Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Mais c'est qu'il est pas mal le Chef aussi:)Duck & Pamplemousse ,pic by Steve Legato
Farrah Olivia Restaurant, pic by Chris Gunn
I'm impressed with this Ivoirian brotha, just when I was giving up on finding about great culinary chefs, I find out about Chef Morou Ouattara. He grew up in a large family of 10 children in Cote D'Ivoire, moved to the States to pursue computer studies and just like many immigrants found a job at a restaurant, Francesco Ricchi.

There, he felt right at home learning about cooking technics, guided by his love for cooking that his mother passed on to him. While working for Red Sage restaurant he got nominated to executive chef. Chef Morou's cooking flair didn't go unoticed in the DC area and he received nominations for the Washington Chef of the Year in 2005.

In 2006, he co-opened with his wife Heather, a modern African restaurant called Farrah Olivia. The restaurant became very popular and received several nominations as one DC's finest restaurant. Today, he put that successful project on stand- by and focuses on another venture, an Italian restaurant "Kora" which he opened with his wife and brother Amadou Ouattara.On top of it he also focuses on an african spice line called Unikeat (dried okra powder,cassava couscou, kora mix ect ..) and catering services (intimate to cocktail parties )...This husband, father, food lover and business entrepreneur hasn't forgotten African, he would love to find the right ONG & cause to help out..hopefully that will be soon:)
I would love to try his cooking and if you are in the area ..do support an African brotha!!
Here are his webbies:

The address is:
2250 B Crystal Drive
Arlington VA 22202
P: 571-431-7090
You can view an interview, HERE

Djaa mes freres de Cote d'Ivoire sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


My World
@Moufida Fedhila

I won't even attempt to put Moufida in a category, she's unique. I was viewing her visual work, some of her poetry, photography , video installations and I still don't know how to define her...
She's" gangsta,a flower lyricist and a visual griot of our world".... that's how I see her.

In her most memorable piece to this day
"My world" she explores the notion of frontiere,how we human beings put walls (architectural walls, map frontieres, our need for privacy ect..) that separate us from each other.

Moufida did a photographic piece about Sub Saharian refugees and how they are separated from the rest of the world by a gigantic wall.Au centre
Apart from her photography and video installations work, Moufida is an avid poet, an, actress, a dancer, and a screenplay writer..bref we're not done hearing abt this sista.
You can view part of her work, HERE

Djaaa my Tunisian sistas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


Nice work
The shoes are def luxois:)
Fashion editorial
See you may not have know that it was an african sista behind this cover

It's nice to know that behind some great fashion editorial work in some of the best fashion publications out there, there are fabulafricanas. Peju is a stylist, a fashion editor, a contributing market editor. She's worked for magazines such a L'Officiel Maroc,W Mag,Vogue Italia,Vogue Paris, WWD,Vogue Germany, Glamour/France...bref she's def putting her marks within the industry:)

I wanted to celebrate Peju because a lot of times we don't know the girls behind these great fashion and editorial pages & ads..so Miss Famojure chapeau to you:)

Here's her webbie:

Djaa my nigerian sistas sont dedans:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

*Pic courtesy of www.essence.com


Concha @ the 29th Fete de la Musique

This post would make my friend Fafa really happy, she l.o.v.e.s her :)
On June 21st 2010, all over France you could hear music and some more music as they were celebrating you guessed it rite..MUSIC:)

This time they made it a point to celebrate women & music, and invited people like Inna Modja (who's doing amazing I have to say) & Concha Buika (the african sista w/flamenco in her soul)

I hope that you all by now know and love this sista, she's brilliant ,she's possessed when she's on stage and makes you feel every inch of the emotions that she's evoking through her music.

Djaa my sistas from Guinea Equatorial are doing the damn thing:)
Eyee Wayeee:)


Swaggar, whether you have it or you don't:)

But Where has Fatou N'diaye been? The beautiful Senegalese actress who stole our hearts in the movies "Fatou La Malienne"& "Na Fhala".But ok I'm over exagerating she's been working steady since her begs', she's been acting almost yearly in tv shows,making movies here & there .She currently plays in the French TV show "Victor Sauvage"the role of Farah a sweet but no-nonsense sort of manager of a animal park which started on TFI sometimes in April 2010.
Good good news, it's good to see that she's probably making stabe money but I would love to see her on the big screen..so Fatou keep working sis:)

Here's the webbie:

Djaa my Senegalese sistas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Work it Sista!

Sharon comes from a musically inclined family,her dad was a choir director back in Zimbabwea while her mother was and still is a singer. She's always been encouraged to pursue music but never to let go of her studies. So as a child and teen she sing-sing in church and at events but it was until a few years ago that she decided to take it to another leve..
And after listening to her song "Shine" I'm like hell yeahhh you can sing that would have been a waste of talent. She worked on her first album "Self Titled"with her brother and they came out with hits like L.O.V.E..
She's influenced by great songwriters like Jill Scott,her mama, Lauryn Hill, Coldplay ect..
Her sound is fresh, fun, jazzy, R&Bish, pop, 80's..I'm really impressed with her performances, she controlls the crowd w/her confidence, her strong powerful voice, def' a performer.
I'm feeling her , and of course I'm adding her to the playlist...:)
Here's her webbie:(check it out for tour dates ect)www
Check out some of her performances on her youtube channel, HERE
Djaa my Zimbabwean sistas sont dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Yummy, yummy
Ouhhh looks good

All pics courtesy of
I've tried Ethiopian cuisine a couple of times while living in the States, once it was at an Ethiopian restaurant and the second time a good Ethiopian friend of mine invited me over for dinner..At the time I was not "open" , (let's just put it that away) to other types of African cuisines..I'll admit it !I was more of a rice & fish type of girl(typical senegalese cuisine)..but seeing these lovely and yummy plates by Chef Titi and the rest of her team at Desta Kitchen makes me want 2 go right into an Ethiopian restaurant and try it again.
I've never been to Desta Kitchen and I bumped by accident into their website but I wanted to share it with you guys, you never know u may live in the area or may go visit sometimes in the near future.
What attracted me at first were the yummy colors of the food, the way the food is displayed on the plates (as Oprah says it best love is in the details), great presentation is already a great part of the appeal of a restaurant. You want to go to resto to embark on a culinary voyage, where people treat you with a smile and great manners am I rite?
Anywhoo the restaurant offers take-out, catering services. They open at 9AM & close at 12 AM most days except fro friday through sunday where they close at 1AM.
They serve tradional ethiopian dishes with a modern twist, dishes like talapia fish marinated in ethiopian spices,ethiopian steak tartar,sandwiches made with ethiopian butter,vegetarian food spiced up ethiopian stylo, ethiopian wine .ect...
I was reading a few reviews here and there on the net and some were saying that even though the restaurant is not quite big they really enjoyed themselves there , great atmosphere and great wait staff...so ethiopian cuisine it is next time for me.
Here's their address:
3086 Briarcliff Rd (inside the Williamsburg Shopping Center)
NE Atlanta GA 30329
Here's the webbie:

Djaa we need to try all types of African cuisines:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Pic courtesy of

She reminds me of Queen Latifah in her atitude , her swagger, her social engagement, her fight for gender justice ..but not to be twisted..she's HER!!
She's unique and her name is Lebo Mashile.
She's one of the fiercest and most notable pioneer of the urban poetic scene of South Africa. This beautiful curvy woman doesn't make exuses for who she is, and her opinions. Au contraire she states them loud and clear through her poems, her tv show L'Altitude where she tackles issues like polygamy , women self empowerement.
This 31 years old fabulafricana has accomplished a whole lot professionally, she wears the titles of tv presenter, tv show producer, poet, events MC..bref you get it , she works it out:)
She founded with a few poet sistas a female collective called "Feel A Sistah"
Lebo has published 2 poetry anthologies and has created a theatrical meets dance & poesie piece called "Threads" with french choreographer Sylvia Glasser.
You may also have seen her in "Hotel Rwanda" next to Don Cheadle..chick doesn't play:)
She's def' part of the new generation of South African women who are aware of the opportunities they've been given but also willing to put the work in order to pave the way for future generations of outstanding South African women.
On her blog she reflects on ways to do just that, ways to empower women to better their situations.
In 2008 she played the lead role in the theatrical piece "The Quiet Violence of Dreams".
I could sit here and tell you all about the various accolades she received such as the award in 2006 for Publishing in Africa ect..but I think what we should take away from this sister is that whatever we women want to do , we should do it with passion, determination and a bit of crazyness.
I've really enjoyed reading her blog, reading about other South African women, their realities ect..
She seems so centered and seems to have found herself maybe part of it is in the meditation that she practices
Today she's also the presenter of a TV show called "Drawing the Line" on top of creating and creating some more work for herself..way to go soul sista:)
Here's her webbie:
Check her out on this video, HERE
Djaa my South African sistas sont dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Christina Ali Farah Ubax

It's good to "know" and talk about us African sisters trying to bring a change in the world wherever we reside.

"Interesting young lady" is what I felt like saying after reading more about social activist , writer & poet Christina Ali Farrah. The 37 years old fabulafricana was born to an Italian mama and a Somali father. As most biracial people she faces the question of dual identities, the question of who she is as an Italian African woman. Her story is even more complex as she's lived in Somalia (left before the civil war) Hungary & Italy of course.

Reading about her life, I realize that the questions of immigration, the perpetual conflict btw black and white are still very relevant in Italy. She wrote novels recounting the stories of women she encoutered while working for an immigration agency. This former brazilian literature student is quite respected and known in Italy for her message of union among people. She's written a few novels , her first book published in 2007 is called Madre Picola. There's one book she co wrote with a photographer Marco Barbon called Asmara Dream that I would love to put my hands on, (I'm in love with that city and how it was affected till this day by Italian colonisation).

In my opinion people like Christina Ali Farah are important to our society because even though they can't give us definite answers on social issues such as immigration, they make us think, they make us re-think about our positions and social responsabilities. A few Italiano-Africanos intellectuals and her founded a magazine called El Ghibli where they keep searching for answers and sharing their thoughts. I like that she recognizes that she's a mixture of different cultures, different journeys she went on as she lived in Italy and Africa..that nothing is all white or all black..

And if you do speak Italian, discover her on this video, HERE
Djaa my Somali sistas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)


Fun time with strangers , even though we didn't know each other on a personal level, running for the same cause def' created a feeling of solidarity

It was hooooot..therefore please exuse mes grimaces lol

These women were clearly ready to take on this 5K Marathon

Before the race, we were warming up getting ready to take on this friendly challenge
The crowd was quite diverse, expats, locals, high school students, marathon virgins, athletes..

I ran at my own pace as you can see:)

Getting closer to the finish line...yeahhhhh:)

Let's go new friend.we are almost there..let's keep pushing:)

Enfin...I can't believe I made it...thank God:)


I met this young girl while running, we kept each other going..:)

At the end of the race I celebrated with my bestie and cousin by doing the Senegalese new dance called "Goana"

Decided to treat myself to dinner to an African restaurant


Athieke sauce

Alocos, plantains, plantanos if you prefer

A dish called sauce feuilles, one of my fav' African sauce

Hey guys happy first day of summer, hope that wherever you are you are planning of having an eventful and fun summer:)
I ran a 5K Marathon about a few weeks ago and it was one the best physical and mental challenge I put myself through.
I used to hate running..fast forward to hoy, I run pretty much every day.

A local marketting and communication company (Shout to EXP in particular Katharinaaaa) organized a bi-anual 5K marathion called Dakar Elles (Dakar is the name of my hometown,Elles refer to women)
Through our participation they were able to raise money for 2 local ONG's which help women and children living with financial difficulties.
I started training a month before by running about 30-1 hour/day..friends and family were starting 2 worry a bit abt me and eventual burn outs.

On the the day of the race, my bestie and cousins came with me to support me. I was pleasantly surprised by the great number of Dakar Elles I saw at the Place du Souvenir.We were greeted with red tee shirts, water bottles, music, the Olympique Club trainers (my gym) , good vibes, soft drinks stand. I was surprised to see such a diverse crowd of women, expats, local women , young girls, bref we the Dakar women were in full effect and ready to get our 5K on..

As I saw some really toned women I started feeling the pressure oh boyyyyy and I was wondering seriously if I could do it..It wasn't about finishing first for me rather it was about finishing the race without giving up and reaching my goal. The distance from the place du Souvenir to the Restaurant Terrou Bi was quite impressive..so I was wondering and wondering..lol

When we were given the ok to go, we yelled , clapped our hands as passengers on the other side of the road were wondering what the hell we were doing and why was that side of the street blocked. It must have been a sight in an African country to see females dressed in red tees running and walking.. I was feeling excited, happy, anxious, tired...but I told myself Yaye if you've ran for an entire hour on a treadmill without stopping "ain't nobody gonna stop u but yourself! let's just pray and keep it going"

When I finish the first 2,5 K , I felt some great relief, I as passing by groups of girls in good spirit walking , taking a break or running..
If I could cheer them on I did, I felt love for these strangers. I wanted them to finish the race and I wanted us collectively to push beyond our boundaries.
As I was getting close to the finish line (hip hip hooray) this young girl and I started chatting and encouraging each other to finish. She had the most amazing smile and a beautiful energy about her, it's amazing how you can get attached in a minute to a total stranger..

5.. 4...3..2..1 Yesssss we made it, we made it..I was so happy and proud of myself and the young lady I was running with. I felt proud of us women who took this opportunity to challenge ourselves, show Dakar how it's done, show Dakar that having a female marathon is not weird and is not just for athletes or Caucasian people (yes that's how some of us think)
I was glad that through participating to this, I encourage others to do the same, have some clean healthy fun while support good causes at the same time.
At night I treated my cousin,bestie and I to some good African cuisine, and a night of fun at a locan dance club..where I felt like a Dakar Elle:)

I was interviewed by http://www.caaseworld.com/

You can check the video, HERE
Djaa Galsene Women are Dakar Elles:)
Eyee Wayee:)