Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Pasteur meets thinkeur..lol

Le petit intello fait sa revolution

Serious in the movie "The Front Line"

Sexy chocolat

Mais non le petit est sexy quand meme....homeboy got it going on!

While some people have been perfecting their craft for years and years, Eriq who was working as an account executive decided because he wasn't fulfilled to convert to Acting...waouh il faut le faire qd meme..that takes a lot of guts, innocence, and belief in oneself all at once.

But the young hubby/father made it seem all easy w/his various roles, if you've seen Lumumba yep that was him, going from french leading man to u know doing his thing in Hollywood without some of us noticing along the side of
Antonio Banderas, Jean Reno that some of you french speaking may know...ect..

It's surprising how this man never had experience but acting is like 2ND nature to him, he's well respected within the industry and always dress his character w/a lot of dignity and strength.
I also love the fact that his roles are very diverse, he is never where you expect him, for exple he played in the Nativity Story, played also in Femme Fatale, African Paradis...ect

Here's his official webbie:

Here a clip from African Paradis:

Hey, I say u go brotha w/ur sexy self showing how men in their 40's are doin it:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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