Thursday, September 06, 2007


Beninoisement..comment le farot du grand Beninois
Ezza danger!

"Chetetete they ask too many I really have 2 be here..chetetetet"
Heee djaaa blancs a trop de questions...ah

Allez faut prendre foto la avec la jolie go...photographe tu as bien pris?:)
Yes girl smile over here, they need to take this shot of the 2 of us...

Ah yess c'est la fete au village auj'hourdui dee....bon ca fait combien de millions
Party over here, let's see how much did I make 2day?:)

I've been waiting to find some cool pics of Djimon /CK since he's the face of the famous undie collection.In NY, around Soho there's a huge billboard w/Mista ..loves it..he really personifies the African man, dark skin, beautiful body, and a lot of presence...loves it...
I actually was w/1 male friend of mine when we saw that ad, and he wanted to make fun of it..and I explained to him that he can laugh as much as he wants to...but Djimon made history first African man to get such a huge contract w/a undie line...come on $$$

and I feel that the pics are tasteful... them that beauty doesn't just come in one shape or color:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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