Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I really do..I haven't had the time lately to sit calmly and share with you guys all the interesting and brilliant people that I am discovering...but please be patient with me...
I will come back stronger in 2009 and make sure to make this blogging experience even better..Inch'Allah
Thank you for suscribing, referring me to your friends and family, stopping by, all the nice emails I get ..I really appreciate it all and will make it a personal duty of mine to keep representing for our continent...:)
20009 here, hear " cos we african women are doing and doing it well come " coming:)


Friday, January 23, 2009


Dj Yves Larock

I know Yves Larock is not African but this Swiss Dj must have a bit of it in its soul...this song is def' a club anthem here in Dakar..I figured for the fun of it I'll do a top 10 songs that are doing really well here in Dakar:

-My dream is to fly by Yves Larock
-Notre Amour sonne faux by Imelie Monteiro
-Live your Life by TI & Rihana
-Tout le monde debout by Neg' Marrons
-Diaral Ngama by Pape Diouf
-I'm so paid by Akon
-Just dance by Lady Gaga
-Tayumako by Titi
-Tchoukou Tchoukou by DJ Kedjevera
-Love is wicked by Brick and Lace

Just a few songs that are popular on the Dakar's scene..enjoy:)

Monday, January 19, 2009


Our reporter-Mrs Keita, Rama BAH
The Happy and diverse crowd

Rama and her friends
Hey guys I so wish I could be in DC right now to live this moment ...anywhoo I asked my my lovely cousin Rama a proud DC resident to recount in her own words how she felt yesterday at the concert of inauguration..she shall be back some more after the historic day of tomorrow...
Thank you sinecou...it's so appreciated!!!

Yaye, it was crazy! I'm not sure if you are familiar with DC, but me and a group of friends walked from the GWU Metro and made our way down to the Lincoln Memorial along with Thousands and Thousands of people via 23rd ST to Constitution Ave. There was a sea of people from foreigners to Black, White, Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern, Gay and Lesbians, everyone was represented. People were standing on top of barricades, some climbed up on top of trees to get a better view of the giant screens.
People were patient, very very understanding and NICE! At one point, I wanted to climb up on top of a barricade and there was this white guy who had the same idea, the caveat ONLY ONE SPOT LEFT, not only did he told me to go ahead, he also helped me get on top and made sure I was fine!!!! A complete stranger! As for the feelings and emotions, it was def. a "WE ARE ONE" feeling! There was a combination of feelings and emotions channeled towards the main man OBAMA: Adoration, Inspiration, Trust, Happiness, and Accomplishment. Most definitely a sense of togetherness! So so sweet!
From time to time, cameras focused on the Presidential Box, where the Obama and Biden families were seated, the crowd went ballistic! There were chants of OBAMA OBAMA at every corner. The crowd joined singers in singing songs like One Love by Sheryl Crow and Will.I.AM, America the Beautiful sang by Ms. B., U2 was awesome! Usher, Shakira and Stevie Wonder were great too!!Sincerely, UNITY is the word, America is finally coming together!
I was very blessed to be there, you know, usually I'm not into crowds thing. This time, it was different, people came from around the country and other continents to attend this historical event taking place in my backyard, and I would have deeply not attending this event for the rest of my life. Twenty, thirty years from now, I will tell my grandkids that I was there!!!!I was lucky to score 2 tickets to the Swearing-in Ceremony at the Capitol, I'm so excited can't wait for Tuesday, will keep you posted. I'm planning on getting there at 7 am!
Rama Bah Keita

Friday, January 16, 2009


I haven't done the "blog star" thing in a minute..but I love this writer's plume
Unfortunately for some of you it's written au 'chocolat francais' ...
Reason why I digg it..it's easy to read...I find myself wanting to know more about the life of the writer..she takes you on her internal journey ..always written with an honest yet mysterious pen...loves it...
Djaa my African bloggers sont dedans:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

Saturday, January 03, 2009



I loveee this picture..2 men fighting in the middle of grass..priceless!!

Maha's work is famous pour son brin d'ironisme...modernism/traditions

This piece is called "In a furnished flat in Cairo" ..she tries to illustrate the need for people to have material things to feel secure...

Pretty paysages en Egypte

Promoting local tourism

Maha was born in Cairo in 1972, she's a well seasoned celebrated photographer who has participated in various photography exhibits throughout the world among them, La Biennale de Dakar,she was also the co-curator of PhotoCairo3...

She's most famous for her word centered around flower dresses that Egyptian women tend to wear-she called that serie "Cairoscapes" ..To Maha, this symbolises a moment of peace despite the violence in her city of Cairo...

She's had the honor in 2003 to have her work displayed on local Cairo buses..

Djaa there are some great photographers in Egypt:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Great cocktail of colors
Nice details at the top of the shirt

This could be a shirt as well

See the structure of the skirt..

Views of the new collection by Malgachi Fashion designer, Andry Rakotondrazanany ...
I've discovered his detailed and very structured work 2 years ago (time flies) and I was curious to see how it evolved...
Even though I found his precedent collections a bit more
thought-provocating...his current collection present pieces that I would def' wear...
Briefly,this former intern at Jean Paul Gauthier & John Galliano's ateliers created his line in 1997 in Madagascar and launched it internationally in 2004..
The Hagamainty client is attracted to clean lines, graphic and well structured shapes and of course to feminine details...
Here are a few adresses where you can find him:
  • PARIS galerie Simone : 124 rue Vieille du Temple 75003
  • TOKYOcaroll et france : 2F ginza Chuo-kuhp france:107-0061 3-7-10, Kitaaoyama, Minato-kubeams: DAIKANYAMA2F 19-6 Sarugaku-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo...

Here's his web address: http://www.hagamainty.com

Djaa there are some great fashion designers in Madagascar:)

Eyeee Wayeeee:)


La go a trop de style koi!
Rocking stripes style

Trop jolie

Ohh trop bonbon
You all know that I'm a huge fan of Actress Aissa Maiga, love her sense of style her simplicity and how she remains always looking so young..
She has a movie directed by Gilles Behat coming out this year called
Diamant 13...be on the look out...
Djaa our African sistas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


The reign of Yahya Jammeh in Gambia is contreversial: some agree with his doctrine and his talents as a medecine man while some disaprove of the tight control he holds on his citizens but one thing is for sure he's not afraid to allow women at high rank positions within his government...

I know politics are never "smooth" in our countried but I figured being that she was the first woman to be elected as VP she was worthy of being known..

This former teacher was born in Kuntaya Gambia..she's the mother of 4 children..
She was the Minister of Health Social Affairs,Secretary of State for Health in the late nineties...

During her career Mrs Njie Saidy has also conducted research work on human rights, women and dev' ect...
Some of her current responsabilites center around nutrition,Disaster Relief Emergency and Resettlement ect....
Here's her official website:
Djaaa my ladies from Gambia sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Friday, January 02, 2009


The chic business casual side of Joelle

Love this look from the shoes to the hair

Jungle chic

Lovely pumps&dress

Doin the arc en ciel nicely

Amy Winehouse aint the only one who can pull of this look

Lips lips

I know she has a lot of fans...I stumbled upon these beautiful pictures of her .usually most of her pictures showcase her beautiful body and I wanted to show her in a different light
There's nothing wrong with swimsuit pictures but I also enjoy this other side of her modelling
Djaa les gos du Congo sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Happy New Year to all of you guys..thank you for being apart of this blogging experience in 2008..hope you'll stick around this year..:)
Hope we'll discover together beautiful African talents,hope we'll stay encouraged to be more than we even thought we could be:)

A couple of beautiful talented African artists graciously shared with us, what they've learned about 2008 and what they hope to achieve in 2009...
Hope it will encourage you guys in your 2009 plans:)
2009 let's go....

Sera Lubowa, Ugandan Model and Entertainer www.seralebuwo.com
In 2008 what was your biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishement in 2008 was being signed to Enterprise Management as a Model / Singer. I felt that it was about time someone saw the difference in me and the fact that they signed me to be ME is a great blessing! I actually DONT have any regrets, This was a year of tests and I feel like I passed them all.

In 2008 which African event that happened that will stay marked in your memory?
The death of my beloved Miriam Makeba. Since I was a baby I was listening to her music and watching her performances. She is one of the reasons why I'm an entertainer and activist.

What are your goals for 2009?
Goal #1 is to take over the music/modeling Industry. I can feel it! Although 2008 was a good year for me, you aint see nothing yet :-)

Okou fusion band w/lead singer Tatiana from Ivory Coast and guitarist Gilbert with Egyptian roots


In 2008,our biggest accomplishment was to get our project signed and hopefully be able to make our first album.. our biggest regret would be the loss of loved ones and not being able to say goodbye.. The events that marked us the most were the death of Myriam Makeba and Obama winning presidency in the States..Our goal in 2009 is spreading a little love through our music,a little more peace of mind,stability..

Fa Dione Sarakhole Malian singer


L'election d'Obama a changé mon regard sur beaucoup de choses. Ma résolution pour 2009, c'est de n'écouter que mon coeur.Rîen n'est impossible si on le désire vraiment.Pour moi c'est la plus grande avancée de l'année. Pas seulement au niveau africain mais au niveau mondial. ALors pour 2009, tout est possible pour nous. Réalisons avec encore plus de force nos rêves. Tout paie un jour..

Musa Okwongo, Ugandan Poet


In 2008 what was your biggest accomplishment?

No regrets at all...biggest accomplishment was performing a poem on climate change at an environmental conference in Sweden. The poem really caught the mood, and I've never been part of something like that before.

In 2008 which one African person or African event that happened that will stay marked in your memory?
Obama's election. Simple as that - just an astonishing result. Because it gave all of us who have come from different backgrounds a belief that we could do anything.

What are your goals for 2009?What would you like to accomplish?
Stay happy and healthy. Keep pouring love into my friendships and my creativity. And the rest will take care of itself.

Thank you for sharing!!!
Let's make 2009 a beautiful year...