Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Senegal, Senegal/Mali, Liberia..doin the damn thing..good times

Hey guys so I figured I would share w/y'all some of my actual fav'African songs & others..click on links to see videos!!

Lura from Cap Vert :Narina (very exotic..love that song it makes u wanna wear a flowy skirt & dance around yourself)
M'Passi & Chebli from Congo & les Iles Comorres : My 2 favs are Jambo & Mama(love the combination of their voices..sounds how would i put so sincere so at peace)
Coumba Gawlo Seck from Dakar: Femme Objet (the anthem for any powerful and strong woman)
Khadja Nin from Burundi: Mama (so soulful, melancholic)
Sara Taveres from Cap Vert (loveeee her she's my fav' singer rite new) Balance and One Love
Extra Musica from Congo always it's a classic: Obligatoire & Trop c'est trop
Soumia from Marocco : Ton Silence, Mes Sentiments (so romantic/zouk stylo)
Darra J from Karda :Boomerang uptempo makes u wanna get all ur energy on the floor
Angelique Kidjo from Benin u know that i lovee me some Angelique..my fav' are Agollo, Batonga..etc
Sekouba Bambino from Guinea (def' will be on my wedding playlist Inch'Allah)current fav' Mbambou, Bamako Jolie Den..
Fally Ipupa from Congo (the new guy in tow)Droit Chemin
Lokua Kanza from Congo 2...love his song "M'biffe" remix of Salik Keita..
Salif Keita from Mali "M'biffe" old school..
Coupe decale from Ivoiry Coast everything...
Corneille from Rwanda "Reves de Star", "Avec Classe"
Magic System ..anything by them
Kaysha of course "Fiona", "Si tu veux", "One Love"
Julia Sarr Karda/Gambia love her album

Now on to America

J Holiday -Bed (mmm this song is my fav' rite now)
Boyz II Men-4 seasons of loneliness
Jagged Edge-Promise-Turn you on
Kem - anything by Kem
Alicia Keys-No One (2 deep for me)
Carl Thomas-anything by him ..period classic
Donel Jones-"Where I wanna be", "This Luv"
Anthony Hamilton -"Pass me over","Sista big bone"
Lizz Wright of course if u know me long enough you've heard me talk about her at least once

Kanye West-"Good Life"..love this song
rihana & neyo -"hate that i love you "...

So many more I'll add as we go along, feel free to share your songs ....

Djaa African Music is more fiyaa
Eyee Wayee:)

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