Friday, September 21, 2007


The beautiful book cover

Nefertiti Queen of Egypt

By now, u've probably realised that 1 of my fav' places in the whole world is Barnes& Nobles (American chain of bookstores) ..1 of those days when me and 200 other people stroll into the store searching for 1 new book that would make us travel to another world, I was immediately attracted by the cover of this book -Nefertiti.

It's written by an American novelist & teacher Michelle Moran-of course we've all heard about "the queen of all ambition" before the Rice, Dati, Clinton .....
Nefertiti Queen of Egypt ..but we haven't heard much about her younger sibling Mutnodjmet. So this fictive story is from her point of view, it's about her wanting to be free from her sis's ambition which won't allow her to marry the man she loves.It's about Nefertiti's great ambition at all cost....

The writer who's also an archaeologist was inspired to write this book after 1 visit at 1 museum where she was inspired by Nefertiti's beauty and mystery.

She's planning a follow up to this book for 2008..look out for it.

Djaa Egyptian History is Magnificent:)
Eyeeee Wayee:)

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