Monday, September 10, 2007



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Mata has diverse origins, her mother is half guinean-half liberian and her father is from Martinique.It gets more interesting , she also grew up in Ivoiry Coast before moving to Corse where she grew up w/her grandma and her Italian hubby...interesting hun!

She fell in love w/the movie industry at the age of 15 when she discovered french actress Beatrice Dale (who is a wonderful actress by the way).

After her high school diploma which she promised her family to get, she dived into the world of acting both in theater and on the movie screen. She recalls that her beginings were not easy, being a black african actress in the industry is as we all know challenging she was looking for "meaty parts" which theater offers her..she does a lot of historical and "pro-black"pieces in theater, her latest movie which came out in 2006 is called "Kul Tag". She has an interesting movie in post-production called "Sexe , Gombo and Atieke"sounds interesting...

Anywhoo her webbie is really cool, here it is if you wanna more about this intriguing lady:

You can also see her talent in this piece from the movie "Mr Ibrahim and les fleurs du Coran"

Djaa the mix Liberian/Guinean/Martinique is more fiyaa:)
Eyee Wayeee:)