Saturday, September 15, 2007


Pretty Ange Bagnia!


Ange se maintient hein!

La grande go!

With the birth of "coupe -decale", the reign of the "dombolo" and other musical styles, some people like myself I'll admit kinda forget Makossa music from Cameroon. In the early nineties I fell in love w/this music mainly because of my older sister Abby who was a big fan. The late nineties the "dombolo" brought the deluge internationally on Makosso.
So I'm discovering this artist Ange Bagnia w/great curiosity.
She was born in Yaounde where she grew up and went to school. It's in high school that she started singing w/her school orchestra as the lead singer.

Her music is a mix of zouk and hard core makossa, her messages are of love and of course despair over losing a man ...u know the usual.
She explains in her webbie that in order to fight piracy she and her team came up w/the sale of singles and albums which would allow her fans to still be able to buy her music at a lesser price if they can't offer the entire album.
She seems to be backed up by a great production team ABP....
She is set to perform in Abidjan, Dakar & Gabon in december..maybe give your waistline a try:)

Here's 1 video clip:

Here's her webbie:

Djaa le Makossa est toujours la:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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