Saturday, September 01, 2007


Looking Elegant!

Like the simplicity of this outfit!


Mmm it's ok...

She's pretty famous in England for her role as spunky Kelly Crabtree in the soap Coronation Street.

The pretty half Irish half nigerian sista has appeared in many tv series as well as reality shows such as Strictly African Dancing ..where celebs of African descant compete while performing tradional african dance..must be fun...!!!

She says that fame doesn't help her love life because men don't realy know how to approach her...okay well hopefully the right 1 will....
Djaa Naja Sistas are doin the damn thing on UK Chanels hun:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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Comb & Razor said...

"Strictly African Dancing"???

wow... that's a pretty interesting concept! i wonder whether they could translate such an idea to American TV considering that they steal all their reality show ideas from the UK...

i've got to see this show, though

*zips off to YouTube*

*pokes head back in*

oh yeah... thanks for adding me to your blogroll!