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Thank u Allah for this gift of writing, thankful:)

It's hard to only categorise Hicham as just an architect, even though that's already a lot, because he not only designs for the interior, Rabat, Agadir ,

Tamuda Bay have all seen and are spokespersons for his designs. The Hicham vision is greater than the individual, it stands for the people of Morocco. He studied architecture in France moved to the USA and practiced his craft before returning to Marocco w/other experts in their respective fields they created an unique agency which responded to desiging needs, marketing and profil design for companies..

But like I say the Hicham's vision is more than that...Hicham was given the task to create visual signs to promote Tamuda Bay in the North of Marocco (which by the way may become 1 hot spot for rich tourists), he also designed and gave Marocco it's own symbolic Moroccan made objects called "LA THEIERE KOUBA"..

He was given the green light in Agadir to supervise and direct the

commerical design of furniture (do u realize how big that is..huge, this dude is truly genius)

He's also working on hotel design projects, working on the interior designing of the Palais de Justice of Grenobes France ..In btw that he finds time to showcase his work throughout the world through exhibits..

By the way for those of you living in Marocco Rabat, there will be an exhibit of his work ending on November 17th (can't believe it's nov'already..anywhoo)

The webbie:




Aight guys get ready to save this address on your favorites ...:)

Jamati is sure 2 be 1 of your favs, lead by My gal Roxana Bangura Gambia's finest, her partner and founder of this amazing everything African e- "a la cave d'Ali Baba" just for the fabulous that we African people are, je cite Elias Mageto.

Jamati was the vision of 1 of Kenya' sons Elias Mageto , 1 mover and shaker of the New African Diaspora in DC. Seeing the lack of info on us by us he decided to create an internet outlet where we could find ourselves...what's great about this team is that it's very diverse, Roxana is from Gambia, Elias is from Kenya,

the lovely Mwabi is from Zambia.(I am starting to be so curious abt that country)..ect...

When I spoke to Roxana, I was super proud 2 see a sista believing in a project about our continent, working hard to bring to you guys entertainment news , showing you our different facettes.

In Elia's own words Jamati 's vision is 2 stand for:" is poised to be the resource for this market growth, and we hope to be the catalyst for a lot of up and coming entertainers, much like Black Entertainment Television (BET) is for black Artists in the United States."

Not bad hun...:) and my dear brotha as I was telling Roxana that's the feel I got when I visited...

So I say people check them' out.. matter of fact check yourselves out:)

Djaa my African people sont dans le chaud:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Hakeem has 1 of those faces that when you see , u feel like you are familiar w/his features.

I had to think for 1 sec' and when I did my research I do now recall where from.

He played the criminal war leader George Anderson Nderubumwe Rutaganda (yeah Hakeem plays a lot of villain characters w/great conviction actually).
You may also have seen him in Pirates of the Caraibain II, he's also set to play in Part III.

He also played in the critically acclaimed movie "God is African" an African movie which he produced as well. Seeing the booming Nollywood industry, he saw 1 great opportunity to give back to his country through his skills.

He's South African and mainly resides in London w/his 2 children and wifey.Hakeem seems pretty active within the Pan-African movie culture. He perfected his craft at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School where he received the Best Student Award..(he's so sincerious!!lol)

Hakeem also shows what he's made of in theater playing in King Lear ,Richard III ..etc..

Here is Hakeem in the movie "The Djinn" (which I gotta see)

Here's his webbie:

Djaa my South African men are so sincerious:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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Doesn't Atong always look like "mm I don't trust y'all but let me do my job"

Atonnng yeahhhh..haven't posted new pics of our Sudanese sista Atong in a while...

Love these new pics of her , may I add that the designers did a good job putting her in such vibrant colors..they suit her complexion well and may I add that I like the little flowers on the Malandrino designs:)

Atong est dans le chaud jusqu'a demain:)

Eyee Wayeee:)


Reppin Ethiopia all day bb

In her land

Yes bb that feeling hun...

nice cornrows

La grande go dans toute sa classe

Just at 1m 55, this 23 years old young Ethiopian woman is 1 of the baddest long distance runner male/female included...She's been consistent from 2004-2007 btw gold silver, world title Messy has been doin her thang and sometimes beating her own records .. u take that.

And you know what she says ..she ain't done..she ain't done and want to keep pushing herself until she's 30..waouh!!

She's married and, w/her hubby they've adopted several children.

Just this September she set a new world record of 8:58.58 in the women's 2-mile at the Van Damme Memorial Game. She was the world gold Champion in Osaka Japan, the Gold Olympic champ' at the Olympic Games in 2004..and so many other titles.

She's def' the pride of her nation..

You go sis, here's a little clip done by her people:

Djaa my Ethiopian sisters are true amazones:)
Eyee Wayee:)


Looking good sis:)

So some of you Nokia Model African contest fanatics may be familiar w/the oh so pretty 17 she was the youngest contestant on that show...

Mulenga was born in 1988 in Zambia, had a pretty cool childhood w/her 4 siblings. She studied business after high school and embarked in her journey of model and beauty ambassador of Zambia.

While reading her, one can tell that she doesn't take herself too seriously, she enjoys her life as 1 model , she enjoys encountering people in the industry....she's a fulfilled young lady.

You may recall that Zambia fashion week took place last week in Lusaka, and as Zambia's finest our chick was in hands..

I also love that she has her own webbie..(really pleasant 2 read..likes it)

Djaa my Zambian sistas ar warriors..u go ladies:)

Eyee Wayeee:)


Pasteur meets

Le petit intello fait sa revolution

Serious in the movie "The Front Line"

Sexy chocolat

Mais non le petit est sexy quand meme....homeboy got it going on!

While some people have been perfecting their craft for years and years, Eriq who was working as an account executive decided because he wasn't fulfilled to convert to Acting...waouh il faut le faire qd meme..that takes a lot of guts, innocence, and belief in oneself all at once.

But the young hubby/father made it seem all easy w/his various roles, if you've seen Lumumba yep that was him, going from french leading man to u know doing his thing in Hollywood without some of us noticing along the side of
Antonio Banderas, Jean Reno that some of you french speaking may know...ect..

It's surprising how this man never had experience but acting is like 2ND nature to him, he's well respected within the industry and always dress his character w/a lot of dignity and strength.
I also love the fact that his roles are very diverse, he is never where you expect him, for exple he played in the Nativity Story, played also in Femme Fatale, African Paradis...ect

Here's his official webbie:

Here a clip from African Paradis:

Hey, I say u go brotha w/ur sexy self showing how men in their 40's are doin it:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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Ainsi va la vie , God always calls early the GREAT ONES..!!

They always have to go early..Lucky Dube was born in 1964 in South Africa. He was mainly raised by his beloved grandmother while his mother who separated from his father worked.

She gave him a great education and the great value system which dictated the way he lived his life.

Lucky came from a poor rural family and understood very quickly the value of education. While at school he found music and joined his cousin band "The Love Brothers" which was playing Mbaquanga (Zulu pop). Around the same time he discovered reggae and its socio/political messages.

It's only 1984 under the encouragements of his friend and sound engineer Dave Segal that Lucky will decide to switch to English lyrics and to send his message of peace out there.

He used his voice to speak against apartheid..of course the album was banned..and just like any great thing in life success didn't come right away..
A year later, while he was still persevering, his album Think about the children became platinum and that was it Lucky Dube became a "musical messiah" encouraging his people to stand up for themselves.People knew him everywhere, from SA, to Togo, to Senegal, to the name it he became Internationally known and respected.

Over his 25 years in the Music industry he picked up too many awards for me to name them all, his last album which was released this year called "Respect"maybe symbolises what we feel for him RESPECT...SADNESS.....

If you don't know, Lucky was killed last week after dropping his children to their uncle's house, it is believed that they knew who he was , and shot him purposely in his car.

But you know what he didn't die in vain,
those hijackers brought even more international attention to the growing problem of hijacking, gangs in South Africa..

Now that they've touched 1 of the Greatest..this problem will have to stop..(have 2 do a post about violence in South Africa)

Lucky Dube leaves 1 wife and 2 children and a legacy that will never die behind.
If you would like to leave a message to his family and fans , please go to:

the official webbie will be:

Here's Lucky in concert:

Lucky Dube May You Rest In Peace!
Eyee Wayee!!


Ahh the "Lion King" I don't think that there's any Broadway play that can compete that magical show...please if you are in NY (I know the show tours so u may look on ticketmaster) you have got 2 see this's simply wonderful my people..the costumes are amazing the singing on's so magical it takes you back to that time of great dreams...ect...
Bref ...I'm glad 2 see 1 sista who's half Guinean and Nigerian be a part of this great show..German/edition..oh yeah homegirl is fluent in french, portuguese..
She's a ballerina and received in 2002 le Prix d'Excellence de l'Union des Conservatoires et Ecoles de Musique des Hauts-de-Seine..
Homegirl can play the violin, can sing, and studied a few months at Alvin Ailey...IMPRESSIVE RIGHT.
Just like you I am discovering Mariam Malenty Balde in her own words....
Let's go!!

1- How do u define urself as a young African Woman living in the Western World?

I'm proud to have a "double" culture. Je me sens plus enrichie et plus ouverte à la diversité du monde. Ce n'est pas tjrs facile de faire la balance de deux identités culturelles qui ns sont offertes par nos parents ainsi que le pays où ns sommes nés. C'est pr cela qu'à travers mes photos (danseuse classique d'origine africaine, coiffure africaine, haut tie & dye) je me montre que l'un vas très bien avec l'autre! Je cherche à montrer le coté positif de mon identité.
I feel more open to the word even though it's not always easy , that's why i feel the need in my profession as a ballerina and in my pics to wear my hair african stylo, wear tye die...ect..try to show the positive accent of my double identity...

2- I know that generally both the Peul and the Haussa culture are very tradional ,so how do u live that?
I love it! It gives you great input inthe direction you want your to take your life. Tradition is important but i believe it has to grow and adapt itself to the environement and generations!
3- What do u do in life?
I'm an artist. I love to create beauty and emotion in everything I do. I sing,dance,act,design.. It's all in me! But professionaly so far I work as a dancer for the Broadway Musical THE LION KING for almost 4 years. I was really proud to represent my culture with all my talents in Germany where Blacks are not welcomed and well see. Then i was on tour for 3 months for a show called
BEST OF MUSICAL TOUR where you could see 18 different parts of well known musicals in Germany and Switzerland.

4- Are u a classically trained dancer?How long have u been a ballet dancer?
Yes i am! From the age 4 to 18 I was in "conservatoire" after school where i got my classical training in Ballet but also in violin,drama,theatre,music eductaion .

5-Is there much diversity dans ce domanine? do u know any african classical dancer?
In France, unfortunately not. We used to be the only black girls with my sister until she stopped. I once was discriminated because of my african shape! but i also had wonderful teachers that encouraged me in the /malenty

6-You said that u evolve as an actress as well?Do you have any upcoming movies projects coming up?
Oui, ms je n'en discute pas jusqu'a concretisation! ms c pour bientot!
Yes but I would rather wait to talk about it
7-I've noticed that a lot of young women nowadays ate so busy between different projects, qu'est ce qui te pousse dans la vie?
D'avancer, d'évoluer vers a better future,my future! I have faith that i can achieve great things in my life. I f i don't do it now, when? No one else will do it for me

8-Have u appeared in any mags as a model?which ones?

I recently shoot for the line "SO MUCH SOUL". it's a new line for all my soul sistas with the African continent as the face of an african women with an afro and a yellow flower in it!It's GORGEOUS! I love it and the message in it "DESIGN FOR THE SISTAS WITH SO MUCH SOUL". That's what i'm talking about! It should be out anytime soon but in the meantime check

9-Quelle est la reaction 2 ta famille par raport a ta cariere?

Oh c'est ma mère grande amoureuse de la musique qui ns a mis tous (1 frère, 1 soeur) au Conservatoire dès notre plus jeune age. Son objectif était non seulement de ns ouvrir à une diversité musicale et ns donner une opportunité autre que la scolaire ms aussi de ne pas "trainer" dehors après l'école! elle ns a soutenu et meme pousser des fois pdt les périodes de l'adolescence où l'on ne sait pas trop ce qu'on veut. J'ai donc continuer et tenue jusqu'à l'obtention du Diplome Departemental Des Hauts de Seine. Ce fut ma base et aujourdhui cela me permet d'avoir un métier qui m'enchante plus que tt et je pense pr eux aussi!

10-Qd je dits lilfa tu penses?
Lilfa: Classy, strong,powerful,down to earth,beautiful,educated,dertermined african woman. She inspire me from her natural hair to her profession. And i discoverd a rare common point with her: her mother is also Hausa from Naija! In France, I haven't met a ssiter with that similarity yet! i'm so glad!

11-When i say Guinea ..
My father, my grand mother,my culture,my foulani look ;-)

12-when i say Lansane Conte?
Change will come our way..

13-When i say nigeria

My mother, my grand parents, my BIG family, a country with so much wealth and possibility but too much 419! I don't want to use JAGGA JAGGA like EEDRIS but i really understand his point of view!

14-what are the pluses of being mixed? (metisse)
Free to make it your own. To expand yourself 2 greater possibilities with the two cultureS. Take the Best out of it, make it fit your personality and environement. I believe you have to find a balance to feel confortable and know that it is a gift 2 be "metisse" and 2 a unique look!

15-quels sont tes produits africain preferes?
shea butter! can't live without it! from hair mask to feet massages, body cream,lip balm at night! * Black oshun dudu soap *Robb (Tiger baum°)

16-quel est le meilleur conseil que ta mere t'ai give?
"Rien ne vaut la constance et la régularité"

17-quel est le meilleur conseil que ton pere tai give?
Au Paradis, on n'émmene rien qui est sur cette terre"

18-what is success to u?
Joy of doing what you love the most and the passion to share it with those who you love .
19-quels sont tes ecrivains africain preferes? (fav' writers)
Kola BOOF i love her book FLESH AN THE DEVIL

20-what do u think that we african should change about ourselves?
To change the fact that we don't believe that AFRICA IS THE FUTURE

21-tu serais contente en mourrant sachant que....u would glad leaving this earth knowing that
J'ai eu une vie de reves à mon propre gout,couleurs et style et que je l'ai partagé avec ceux qui m'aiment et croient en mes reves qui sont devenus réalité et que j'ai pu inspirer d'autres ds leur chemin.
I've lived my life the way I wanted to while accomplishing my goals

22-quelle est la chose que tu ne changerais jamais en toi....What's the one thing you will never change about yourself?
Mon physique (corps et visage). Je suis contre la chirurgie à mon qu'elle soit réparatrice (santé, accidents.
My physical appearance

23- quels sont tes designers africain preferes?
Sandy Innocent "Shana L Creations (Haut bustier sur photo) *Nkhensani Mangani "Stoned Cherrie" * Lamine pour XULY BET.

24-quel est 1 evenement politque que tu n'oublieras jamais?What'1 politcal event that you will never forget?
Le passage du FN au 2eme tour des elections présidentielles françaises en 2002

25-quelle est 1 matiere que l'on ne nous apprend pas a l'ecole que tu aurais aimer?What's 1 subject that they don't teach academically but you wish they did?

couture! j'aime tellement la mode et si j'avais appris à utiliser une machine à coudre, faire du tricot, du crochet j'aurais déjà lancer ma ligne de vetements!ms bon j'ai appris à coudre en réparent mes collants et mes rubans de pointes donc je sais customizer mes vetements!

26-qd je dits sekouba bambino tu dits
Les plus belles chansons d'amour qu'un homme africain peut te dedicaser à une femme comme "Mes Sentiments" de Mokobé feat Sekouba Bambino

27-c'est quoi la diversite pour toi,what's diversity to you?
Le présent et le future de notre peuple
The present and future of our people

28-quels sont les qualites chez 1 homme que tu admires
pour moi l'homme que j'admire est honnete, sincère, droit, courageux, responsable, ambitieux, passioné, affectif, respectueux, ambitieux, mature et amoureux!

29-qu'aimes tu le moins dans le metier de manequin
Pour etre mannequin c'est représenter une beauté unique qq soit la taille, le poids,la couleur donc ce coter discrimatoire qui est malheureusement très médiatiser ne me plait guère.

30-quels sont les organismes africain que tu admires le plus en france

Je ne soutien pas d'organisme en particuliers mais plutot ceux qui font briller notre peuple dans l'uniter et la beauté de notre culture donc des artistes comme MOKOBE, magazine MISS EBENE, le site ANANZIE.NET...

31-quels sont les pays africain que tu as visiter?ceux que tu aimerias visiter?
Which african countries have you visited?which ones you wish to visit someday?
Je suis déjà aller plusieurs fois au Nigeria et j'aimerais bcq aller en Guinée, en Afrique du Sud,au Senegal, au Mali..
I've been to Naija several times, but would love to go to Guinea, South Africa,Senegal , Mali
32-si on fouille dans ton sac on trouvera?If one was to look into ur bag what would they find?
Ipod, agenda, makeup bag, parfum, miel, mouchoir, bouteille d'eau
33-quelle est la chanson qui peux decrire ta vie
Amel Larrieux "ALL I GOT" is the one i will chose today but it will be in my album...Coming soon ;-)
34-fuck le...Rascim

35-la plus belle insulte/the nicest insult
"You are FIERCE!" yes indeed!

36-when do u feel 2 the sexiest?
When i dance, i sing, model, perform representing my people with my talent in every field with beauty, pride and respect!

37-de quelle religion es tu?how important is faith to u?
I grew up in a Muslim family. Spirituality has been very much part of my education. It helps me up to today to keep my faith intact. Through books (CWG, IYANLA Vanzant), movies (The Secret), Tv shows/dvds (Oprah). It's primordial to me because it helps me to keep my head up in low times and to believe in the future despite it all with God, my Ancestors whom i stand tall on their shoulders and My Destiny.

38-Africa is the future because
she's the base of all Nations, le berceau de l'humanité. Life is a circle, what goes around comes around. We have so much to do to put Motherland back on her trone. That's where she belongs.So let's do it now!

39-Quelserait ton business ou metier de reve
To be able to live peacefully of my passion, my dreams and ambitions! To be a fullfilled Entrepreneur like Oprah and Iman.

40-Last but not last que sais tu de vrai for sure in life.../What do u know for sure in life
It's a circle so watch what u do and say!

Oh Waouh sis...great interview..great 2 see a young woman
who knows who she is and where she's go lady ..keep representing us through your Artistic gifts..looking forward 2 saying 1 day..when I see u in tv ..hey i've interviewed

if you wanna more and see more of Malenty here's her webbie: /malenty

Djaa le mixx Guinea/Nigeria is more fiyaa:)
Eyee Wayee:)