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Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Strolling through one of our local bookstore of Dakar searching for the perfect Thursday afternoon read if there’s such a thing, but then again for a super- book- lover, everyday feels like the perfect day to chill on your bed and lose yourself through the interesting characters of a great literature piece.
I was first attracted to the colorful book cover of the “Les belles choses que porte le ciel” by Ethiopian American writer Mr Dinaw Mengestu. When I first entered the grocery store owned by the main character Sepha Stephanos, my own life was such a mess that I wasn’t focused enough and put it down forgetting about it somewhere in my dusty personal library which is bigger than it sounds lol.
This past week ,I remembered that I didn’t give enough a chance to my friend Sepha and entered once again his DC’s shop and this time I don’t know what happened maybe it was his mal- etre that was familiar to me, or his great description of the lovely DC area, the melancholia of his two African friends Joseph and Kenneth or perhaps the sweet sadness or confusion felt by his crush Judith or even the big eyes and the boldness of her daughter Naomi..I don’t know probably a combination of all these interesting facts but this time I wanted to stay in his store and even buy something from his dusty and dirty shelves to give some type of hope to Sepha.
As a former immigrant, it’s hard for me not to see a little bit of my own struggle or the ones that I love in his rift between America the Grand and a proud Ethiopia that he knows he will never return to. The author, a very intelligent well spoken young Ethiopian man who attended Columbia, a former recipient award winner in 2006 for a fictional piece did an awesome job making you feel empathetic towards Sepha. At some point I wanted to tell Sepha “get up live… live… live , you are here now in America this is your life stop asking yourself so many questions and run with this life , you’ve been here for 17 +years it’s time for you to simply live”. Sepha immigrated to America following the Ethiopian conflict which resulted in the arrest and killing of his father by the authorities, he moved in with his Uncle in an impersonal America.
In America he lives like a paralyzed man confronted to an impersonal America while living at first in a building crowded with Ethiopian habitants who chose to live the Ethiopian way. He later on finds the usual and necessary: a job, friendship but mostly companionship working at the hotel.
There he also finds the encouragements from his two companions of misery to pursue his dream of opening a grocery store in a predominantly African American neighborhood where he feels important and invisible at the same time until the arrival in the neighborhood of a Caucasian American woman Judith and her intelligent and rebellious 11 years Old Naomi.
Through these 2 generations of woman, rivers of uncomfortable sense affection and tenderness, feelings that had been missing from his life start flowing through him. The reverse side of this emotional knife reveals that he also has to deal the reality of what he became as a result of his financial poverty, his loneliness, gloominess and his emotional paralysis.
I loved this book because Dinaw described well the various difficulties immigrants deal with embarking on this journey, the economic precariousness some encounter, the loss of our illusions regarding Uncle Sam the Big the Beautiful, but also the gap between Africans and African Americans.
With all these challenges I didn’t know if I would be comfortable with the ending as I was getting near to it but … :)
Now that I finished reading this book I can’t wait to get my hands on his second novel: “HOW TO READ THE AIR” soon as I do, I’ll def’ offer my personal book review .
In the meantime if you have some free time on your hand I would suggest reading online an essay he wrote for the New Yorker called  "AN HONEST EXIT”, by the way he was titled one the best authors under 40 by the New Yorker.(click on the title)
You can also check him out reading an excerpt of his first novel,  HERE
Djaa my Ethiopian brothas sont dedans aussi: )
Eyee Wayee: )

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yummy, yummy
Ouhhh looks good

All pics courtesy of
I've tried Ethiopian cuisine a couple of times while living in the States, once it was at an Ethiopian restaurant and the second time a good Ethiopian friend of mine invited me over for dinner..At the time I was not "open" , (let's just put it that away) to other types of African cuisines..I'll admit it !I was more of a rice & fish type of girl(typical senegalese cuisine)..but seeing these lovely and yummy plates by Chef Titi and the rest of her team at Desta Kitchen makes me want 2 go right into an Ethiopian restaurant and try it again.
I've never been to Desta Kitchen and I bumped by accident into their website but I wanted to share it with you guys, you never know u may live in the area or may go visit sometimes in the near future.
What attracted me at first were the yummy colors of the food, the way the food is displayed on the plates (as Oprah says it best love is in the details), great presentation is already a great part of the appeal of a restaurant. You want to go to resto to embark on a culinary voyage, where people treat you with a smile and great manners am I rite?
Anywhoo the restaurant offers take-out, catering services. They open at 9AM & close at 12 AM most days except fro friday through sunday where they close at 1AM.
They serve tradional ethiopian dishes with a modern twist, dishes like talapia fish marinated in ethiopian spices,ethiopian steak tartar,sandwiches made with ethiopian butter,vegetarian food spiced up ethiopian stylo, ethiopian wine .ect...
I was reading a few reviews here and there on the net and some were saying that even though the restaurant is not quite big they really enjoyed themselves there , great atmosphere and great wait ethiopian cuisine it is next time for me.
Here's their address:
3086 Briarcliff Rd (inside the Williamsburg Shopping Center)
NE Atlanta GA 30329
Here's the webbie:

Djaa we need to try all types of African cuisines:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Love the naturel of this pic... her full lips, big eyes..she's just hiding:)


Can you believe that we are half way through the year 2010 already?
I can't! I can't "croire" that senior high scholars in Dakar will have to go through the dreaded yet exciting period of the bacaulaureate exam and its results:)..Anywhooo I hope that you guys are all doing great and enjoying the nice weather..
I have plenty of things and people I would like to talk about with y'all so let's go:)
Meklit Hadero
I believe that this line describes our boho-ethiopian cultural activist, Miss Meklit Hadero.
She resides in the artsy city of San Francisco but kept her" New York state of mind" and great sense of Ethiopian pride which lead her to found a collective of Ethiopian artists residing in North America called the "Arba Minch Collective". Education and knowledge are important to this former Yale political studies student. Listening to her talk one can tell that she's a deep thinker, a philosopher if I may say.She reflects on how to be a plus to the society and community around her through her passion for the arts. She was picked to be a TED fellow which gave her the opportunity to meet and share ideas and ideals with a group of scientists, artists, ONG leaders.

I'm impressed by the natural manner she presents herself; not much make up, her signature colorful flower in her nappy fro, jeans ,a top and "she's good to go". It takes courage to just be you , Miklet def' embodies that, she makes life seems so easy.
Her musical style is a mix of jazz, folk sound, meaningful and personal history, when I listened to a few of her songs she reminded me of the great singers of the 50's ara, she also reminded me of the honesty of artists like India A. , Ayo, Sarah M.(by the way where is she?:)

Even though she knew at an early age that she could sing Meklit didn't find the courage to become a singer until one evening spent at the Red Poppy Art House which changed her life. I've never been to this artsy place but reading about it just makes me wannna go there and experience what Meklit experienced that night. Matter of fact if you ever are in the Frisco area ,stop by you may come out of there with a new respect for the arts form.
It wasn't easy breaking the news to her Immigrant parents that she wanted to become a singer, but they finally accepted her decision and today attend her shows with great pride.

With the multicultural band "Nefasha Ayer" made up of a diverse group of accomplished local SF musicians, this poetic artist explores the notion of culture and how no matter what culture we come from, we are all one, we are all connected through the universe if we allow it.On her latest cd "On a Day like this" it seems as if she's really living her musical journey the most honest way possible, surrounding herself with people who dig the arts for the love of the arts. Her music is inspired by nature, her love for various cities, space, culture..her perception of life basically.

Check out her webbie for tour dates and more info about this beautiful lady:
By the way NPR conducted a great interview with her,check it out HERE

I added her song "Walk up" to the playlist..enjoy:)

Djaa My Ethiopian sisters sont dedans aussi:)
Eyee Wayee:)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Kenna Singer, Founder of the Summit on Summit Organization

We take it granted ,but millions of people are dying each day
of water-related diseases

Jessica Biel right behind Kenna clowning

Kenna & JT supporting the cause and his gal Jessica

Kenna meeting congresswoman Nita Lowey to talk about ways to raise awareness about the global clean water crisis

Songwriter Santigold& ElizabethGore were also part of the extraordinary group
of Kilimandjaro mountain climbers

Lup Fiasco,Isabel & Kenna

Lupe & Kenna

Pharell didn't climb the mountain but he supported his friend at a party launching
this historical event

Photographer Jimmy Chin,Lupe actress Isabel Lucas and celebrity trainer JasonWalsh

Jessica Biel , Lupe and actor Emile Hirsh

I was floored with admiration after watching parts of the "Summit on Summit" documentary.
I knew that Kenna was a talented full of energy Ethiopian American singer but I didn't know his humanitarian,calm and collected side. This historical mountain climbing event took place because of a single conversation he had with his father . His papa wanted to build a well in Ethiopia to fight the waterborne diseases; in fact he lost his own brother and friends to infected water.

You know how sometimes you can get an"aha moment" from a conversation, well that's what happened 2 Kenna. He wanted to be involved and help his people send out a strong message that would resonate with the world.
That's how the idea to climb up the Kilimandjora mountain came about, he enlisted his celeb friends, people like Elizabeth Gore, Michael Muller,Jessica Biel, Santigold, Emil Hirsh,Alexandra Cousteau,Kick Kennedy a total with the rest of the UN people, the medical team ect there were around 300 people , on day 6 of this adventure they stood tall, proud,
tired, sick at 19,340 Ft...
Through the documentary, one can see that it wasn't an easy journey, they had to train really hard prior to going to Africa, at some point during those 6 days some felt discouraged, they cried, Kenna worried for them, worried that he was maybe putting them at risk..but they did it.
I know personally it makes me look at clean water differently, with more respect , I think of others who may not have the chance to drink clean water regularly.
There are ways for you and I to help:
You can buy Summit on Summit merchandise:
You can also text send to 90999 to make a one time 10$ donnation
Here's their dopeeeeee official website, one of the best sites I've seen:
If you would like to catch some of the videos documentating their journey,
click HERE

Djaa my Ethiopian brothas sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009





If just like me you've never heard of Bantu Swimwear, let's educate ourselves shall well?!!
Bantu Swimwear is founded by Yodit Eklund an americana/ethiopiana environmental studies graduate from UC Berkley who wanted to help develop the economy of Africa by providing work to our people and by manifacturing from mama afrika.
This young woman who's had the chance to live in Cote d'Ivoire, Sudan Egypt ultimate goal would be notonly to provide swimwear, surfwear but also skin care products ..
you can find the line at Fred Segal Barney's, Oak ect...
I like it :)
Here's their webbie:( love the music on the webbie by the way)
Djaa my Ethiopian sistas sont trop dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Marcus Samuelson and his model wife Maya Haile

She's breathtakingly striking

It's nice to see a man not intimidated by height difference

The Samuelssons

Both are so fashionable it seems

Chef Marcus was teaching a class at the French Culinary Institute this past week

Chef Samuelsson on the View this past september

Eco Satin Frying Pans

10 pieces stainless steel with aluminuim core

You all know cutie celebrity chef , Aquavit restaurant co-owner, food channel star, philantrophist..Mr Marcus Samuelsson.

But did you know that he also owns a cookware line, but when you come to think of it make sense, he loves food, he makes food for a living so why not sell food cookware.

His line received positive feedback from the Wall Street Journal , the Epicurious site ect...

The cookware collection is made of up superior nonstick cooking surfaces, eco satin frying pans, they are dishwasher safe...ect..seems like good stuff:)

Here's the website:

On the picture on the left featured on WWD online, he's seen with his friend Zac Posen (the designer) cooking in his apartment..(photo taken by Thomas Iannaccone)
Wishing much success:)
Djaa my Ethiopian Brothas are doing their thang:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Miss Georgie Badiel reppin Burkina

Miss Hawa Diawara reppin Mali , pocahontas style

Miss Ajuma reppin Kenya
Ubah Hassan reppin Somalia in De La Renta
Agbani reppin Nigeria

Ma go , miss Nana Keita reppin Mali

Miss Rahma Muhamed for Malandrino

Sonja Wanda reppin forUganda

Ajuma Fashion Week Resort 2010
Miss Nana Keita jolie en couleurs pastel

Rahma Muhamed

Sonja Wanda reppin for Uganda

Miss Kinee Diouf reppin Senegal

Miss Ayan

Nigerian Ford Model Ify for Vena C.

One of my fav' Awa Diawara from Malia/Cynthia Rowley

Atui Deng reppin Sudan

Yasmina W. for Hermes 09

Miss Deng plein dans le multicolor

Miss Nana Keita

Miss Kinee Diouf for Prabal Gurung

Yordanos T. for Mishka B.

Georgie for Isaac M.
Ubah for Ralph Lauren, Sahara style

La jolie Burkinabe for Vuitton

Liya Kebede for Miu Miu

Miss Deng doing the after work thing
Miss Yordanos

Aminata is so pretty in this piece
Ubah for Ralph Lauren

Miss Hawa D for Sophie Theallet

The lovely and so friendly Nana K for Isaac M.

Deng quite dramatic in this piece

Miss Niara in Armand B. One

Fuema toute chic in Luca Luca
Ubah for Somalia

Doing grey the Grant way, Miss Ajuma

Love the dress Miss Badiel is wearing for Isaac M.

Aminata Niara doing the furrr for Fendi

Miss Deng dans le chaud

Ajuma doing it for Grant

Ubah is working those De La Renta Pants with her bad hips, work it

It's that time of the year again and our sistas are doing their thing !
NY Fashion Week started Sept 10th and will end on the 17th
On this post I mixed part of the Resort spring 2010 show and the fall 09 fashion week show, Ajuma, Hawa, Rahma, Agbani, Deng, Marie, Liya,Ubah, Yasmine, Goergie, Ify,Kinee, Sonja are all doing the dam thing
Today some of our talented African designers will also be showing thzir beautiful stuff through the Africa Arise Collective...
I'll keep u posted as this NY Fashion week is going ...

If you haven't read it , here's my interview with Nana:
Djaa myAfrican sistas sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Wayee:)