Wednesday, November 25, 2009


*Pic courtesy of the WIP
Mobilizing girls to fulfill their potential

Yes there are still some selfless courageous women of integrity in this world. Betty Makoni experienced tragedy at a young age: she was raped at the delicate age of 6 years old, as a child she witnessed the murder of her mother by her own father the one person who was supposed to protect them but no.....

This fabulafricana turned all these traumatizing experiences into something positive by choosing to help other little Zimbabwean girls. Betty understood quite early in her life that getting a great education was the key to freedom, so she embarked in the teaching voyage. While teaching she was saddened by the terrible treatment that these little girls were living at home, so in 1998 she decided to create her first "Girl Child Network" in 1998 with just 9 little girls, today her organization counts over 30,000 members and 500 clubs.
I was watching the documentary on her work entitled "Tapistries of Hope" and I was touched by this little girl who atempted to kill herself after having been raped and rejected by her family. Betty doesn't just lead the organization but she doesn't balk at travelling long distances to villages to talk to the parents of these children. In one scene she's seen with a police officer talking to the father of that young girl in particular, explaining the consequences of his actions and asking the permission of taking with her the little girl.
But that little girl is not the only lucky person Betty and the workers at her organization have been helping. Among all these beautiful girls is a brave girl by the name of Taremeredwa who's been suffering from a facial tumor. She lost her grinding teeth at 11, a few years later her face got swollen and deformed...mmm man it's hard for me to talk about this young breaks my heart but anywhoo..through the Girl Child Network she's been able to go the UK this past year to receive treatment. She still needs to receive monetary funds in order to pay for her hospital bills..
Betty also intends with the help of UK funding to open other chapters in other African countries starting with Uganda.
I admire her work and def' think that she deserves being recognized by the CNN Heroes Award this year, she absolutely inspires me to keep closer attention to my environment , to think that a good education is not only a right but also a privilege in these times.
Here's the official website:
If you like to follow the journet of Tare, check the organization's blog:
You can also follow her part of her journey through this video, HERE
You can watch the documentary, HERE

Djaa there are some real fabulafricanas in Zimbabwea:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Just discovered pop/soul Frenchie Algerian singer and as usual had to share this discovery with you all.

So she's just 26 years old, she comes from the Lyons , fell in love with music through Lauryn Hill.

When she moved to Paris , she was decided to make her dream come through, just like Awa Imani she worked with the gospel choir "We are one" , attended events, met her producer, met Disiz la Peste (Senegalo-French hip hop artist), met the legendary IAM rappers;Akhenaton and Shurik'n. They liked her vibe, decided to write her a song , ended up writing and working with her on an entire album called "Ailleurs". Despite her talent it's been difficult for her to break through the french radio market that finds soul too adult of a musical style for their audience..but she keeps pushing through. I like her...would def' listen to her on a sunday morning while relaxing:)

If I knew her personally I would tell her not to worry abt people comparing her to Amel Bent, they both do a popish/soulful style of music so of course they might remind people of each other, so push on through sista..let the haters hate and do u:)

Here's a live performance clip: HERE

Djaa my Algerian sistas sont dedans:)
Eyyee Wayee:)

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Jada- Student at BEM Dakar
Fabulafricana because she was just too cute in her sarouel/jumper and her little "Patra queen of the pack"braids and the missionaire sandals, loved it!

Anta- Model
Fabulafricana because I simply loved her little afro dress paired with a simple bronze necklace ..:)

Corinna- Italian British Council Coordinator in Senegal , MC & Singer

Fabulafricana one because she's in love with the motherland, two because she rocked feminine hills, summer dress and cowboy bandana..:)

Rokhaya- Designer and Model on her spare time

Fabulafrican because I liked her little black ensemble and the layers of black bangles with a touch of silver with her silver sandals.

Touty-Contemporary lyrical dancer

Fabulafricana because she was rocking classic old school Jordans, had a touch of rastafari vibe with the cap

Aight people I'm a huge Sartorialist and Garance Dore fan and so they inspired me to try to showcase Senegalese people's personal sense of styles , even though gotta admit that it's hard to convince them to let me take pics of them, don't know how Garance and Scott do it on the regular ..but anywhoo here are a few people who allowed me to showcase their styles, so you who may not live in Dakar have an idea of what my people look and dress like, enjoy:)

Djaa my people from Dakar sont dedans:)

Eyeee Wayee:)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Dem Dik Design by Ousmane M'Baye
Chair collection

Bed Collection

New Dezign collection

His work at Opium Restaurant/Dakar Senegal

Armchair collection
New Dezign collection

Okay born a November 26 just like me, did the furniture work at 2 of my fav'restaurants in Dakar: Opium and La Fourchette..oh boy there was no way I was not going to find out about Ousmane Mbaye's work.
This self -taught designer and "rude boy" from Medina is slowly but surely taking the world of furniture design by storm. Ousmane def' sees" la vie en rose" with his great use of all the rainbow warm colors. He uses mainly barrel and galvanise iron to create his work. He's currently showing his work at the Biennale du Design in St Etienne until november 30th..if you are in the area, go suppport him:)
For those of you living in Paris he'll be in the capitale des lumieres on December 8th at the Fondation GAIA.
His work def' put a smile on my face and when I'll go to these restaurants, I'll tell everyone oh it's by Ousmane M'baye:)
Here's his website:

Djaa my Senegalese brothas sont trop dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Professor Ameenah Gurib Fakim is the first female professor at the University of l'Ile Maurice. This beautiful mother of 2 wears so many hats : she's a writer, a researcher, a scientist, a wife and a mother.
This chemist's work centers around the medicinal and pharmacological properties of local Mauritius plants.
In fact with her team counted 50 000 medecinal plants on her island, they also spoke to the elders of the island who knew and shared some of the secrets of these plants.
I love Ameenah's mission, she wants her people to know that tradional medecine could be a great economical booster of the Island. If it was recognized, farmers could increase the production of those plants, medicinal licenses could be obtained through the official validaton of herbal extracts.
Among some of the plants she's been working with is "le melon amer" which fights diabetes among other things.
This UNESCO prize winner & African Union Women Scientist Regional winner 2009 is truly a fabulafricana.
Reading about her inspired me to respect the african flora and to find out more about the secrets of african plants. In the little video doc' that follows , she explains that on her island there are some plants that can't be found in the rest of the world, only on Mauritius island..waouh!
I also learned that intellectual properties doesn't just pertain to creative work but also to scientific work.

Check her out on this video:
Here's a great interview:

Djaa our sistas from Mauritius Island are unstoppable:)
Eyeee Wayee:)



Ayo & Sonia Rolland


Leila Ben Khalifa

Miss Ayo

This past october, Paris was the place to be for our fashionistas and african celebs.
Ayo , Sonia Rolland, Leila Ben Khalifa as well as Farida Khelfa were some of the familiar faces seen.
Djaa our African peeps are doing their thing:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Self Portrait

Envious Monkey


Pic courtesy of the Sojourner's Truth

I haven't focused on my African sistas "doing it"in the sculpture world in a minute.
Mwandale Mwanyekwa is a great female tanzanian sculptor in a mainly male dominated art sector.
"Big Mama "as she likes to be called has been expressing herself through this art form for the past + 10 years. As any intelligent professional, she realized quite early that she had to aquire training. She attended several local and international schools, workshops, exhibits.
She was invited to showcase her work in Sweden, Toledo Ohio, South Africa ect
This stylish woman and mother, is a self proclaimed lover of herself, it shows through her self portraits carved in woods. She also takes her inspirations from her personal beliefs, nature, animals ect.
Here's her personal site:

Djaa my Tanzanian sistas sont trop dedans:)
Eyeee Waye:)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Lovely orange number

Like the cut of the jacket

Grey Asymetric dress
Love the jaune citron and the corbeau black mix
I'm huge in the little details, les petits plis ect..j'adore

Laila Azhar is a Maroccan born designer who designs modern and romantic pieces for the urban young femme.
Before pursuing design at the prestigious Parsons school of design, while residing in Canada she studied biology at McGill University. Doing modelling jobs on the side , her desire to become a designer grew more apparent to her and as they say the rest is now history.

Here's her site:

Djaa our Maroccan sistas sont trop dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


One of my fav' pics of her, because her confidence shines through

Gabby all dressed up for the Cannes Festival

Gabby doing the "relax yet sexy" style for Dave Letterman

Gabby and her mama at one of the many premieres

Gabby doing the black & silver style

Gabby receiving the New Hollywod Award from Oscar nominated Tara J Henson

Gabby w/Sapphire the author of the book, and Lee Daniels the director of the movie

Work it out sista

Looking beautiful

Gabby & Latifah

Gabby & the Thicke

Gabby & Mo'nique

Gabby at the Glamour Awards this past week

Gabby & her mentor Lee Daniels

If Oprah likes it, America likes it

Beautiful color on her

Nice dress

" I am just a random girl from Harlem"

said Gabby when she received the New Hollywood Award, well not anymore..

Gabourey Sidibe who is half American on her mother side and Senegalese on her father's side plays the role of an obese illiterate abused young girl of the age of 16 called Precious. Mo'nique plays the role of her monstruous mother Mary who both abuses her verbally and mollests her. As if that was not enough for a young girl , her father also rapes her and even manages to impregnate her twice.

Very raw script based on "Push " the novel written by american author Sapphire. There are several noted celebrities playing in this movie: Lenny Kravitz, Mariah Carey, Paula Patton..ect

but her performance is said to outstanding

Gabby and Sidibe are rumored to probably receive Oscar nominations for their roles in this movie directed by Lee Daniels.

Gabby was chosen after 350 girls auditioned, she never ever pictured herself being an actress rather thought she would pursue a degree in psychology,but in my eyes there's no accident Gabby was born to play Precious.

Everything she's lived in her personal life, the beautiful body frame she's living in, the people she met in her life, the way people treated her in personal life probably shaped her to embody this character with a lot of warmth.

I think that the reason why this movie resonates so much with people, is that everyone can see themselves in it, for example the majority of people who are in some ways racist towards obese people as Lee Daniels describes himself can face their own prejudice their own shame and change it to something more positive. Young obese girls who are dealing with rejection daily can also see in Precious hope.

Parents who are too weak and too caught up in their own"s.." to treat their children as their own blood can see the consequences of their actions on their own kin. Young kids who are ashamed of being illiterate can also see hope in Precious.

I def' hope to catch this movie soon on one those internet sites lol (hey im dakar what do u want me to do)

Congrats to miss Gabby, wanted to also salute her intelligence, the beautiful and proud way she carries herself through this's def' been a "hella" of a year for this young lady between movie premieres, Q&A's, interviews, the public scrunity, ect, the Oscar buzz def' have to know who you are in that exciting environment.

Keep your eyes open for her, she's also set to play in the upcoming 2010 Tyler Perry movie called "What would you do".

Here's Gabourey dancing and having fun on Ellen , HERE

Here's another good interview of miss Sidibe, HERE

Here's of course the official trailer, HERE

Djaaa our African /American sistas are doing their thang in Hollywood:)

Eyeee Waye:)