Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Aight guys get ready to save this address on your favorites ...:)

Jamati is sure 2 be 1 of your favs, lead by My gal Roxana Bangura Gambia's finest, her partner and founder of this amazing everything African e- "a la cave d'Ali Baba" just for the fabulous that we African people are, je cite Elias Mageto.

Jamati was the vision of 1 of Kenya' sons Elias Mageto , 1 mover and shaker of the New African Diaspora in DC. Seeing the lack of info on us by us he decided to create an internet outlet where we could find ourselves...what's great about this team is that it's very diverse, Roxana is from Gambia, Elias is from Kenya,

the lovely Mwabi is from Zambia.(I am starting to be so curious abt that country)..ect...

When I spoke to Roxana, I was super proud 2 see a sista believing in a project about our continent, working hard to bring to you guys entertainment news , showing you our different facettes.

In Elia's own words Jamati 's vision is 2 stand for:" is poised to be the resource for this market growth, and we hope to be the catalyst for a lot of up and coming entertainers, much like Black Entertainment Television (BET) is for black Artists in the United States."

Not bad hun...:) and my dear brotha as I was telling Roxana that's the feel I got when I visited...

So I say people check them' out.. matter of fact check yourselves out:)

Djaa my African people sont dans le chaud:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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