Monday, September 17, 2007


I was talking to this African American woman last week about fibroid, I have 2 admit that besides the name I didn't know much about it.

As you get older you get to realize that without health we don't have anything, we can't write, we can't do the things "we need and love to do"...

Aight this is 1 new segment on my bloggie called
"101 Health for the Fabulafricana woman"

Fibroid are commonly non-cancerous tumors -they are actually
muscles tissues and cells that grow around the uterus.

-They cause back pain
-Excessive Bleeding ....Aie,Aie:(
-Urinary Frequency
-Pain during sex
-Sometimes it causes miscarriage

It's good to know that not all women who have fibroid suffer from any of symptoms luckily.
But just in case, it's better to check than to not know.

-Medicine but of course the minute stop the minute the symptoms come back
-Myomectomy Surgery
-Hysterectomy Surgery-which is the only to get rid of all the fibroid for good...

Waouh..if you need further info, please check this webbie:

Djaa we as Fabulafrica women need to take better care of ourselves:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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