Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Reppin Ethiopia all day bb

In her land

Yes bb that feeling hun...

nice cornrows

La grande go dans toute sa classe

Just at 1m 55, this 23 years old young Ethiopian woman is 1 of the baddest long distance runner male/female included...She's been consistent from 2004-2007 btw gold silver, world title Messy has been doin her thang and sometimes beating her own records .. u take that.

And you know what she says ..she ain't done..she ain't done and want to keep pushing herself until she's 30..waouh!!

She's married and, w/her hubby they've adopted several children.

Just this September she set a new world record of 8:58.58 in the women's 2-mile at the Van Damme Memorial Game. She was the world gold Champion in Osaka Japan, the Gold Olympic champ' at the Olympic Games in 2004..and so many other titles.

She's def' the pride of her nation..

You go sis, here's a little clip done by her people:

Djaa my Ethiopian sisters are true amazones:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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