Wednesday, October 03, 2007


The combination purple /loincloth comes together w/a lot of life

Don't like the froufou for me but looks elegant on her tall frame

Comment ...petit ne blague pas dee!


In the Abidjan's Fashion scene, if you were to ask about Nawal El Assad the libano-ivoirian designer , you'll be sure to get the same answer=a pro'.
She 's been evolving in fashion for 1 very long time along Toure, Pathe O' etc..

She's been of the first ones to organize on a consistent level fashions shows which not only showcase her work but the ones of her colleagues..

A lot of African designers never received proper training, Nawad is 1 of the few to have studied fashion abroad.
Understanding the importance of education, she opened a school in her native Abidjan.

I love the fact that she plays w/materials and colors in order to obtain som'rare...she's innovative...loves it..u have to keep your game ''s not over until it's over people.

Here's her webbie:(which needs to be updated..come on Nawal don't let me down sista)

Djaa les gos d'Abidjan sont dans le chaud:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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