Monday, August 30, 2010


Going to the mosk to praise Allah during this Holly month of ramadan is one of the best decisions I've taken in a while. Being lost in this sea of struggling believers as myself is truly humbling, while at the mosk under the beautiful layer of colorful veils we women all wear, underneath the vibrant colors of our loincloths: we are all the same.
We are all women struggling to make it on earth and hoping for that sweet life after death. There, there's no blogger, fashionista, lawyer, maid, rich girl, poor woman we are all the same. It's def' an ego check,there as I look at these women entering the room bare- foot , with no nail polish I am reminded that the material world is not all that there is to life, I am reminded that I'm just like any woman out there with maybe and I insist on the " maybe" some more financial freedom than some.
As I was looking into the room, I realize honestly that there were not many women that I know from my neighberhood not many young doing pretty good for themselves young professionals and I asked myself why? I asked myself if by trying to be protective did some of our parents make a mistake by not teaching us through attending the mosk more often that we are all equal, having a social and financial advatange doesn't mean that we can't mix with others at the mosk. The lady I've been praying next to the last few days has a beautiful aura abt her, always smiling always trying to help me put my rug together,even though hadn't I seen her in this healthy surrounding I probably would have been quick to judge her because of her bleached skin ect..if I'm honest with myself and you guys..real talk!
You get my point, going to the mosk is teaching me to be more humble and join the community.Today 2 little girls caught my attention, they were serious about reciting the Quarinic verses, they were just serious:) I saw another young mother and her little girl wearing the head wrap and praying next to her mum, and I thought to myself I hope when I have children that I remenber to take them even if it's just once per semester to the mosk for them to feel that sense of humility that I'm learning.
Everyday, the preacher has a different message for us, today it was about the meaning of being a good person. As he explains it doesn't mean just bowing down and praying, it doesn't mean for example getting rid of old cloth , it could mean giving away with heart a beautiful piece of clothing for example that we would ourselves wear...
What I'm trying to say that besides my daily sins, going to the mosk fills my heart with great joy:)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Attention Fabulafricana mamas and papas, new African cartoon characters for your little ones, twin brother and sister Bino & Fino are sure to keep your little ones laughing and entertained the African way:)
The smart people at the creative design studio in Lagos EVLC had the brilliant idea to start this new adventure, they were tired of not seeing us, our children, cartoons by us for us and the rest of the they took they courage in their hands and are heavy at work , working hard to produce a cartoon of educational and entertainment merit. This short story was written by Sola and Kunle Dada and Adamu Waziri.
I love the idea of using Wole Sonyinka as inspiration for the grandpa character , a full figured woman as the grandma character, twin brotha and sister with their natural and kinky hair.
They would love to hear from you so do not hesitate to visit their various sites:)
Here's their blog:
Here's their youtube chanel:

Djaa my Nigerian people sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Lovely color

Mmm Orange River

Sobre and elegant packaging

How lovely is it to come home after a long day at work, turn around , kick off our shoes, light up a beautiful candle which subtle scent and color reminding us of our Africa.
Well Valerie Bietlot a Belgian woman dreamed of that dream during her stay in Tanzania and made it happen.
The Baobap candle collection has been in existence since 2004 but I'm just discovering it..this goes to show you that we discover new things everyday:)
Of course it's a luxury line offering candles, diffusers, incense,wick trimmers so expect prices to start of from 24$ to 150 and up depending on your budget and what you are looking for.
They offer different sizes of candles from the mini to the maxi max. It seems like this candle brand is a fav' of interior designers looking to add a splash of sobriety and class to the homes of their clients.
I haven't had the chance to smell them yet but if the fragrances names are any indication:
Pierre de Lune,Zanzibar spices,Orange River,Masaai spirit,white rino....
we are def' in for a scented treat.
Here's their webbie:

Djaa we can decorate our homes with lovely scented candles inspired by our Africa:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


When 2 bloggers meet:)

Taste of Senegalese cuisine at Loutcha
Don't mess w/Vickie she def' knows how to handle hers in a Senegalese market

Salone money

In one of my fav' shop in Dakar

She found the time to work...independent woman in the house!

Def' one of the highlights of my summer was spending time some time with Miss Vickie Remoe.
You may have read the piece I wrote regarding this fabulous blogger, radio and tv presenter but if you haven't , check under Sierra Leone on the right side of the bloggie..
Meeting her and spending some time with her meant for me being inspired again:
Vickie is full of life a strong and spicy Fabulafricana sista.
After a long stay in the States she returned back to her Swit Salone with the sole objective to give back in some shape and form...
The Vickie Remoe tv show and her blog uplifting the Salone youth were just a few outlets she found to do that for now:)

Over some great taste of Senegalese cuisine and a short trip to the Kermel Market of Dakar we took the time to get to know each other and I discovered a courageous and determined sista .
It's refreshing to see an African sista so full of energy with a great zest of passion in her life..yes it's difficult as African women to leave our marks in fairly new industries(blog, internet shows)...but women like her make me want to push some more and more.

By the way fellas Vickie is gorgeous, beautiful lips & eyes , great and contagious smile, funky and African roots sense of fashion..def' reppin haut la main her country.
While at Kermel Market, we bumped into a Senegalese man who lived in Sierra Leone most of his life but left during the war. While conducting an interview with this man, I discovered another side of this sis.In front of the mic, she transformed into this sweet yet assertive amazone who would make any criminal confess his crime,she has great comand and has the it-capacity to make the people she interviews feel comfortable in front of the mic...def'a fan:)
Inch'Allah God willing I'll find my way in sweet Salone in the near future.
Here's her blog:

Djaa my Swit Salone sistas sont dedans:)
Eyee Wayee:)

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Love that ring
Cute as a flower
Oh yummy
Cute headband
Let's celebrate this creative sister, Esther Nascimento is a Benenise decorator and window dresser by training who's in love with the girly and enchanting world of fashion.
She takes her inspiration from color, from life in general, her african background and her life in the Western world.

She creates rings, bracelets, handbands, bags with african inspired fabric , perls, shells among other things...
If you're looking to be unique, the Da Yovo line is perfect for you, her pieces are sold in limited know how we women like to stand apart:)
Here's her webbie:

Djaa my sisters from Benin sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


The talented Tania Ben Mahmoud

Love me a sharp , funky & serious woman about her career like Tania Ben Mahmoud.
This 30 years old young woman is an architect for Christian Dior , yep! so when you visit some CD stores and you find the place lavish , well know that a North African sista may be the woman behind the beautiful store decor.

Tania has also worked as an architect for some of Marc Jacobs' stores in Madrid, London and Paris. This proud Tunisian woman has also lended her talent to Air France for whom she created a beautiful business lounge for their Paris location, among other things she's worked with the restaurant Lustre Baccarat in Monaco and many other luxurious locations.

This phenomenal woman has a project that is dear to her in her home-country of Tunisa. In the south of Tunisia there's a beautiful palm grove in the region of Tozeur which shelter over a million of palm tress, her dream would be to create a beautiful hotel resort there using and honoring the nomadic lifestyle tools, with recycling and solar systems among other things.
Not only is she busy with her urban career in the biggest metropoles of the world but she's already thinking about ways to give back and inovate in her 2 respect a woman with plans:)

Djaa my Tunisian women sont dedans:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

Sunday, August 01, 2010


Once upon a time , there were a Senegalese Toukouleur Princess in love
with the historical town of Saint Louis in Senegal

This was her very special weekend and she wanted to show me
the town of her ancestors, here I was on my way to Saint Louis la Belle

Woke up early saturday morning and we did what 2 women do best in front of a mirror:
talk and beautify ourselves

Madame charge:)

Beautiful gifts of nature

Of course there wouldn't be a great trip without great food..

And the gain of those damn calories ..

Barque, pirogue a symbol of St Louis

Beautiful weekend...
Madame Brouette..Saint Louisiens


Come on girl u can do it...


Have you ever seen the tango btw a crab and a dead fish?

Hey guys..I know I disappeared again...
sorry about that guys, had a lot of work, and we've been experiencing in Dakar several blackouts on a daily basis..It's hot as hell and most nights we don't have it's been quite challenging...
But anywhoo wanted to share pics I took while in Saint Louis during the wedding celebration of my friend Maimouna...
Itwas great,simple,relaxing,meaningful,and classy.
Will be back to update the blog tomorrow, I hope you all are having a wonderful summer:)