Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I've seen couple of her Cd's at Virgins but I've never taken the chance to discover the 33 year old Ethiopian songstress who was born in a lovely small town called Chagni. Of her childhood she cherishes beautiful memories of her siblings, parents, and music.

Traditional religious lyrics were always part of her childhood as her family and herself were fervent believers in the Orthodox Church. A lot of the praise material, songs and music are dated to the beginning of Christianity in Ethiopia (that being said if you are a real believer+an emotional singer....it has got to be an interesting mix)

In her later teens she moved to Adis Abeba and Kenya, coming from 1 rural town , she discovered a much more modern Ethiopian sound..she fell in love w/singers such as Aster Aweke....She admits that at the beg' of her career she tried to emulate her, sing the same way as she did until she had 2 be honest w/herself and accept her own voice, intonations etc...

When she moved to the States in the later nineties, her public was the Ethiopian Immigrant Community present here, it's only in 2001 w/her self titled album GIGI that she became a household name...w/the help of her hubby/producer Bill Laswell , 1 mix of reggae/jazz/tradional sounds and social messages.....

Her last cd is called Gold & Wax....of course being that she's 1 bit modern there's a bit of contreversy..but hey homegirl keep singing so...:)

Here's her myspace page (sista if I may add, please get an official webbie as well...it would be easier to navigate:)

Djaa my Ethiopian sistas be doin it:)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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