Tuesday, October 09, 2007


All put together..love the details of the shoes..the scarf..loves it

Ayo & Michel Drucker ..ndeysane..he's still doin his thing hun

Doesn't she remind of you of Lauryn here..?)

I got the chance to listen to miss Ayo on the radio not too long ago, she was talking about her origins, her love for music that her Nigerian daddy passed on to her, her struggle in Paris.

She also talked about the fact that in her career, her friends and people were telling to be less vulnerable through her lyrics because people could use her sensitivity against her, to which she replied that it would be ok..that she would rather be honest w/herself than living faking...mm deep and courageous I thought..i give credits to artists that put themselves out there for people to get inspired by their lives..it's the feeling of being emotionally nude....

Anyways here's her official webbie, for those who don't know her yet...:

(check her improv on live tv..so adorable ..so natural)

The sound of this half Nigerian/half European sista reminds me a bit of Corine B...if you like raw , honest, sweet lyrics you will enjoy her...

Djaa my Naja sistas are doin'it:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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