Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It's funny before reading even the reviews..ect..It's like I had seen this's like I understood this women's loneliness, hope, it's as if they are looking into the sky for 1 sign...

This movie goes to show that men are women are made to really complete each other whether in some cases it's really understood as such.

In this movie "L'enfant Endormi"the beautiful and gifted Moroccan movie director Yasmina Kassira draws 1 beautiful green canvas the lives of these women whose husbands leave them to go try 2 get a better future...on their other side of the ocean illegally..

This is not the first time that Yasmina touches upon this subject, she also made a documentary prior to this called "Quand les hommes pleurent"where she followed lives of illegal Moroccan men's really not easy..and I dont think that anyone could judge them..because none of us live their lives ...

I love how this movie uses silences, pauses,the beautiful scenery 2 depict these women loneliness..Yasmina also touches like a slight touch on the shoulder the sexuality of these women who are left by themselves for a long time..their needs's reality people..

L'enfant endormi..why because apparently in Morocco there' s 1 belief that dictates that women can make their unborn children sleep in their bellies when necessary..for example in the case of these women whose husbands left them ..they do not want to raise children by themselves so they make them sleep**...interesting

This movie won several international prizes for the director, actors..ect

Here's the webbie for the movie:

Djaa my Maroccan ladies be doin' it:)

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Fa Sy said...

Looks interesting. I hope they have it on netflix so I can rent it. I love foreign movies!