her

She's loved by all generations in her country, her agreable demeanor, her music is a mix of hip hop soul dancehall spiced up with Swahili and English lyrics..
Sometimes I forget that in Afrika women still have to fight very hard against social misconceptions
One of the proudest moments of Jojo's career took place in 2006 at the National Stadium of Rwanda where she was the only female guest singer invited among many of her male peers

This past month she was awarded the PAM Awards 2008 which celebrates the most successful acts of Rwanda...
Her actual goal is to pursue music despite the critics she receives..her first album is called Genesis wishing the best to this strong young woman

Here's her webbie
Discover her through this video

Djaaa my ladies from Rwanda sont dedans aussi
Eyeeee Wayeeee

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Nerdy yet cool look!

Doin the red carpet!
Maisha Africa Gala, Kelly Rowland supporting the cause!

So who's Sonia Rolland if you ask Frenck people , they'll just say ah the
ex miss France 2000 of African origins, she's half Rwandese on her mummy side and French on her daddy's side...
She grew up btw Rwanda, Burundi and France she had to have tough skin early on because of her mixed we all know mixed children generally have difficulties to fit in the society they are rejected on both sides...

She always knew that she wanted to become an actress, the Miss France Crown 2000 gave her that opportunity..She got the part for the lead role of the french series Lea Parker (famous serie on M6) basically her acting career was popping but there was something that was missing ..a sense of purpose, after a trip home in the early 2000's she decided that she would use her notoriety and help less fortunate people..thus the Maisha Africa's organization which primary goal is to offer shelter and food to these kids who suffered through the genocide...
Here's Maisha Africa's webbie:
Here's Sonia's official webbie:
Here's a great interview of her:

Djaa my sisters from Rwanda sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Alek the Wek everybody...fais ton malin!

Cute look for Ayo!

Ayo and Micky

Miss Sonia Rolland , former Miss France , she's of Rwandese origins

Sonia and Friend at one the Paris Haute Couture shows!

So as you know since June 30th, Paris the World Capital of Fashion has been hosting its anual Paris Fashion week with the Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfield the John Galliano gotta say that these French designers brought it with the dramatic glamour , the decor , the beautiful colors , funky shows snapping my fingers over here...
So wanted to know if we African people brought it , Sonia Rolland the former French Miss of Rwandese origin, one of our favorite Nigerian soul singers miss Ayo , Alek walked the wal as well....

Here's part of the Jean Paul Gauthier Womenswear Full Show 08/09:

Djaa we Fabulafricana Women were in the building:)
Eyeeee Wayeeee:)

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Gilbert was born in war torn country Rwanda, and had to unfortunately experience the consequences of this African ravaged country. He found refuge in Zaire as a teenager....and later on moved w/his family in France.
In his book "Le Passe devant soi" he gives a voice to himself and to others through the personages of Niko and Isaro, Niko is from an african country which name has not been provided who've participated actively to the war while Isaro left her ravaged country and was adopted in France..

What's interesting about this fiction is that, Gilbert didn't know how far his personnages were gonna go, some of the most cruel scenes he wrote he said , he can't read was so powerful that he had 2 somewhat convince himself that he didn't write them...
He said that writing this book, allowed him to understand better the suffering of his people

Gilbert won the Prix Roman Ouest France and a bonus of 10,000 Euros , not a bad for a first novel.The 27 years old writer was really serious about his writing and during the time he took to write his first fiction, he stayed at a monastary to stay connected to his personnages. He describes it as a beautiful and very demanding experience that he will cherish for the rest of his life...

Here's an interview in French of the brotha:
Here's another more complete interview if interested: I wish him the very best and will be looking for this book!

Djaa my brothas from Rwanda are talented:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Miss Yordanos reppin for Ethiopia

Miss Badiel reppin for Burkina Fasso

La jolie Honorine for Lela Rose

Marie Fuema for Abaete

Alek za Wek for Dior

Kinee for Titel ..where u been sis

Atong can rock any color & look fabulous

Behati reppin for Namibia

Miss Honorine Uwera reppin for Rwanda

As usual miss Liyah doin Diane V..very well as usual

Gorgie Badiel reppin for Burkina Fasso

Aight so NY is hosting their anual Fall fashion week ..& as usual I am hunting for our sistas..even though there's not many black women present at all major shows..our African sistas & Islands sistas are still reppin..

The usual suspects are there as usual,the Wek, Liyah, Kinee, Marie, Honorine,Atong,Behati,..ect are rocking the stages...and I discover 1 new Fabulafricana woman reppin for Burkina Fasso Georgie Badiel ...

Djaa my African sistas are doin their thang NY Fashion week stylo:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I don't think that I need to introduce this Rwandese by heritage artist, who's known for his poignant lyrics..for those of you who maky not know, this brotha lost his family during the Rwandese conflict and escaped toward Germany where he was born.These unfortunate circumstances brought a lot of sadeness and amertume toward some people in his country..not too long ago he kind shocked some of us when he said that he would no longer call Rwanda home...ahh it's so sad but I can feel him, if you've lost all your people in a country you may feel that way..we all know now about Rwanda..some people may be mad at his statement but hey we're not in his shoes..I wish him to find peace within himself, & I'm sure w/his wifey Sophia who's half Portuguese & Canadian this may be 1 start.

He signed at the end of last year 1 deal w/Motown Records and has 1 album in English..I hope the American market falls in love w/them as we all did...

Here's his webbie:

Here's 1 of my fav' old school song of his, "Reves de Star":
Here's 1 of his new songs called "Back to Life"
Here's the beautiful "Too much of Everything" w/his wifey:

Brotha wishing you good luck w/this album..I feel u...may this be 1 great start to recovery:)
Eyeeeee Wayeee:)

Monday, September 24, 2007


In Memory of Ange


So young much 2 look forward 2...

Gives me chill writting about this

Can you imagine losing your life at just 21 years old, an age where you are still hopeful for your future, looking forward to many more experiences...well 1 of our sisters Ange Mugeni was assassinated May 31st 2007. She was on her way to visit family and was killed on her way to Fribourg aboard 1 TGV . The beautiful, long haired young student at the University of Lyon was stabbed to death and found in the train bathroom. This was of course a very hard time for a family members who were already dealing w/the death of Ange's uncle. This was actually why the young lady was travelling;to go pay her respect.

Community members, family and friends organized 1 march in her honor, they demand justice.
So many questions are being left unanswered, yeah..
how come they only discovered her body 1 day later?how come the mystery of her death hasn't been solved yet?

Ange's earth guardians vow to not stop questioning authorities until they find the answers to these multiple questions.

This young lady leaves behind her 4 other sibblings.....sad...simply sad.
I've known about this story for a while and I didn't have all the details, but I never forgot her, please do the today..gone tomorrow...our destinies!!

If anyone knows a webbie where we can pay our respect, let us know and we'll be sure to post it.
We will not forget you Ange Mugeni!!