Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I love her book covers..they are just gorgeous!

Niceeee right!

The Author!

I just bought this book by Aminatta Forna yesterday called "Ancestor Stones"lovesss it can wait to finish reading it so I can give you my personal critic.
All I can share w/y'all for now is that her descriptions are so vivid, she writes beautifully, she gives life to stones, characters, colors, smells, our traditions our history...
She grasps the superstitions, the traditions of the African culture w/great sensitivity.
She's 1 gifted writter ....loves it.
Funny enough I thought she was 100% Sierra Leonan, but woman come to find out her mother is Scottish and her daddy Mohamed Forna was 1 Sierra Leonan noted
political figure .But from her writings one can tell her that her African legacy is very alive inside of her. Her first book which was a testimonial to her father was called

"The Devil That Danced on the Water". In the seventies he was the
minister of Finance in a corrupted government who wanted to silence people like him who wanted to bring an honest change to the country.

It's only after his tragic death ordered by the gov' that 1 official document will be published cleaning his name.
Aminata is proud of her heritage and is now both a producer and a freelance writer for the Sunday Times ..etc...

Go Aminatta Forna, thanks for representing so lyrically for Sierra Leone:)
Eyee Wayeeee:)

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