Monday, October 01, 2007


u know she got me w/the tee rite:)

Check u out sista..dans toute ta grace

let them know that Malenty is the total package..go gal:)

Le Melange Fulani/Haussa is dangerous dee

That's what I'm talking about bebe, finally someone who's not too shy to say I'm 1 FABULAFRICANA WOMAN who got it goin'on.

From the little I know for now, but can't Mariam 2 hear more from u sis*, she's half Fulani on her dadddy side (Guinea) and half Haussa on her mummy's side (Nigeria)...

So people plizz if you got it going on , please email me ( in whatever field, from (chef, student, asronaut, maid,businesswoman, singer,teacher, lawyer..I don't care as long as u do it well)

Djaa le mix Guinee/Nigeria is more fiyaa:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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Fa Sy said...

Hey girlllllly!!!

Its good to see you that u are still rocking this page and updating us with news from the continent. Amazing! as for me, Ive just been a bit busy since I got back from my trip. I left too many things on hold I guess.... and i think im just feeling a bit lazy after staying so long withoug blogging I dont know where to startttttt. But hey, I will be back sooner than u think. Im gonna try to make it bfore the end of october :) I will keep u posted. Ramadan Mubarakk :)