Friday, September 21, 2007


Miss Stella Umutoni!

It's the small efforts sometimes that count, meet Stella Umutoni from Rwanda.

She's a refugee that now lives in New York City and who's helping in her own ways, bringing awareness to the genocide that happened in Rwanda that we shouldn't forget otherwise it could happen in another part of the world.She may not be very famous but in her own way she's bringing a change first by being alive, to by going to school at the New York University where she's studying to get a degree in Social Work.Her aim is to 1 day work a non profit organization which efforts center around women and children.But for today she speaks to various group pf children, she speaks at conferences that center around the consequences of war on refugees.

Stella Umutoni a woman that's walking the walk:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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