Friday, September 21, 2007


Class Act!

Her Report on Armed Conflict Consequences on children

Graca Simbine before being Graca Machel-Mandela

She's hip,I see you First Lady

Graca and her first husband former Mozambique president Samora Machel

Every time I see this woman she always have a kind smile on her face,
1 vivid red color on her lips, wearing her beautiful fro' proudly and dressed to impress.The other beautiful thang is that she's always besides her
hubby Nelson Mandela, her hand in his, her hand on his lap, sharing a laugh like best friends..supporting the man she's in love with.
But I know that there must be much more to this woman
than being a famous wife.
She has to have her own identity.

Her story starts in her native Mozambique where Graca Simbine was born 62 rainy seasons ago.It seems like Marcia was always interested in International Relations and languages she studied and excelled in
French, Portuguese, Spanish ,Italian and French..waouh ok she must not have any problems hosting diplomatic events hun:)

When she was done w/school she returned to her homeland and became a teacher (by the way teachers need to truly get paid much more for real*).At the same time she was involved w/politics and became a member of the
Mozambican Liberation Front. During that time she met and wed the former Mozambican president Samora Machel who years later will die in mysterious conditions.

But let's rewind for 1 sec, in 1975 she became the
Minister for Education and Culture..see there's more to this woman than an agreeable personality.She has experience working in state affairs which prompted the United Nations (Oh I love the UN , I advise anyone that can go visit it to do so,I almost cried when I went, I felt such a sense of pride, of patriotism, that place symbolises peace for me..i know that there are a lot of political games ...but regardless we need the UN to exist, can you imagine a world without such entities) to put her in charge of the writing of a Report on the Impact of the Armed Conflict on Children.For that purpose, she had to travel to various African countries such as former Zaire,Sierra Leone where these conditions were still existing.

In 1995 she received the Nansen Medal for her great humanitarian work . It's funny how life is 12 years after the death of her first hubby who was the President of Mozambique ,she will become 1 first lady once again but this time in South Africa.
This year she was also honored as a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

All I'm gonna say is that I love a woman who knows who she is, is successful in her own right, but is still humble enough to be 1 great woman to her man
without losing her identity....

I Admire you for your Grace Mrs Graca Simbine Machel Mandela:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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