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Aight new Interview...this 1 is super If you've been on hi5 there's no way that you haven't noticed this spiritual young woman sense of style. She's phenomenal, fearless, simple while still complicated but it all makes sense on her, the other thing I really like about Marianne Kwei is that she doesn't forget to feed her spirit.Yeah clothe are nice but at the end of the day it's not everything...She's a 25 year old stylist, wifey, owner of the company
House of Style, and is open to help anybody who may need help in that department...
Anywhoo I am excited to discover more about her.. aren't you!!

Let's go!!
1.On your hi5 profile you have this quote as your fav'"Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint(Isaiah 40:30-32) "why?

This verse in the Bible is one of my favourites as it promises constant renewal when we depend solely on God.

2. What is spirituality to u?
Spirituality to me is a knowledge and a fear of God. Thus letting God speak to you and through you.

3. How do u define yourself as an African woman?

I dont! hahhaha What I mean by that is... Too many of us African women are trying to hard to define ourselves that we lose what makes us distinct in the first place. We sometimes lose sight of the fact that God's defined right from creation by our distinct beautiful features,our strength of character and vibrant culture. We cant be defined as we are multi-faceted,talented and exceed expectations over and over again!

4. When do u feel the most feminine?

When i accept all of me,body flaws and all.

5. What misconception abt ghanain women would you like to change if possible?

That Ghanaian women are not go-getters or high achievers. Yaa Asantewaa was the leader of the Ashanti rebelion against British colonialism in 1900. This was known as the War of the golden stool. Belinda Baidoo is a gorgeous model being featured in the likes of essence. The talented Tina Atiemo of the same label name and Titi of KiKi designs are repping in the fashion design stakes. They both recently took part in CATWALK THE WORLD which also featured names such as Ozwald Boateng,and Rachel Roy. Need i say more about my Ghanaian sisters in terms of achievement?

6.Who is ur fashion icon?

I have many fashion icon's as my inspirations and tatse is wide and varied. My ultimate is the actress Katherine Hepburn for her timeless,elegant,effortless and ever present sense of chic! A fashion icon has to see bravely see past conventional trends and set their own. Hepburn was the first woman of Hollywood to wear trousers. She did not just follow fashion just for its sake but found her own personal style which eventually became iconic.

7. Who are ur fav African designers?stylists?

In term's of designers its as below:
South Africa's Nkhensani Manganyi of STONED CHERRIE.
Nigeria's Deola Sagoe of DEOLA SAGOE.
Nigeria's Adebayo Jones of ADEBAYO JONES COUTURE.
Niger's Seidnaly Sidhamed of ALPHADI.
Mali's Lamine Badian Kouyaté of XULY BET.
NIgeria's Duro Oluwo of DURO OLUWO.
Togo's Beze and Mailan of BEZEMYMAILAN.
Ghana's Phyllis Taylor of SIKA DESIGNS.
Tanzania and Ghana's Gisella and Janet of GISELLA-B and GISELLA COUTURE

My top fashion stylists would have to be as below
Jeff Ihenando who styles primarily with vintage pieces that he sources out. He is originally nigerian and has styled the likes of Kate Moss. I think Omoyemi Akerele and Bola Balogun both based in Nigeria who are brilliant.
Katie Grand is a genius as well in terms of fashion styling.

8.Do u consider urself an artist?if yes or no why?

I consider myself 2 be creative but not an artist. I think fashion designers are the artists. They make the wearable art and the stylist creates his/her interpretation of it.

9. What is 1 personal sense of style to u?

10. Who are ur fav’african writers?

Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie(author of HALF OF A YELLOW SUN)
Ghana's Ayi Kwei Armah(author of THE BEAUTIFUL ONES ARE NOT YET BORN)
Nigeria's Wole Soyinka (Nobel Prize winner in Literature and author of THE INTERPRETERS)
Nigeria's Chinua Achebe(Author of THINGS FALL APART)

11.-What was an “aha moment”for u(1 moment where u understood the meaning of life )

It was when i realised that we are not on earth for our our own purpose but for God's!

12. Success to me is inner fufillment

13.How would u rock a pair black boots?

I would rock a pair of black boots with elegant skinny(cigarette) black trousers, a simple classy black satin camisole and elegant simple gold jewellery. Thus keeping the lines elegant, simple and uncluttered. would u rock a black skirt?

With a plum coloured turtleneck jumper, a black leather biker waistcoat, grey opaque tights, a wide patent leather belt and a pair of funky black ankle boots.

15. how would u rock African fabric?

I wear it sarong style tied round neck over a pair of jeans.

16. how would u rock a pair of golden pumps?

I'd wear the gold pumps with a wine coloured tulip shaped satin dress(knee length)
worn with a cream cashmere long sleeved belted (just above knee length) and pearls.With a harlem renaissance feel to it.

17. how would u rock a pair of silver shoes or pumps?

Skinny black jeans, vintage thigh length dress over it , large oversized leather clutch, velvet tuxedo jacket with tails and then the silver pumps!

18. How would u rock a white tee?

I'd wear the crisp white beneath a african print balloon shaped dress with a pair of flat african tan slippers.

19. How would u rock a pair of blue jeans?

The pair of blue jeans would most definately have to go with a well tailored white shirt, brown leather belt, matte gold Liz Claiborne bag and tan brown loafers.

20. How would u rock a pair of boring black pants?

To jazz up a boring pair of pants i'd pair it with multicolored stiletto's, and wear over it a funky shirt dress. I'd team that with a fly jewelled coloured bag, and a statement hat.

21. Whats the good life to u?
Family,friends,a fear of God,inner peace,mental and physical health and prevailing hope.

22. How do u find being married and still being your own individual at 25 years old?is it challenging to stay your own individual?

I never was the marrying type so loved ones were surprised that i got married at all and at quite an early age. This desire not to marry was partly fuelled by the fear of losing my individuality. When i met my husband Steve i realised that if the person is meant for you,they become your biggest fan. Thus helping you retain what attracted them to you in the first place,your own unique individuality. I am blessed to have a husband who celebrates and lauds my talents and individuality.

23-Does ur job as a stylist take up all ur professional time?

It takes up majority of my professional time.

24. What do u wish most men understood abut African women?

I wish they knew that our(women) strength doesnt have to intimidate them.

When you say Erykah Badu style wise is say...AFROCENTRIC,CLEVER WITH HER CLOTHES, (like her song CLEVER states ;-), BOLD, ETHNIC AND STRONG.

26. If you say Joan from Girlfriends i say...effortless,uber stylish and,the epitome of innate chic!

27. if I say teiko dornor u sa
I say HOT GHANA chick and fierce plus size mode! She's a friend.

28.What’s 1 item of clothing u think any woman needs to have in her closet?

I think every woman needs a well cut and fitting pair of black trousers. The leg and cut should depend on each woman's proportions and height. It's imperative the trouser suit the woman's proportion in style and cut. Once the fit is right it can work professionally, casually and dressed up too with the right accessories. Professionally i'd team it with a silk blouse,tailored jacket and satin scarf with brooch and simple earrings. Casually i'd team it with simple pewter grey ballet pumps, an african print knee length shirt and a head wrap.

29. You can have it all but i'm not refering to what money can buy. Far more precious are good health,loved ones, a sense of self and peace. If you have have it all.

30. What are the best places in London for an African person to feel right at home?

There are towns in london's that are highly populated by certain african countries. For eg: The north London towns of Tottenham and Seven Sisters have a lot of Ghanaian's. Woolwich is also known for its Nigerian population.All the afore mentioned towns plus quite a few others in little ways remind me of home-Africa.

31. If you say Ghana markets i think...Colour,HOME, a riot of smells, inspiration,people watching,a lifeline and VIBRANCY!

32. if you could tell something to ur unger self today what would it be?
I would tell myself that patience is truely a virtue.

33. what are u most thankful from ur mother’s education?

I am most thankful that my mother taught me that true measure of a man is not measured by their career and education achievements but by the way they treat others .

34. The most important values i would teach my kids african wise is RESPECT. Respect for their elders,counterparts,themselves and community at large. Somehow and somewhere along the line the western world have forgotten to pass that unto their offspring. When an individual does not respect themselves or their neighbour we have a lost individual and thus a lost society.

35. what is swagger 2 u?

FALSE SELF CONFIDENCE (ohhh marianne that's deep)

36.what’s the best book you’ve ever read?

The Holy Bible hands down. It breathes life citing history,the nature and LOVE of God,counsel,poetry,music,admontion and salvation. How many books do you know are written for us by men chosen,instructed and inspired by God for man? The Bible has all we need on the issue's of the past ,this present and eternity.

37. what’s 1 political event you will always remember and why?

The election of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as president of Liberia. She made history as the first african head of state.

38. As young african's we must give back to our communitie's back home. I believe we as young people must learn to value our respective african cultures and remember to pass that pride on to our children.

39. when I say beyonce the president’s daughter u say…..
I say ....great Ghanaian movie.

40. Being a stylist is...interpreting a fashion designer's in my own way to suit a client or styling brief.

Good manners are... the best accessory!

42. Accra is ...a melting pot,a city bustling alive with life,talent and culture.

43. who are ur fav’ African writers, photographers, painters ?
Vincent Kofi(artist),Ayi kwei Armah(author) and Mabel Kwei(my mother ,an artist)

44. what non –profit do u recognize for its real efforts towards the African community?
Action aid and ADRA
45. which African countries have u visited which ones would u like to?

I have lived in Nigeria and Gambia. I would love to visit Mali,South Africa, Senegal and Tanzania.

46. Africa is the it has so much potential and it ALWAYS rises above the odds.

47. I'd be glad leaving this work knowing that i've helped build a little self confidence through personal style consultations.

48. -tell us about ur company ,how do we get in touch w/u?

THE HOUSE OF STYLE provides personal image consultations(assisting people develop their own personal style for lifestyles), personal styling(on call styling for everyday events or occasions like weddings, cocktails etc)wardrobe consulatations,personal shopping service,editorial fashion styling and celebrity styling.
Style and personal image is the first thing people notice about you before even speaking to you! What is yours saying about you?
If you'd like to book a style consultation,some fashion or celebrity styling please contact me on at or at

49. The only thing i know for sure in life is God's got it all in His hands!

Well thank you Marianne, I'm defenetely a fan of your sense of style and I hope inspire others who may interested in that profession but who may have heard that we African need to be in more traditional professional fields..def'an inspiration...:)

Djaa my Ghanaian sistas got their sense of style on lock dow:)
Eyee Wayeee:)


Ladybrille said...

Good interview. Now she needs to get an actual website. I haev searched high and low for African stylists links to place on my site among other sites. I am not happy with what I am getting. Tell her to get a site, not only myspace, so we see what she is doing. Strong interview. keep up the good work.

Bobby said...

Mazzy is a personal friend of mine and an amazing stylist.
This interview was amazing!!!!!

HOUSE OF STYLE is totally amazing!

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