Wednesday, October 24, 2007


"Yo, all I need is one mic, one beat, one stage"

Nas Escobar

I was speaking w/a very good friend of mine and she was asking me Why I blog..great question hun...!!
I guess I could say that I feel like it's 1 of my greatest missions in life, I didn't get into it purposely thinking about it..just like any great things in life I dived into it..and gave it when the time allowed or when i had 2 make the time for it my very best...
"All I need is one mic.. there's nuttin else in the world"

I blog because it feeds me..I blog because my pen and left hand asks me to...
I blog because it was 1 gift given to me..I blog because I love learning humbles me each day 2 know that there are so many great African people out there..I would use the word fabulous but we are more than that..We are 1 people who need 2 be encouraged each day until we believe in ourselves..the message of slavery is still in our heads...
we still feel the need to steal, be corrupted to get there.......the THERE!!

"ALL I need is One Life, One Try, One Breath "

We need 2 realize that yep if Aissa Maiga can be an actress and be great at it that yes somewhere in Namibia, Mauritania..Aicha can also achieve it..
I blog about us because there may be something poppin somewhere in Botswana ..
I blog because my world is not just Dakar town..I blog because my internal voice commands me to...
"What I stand for , speaks for itself"

I blog because one day when the future generations lose their candor and innocence ..they could look back and say Waouh these were GREAT AFRICAN PEOPLE..******

I blog because it encourages me to be better and go after my own dreams...
I blog, cos I need to..
I blog because it's an extension of who I am as a person...
I blog because..I got to ..ain't no other way..:)
I blog because u need to know 1 day about the GREAT AFRICAN PEOPLE THAT WE ARE...


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Fa Sy said...

Keep on blogging girl! Powerful message that you're sending here. I love me some strong african sisters! Yes, our voices are being heard in the underground internet railroads and the tears of our soul will not be forgotten! Keep on writing.