Wednesday, October 03, 2007


trendy, great content

Uzuri , great fashion

Witty, interesting..

Honey Mag'..lovessss it

my new coup de corazon

oprah of course

loves this mag.great ideas for deco'

Gotta say that I was really proud and pleased when i went to the neighbourhood bookstore and found at least 6 African mags, some news oriented, some entertainment oriented, is so cool.One thing about me is that if i could , i would read 1 mag' at least /day..I am extremely addicted to mags lol...ask my pocket lol it'll cry to

Anywhoo here are various mags that have links and also some American mags that keep mw on my toes..2 me the best black mag' out there is Essence's classy, the pics are amazing always on point, the topics are relevant, c'est varrie, and u pay for what u get...I abs' am a fan. Of course I love Honey Magazine , I actually blog for them as well, it's fun, it's hip, great info , great voices for young women out there in all industries, it represent the twenty som' young lady that knows where she's going. I picked up Brune, and I was really positively surprised, really well done as well, great pics..the key to any publication is presentation period..if you cannot present you work well, it just won't work.

Culture Femme is another 1 that I used to write for, which is also great (french/African publication)..what else I just picked up blueprint mag'by Martha Steward..gotta tell u loves it...great this case the mag' def translates the message of the mag;'which is healthy life, through the beautiful simply written and presented pages.

Mmm another mag' that I respect is Amina (french -caraibian-African ) mag which has been existing for at least 20 years (it's getting fresher lately..whoever is bringing the change is doing a great job)

Oprah Mag' has great content as well.

I haven't got the chance to read on paper Mimi mag' but their online site is quite interesting as well..

Shenka Mag' is pretty good as well.AM Afrique Mag'is the mag' I turn to when I wanna read in depth about what's going in our's modern while u still get the proper info...I could go on and on and will sometimes come back to the topic..but here are some links

Mimi Magazine:(w/my kaysha on the cover and model Noella,trendy)

Shenka Magazine(good presentation...)

AM Afrique Mag (my fav' african french news publication..really well done)

The African Vibes Magazine (interesting content...trendy)

Uzuri (fashion oriented..presentation is not bad at all)

Brune Mag (very very good ..needs 1 link )

Amina Mag (1 legend..mad respect)

Ariztos Mag' (funky and thought provocating'and unique presentation w/images and drawings)

Now the International mags:

I loveHoney Mag' (looooooovesss's u , me us in our twenties w/our hope and mistakes)

Interview mag' (now i love this mag' it gives artists the possibility to interview each other..really interesting)

Essence Mag' (1 reference..excellent !!*)

Blueprint (just discovered it and loveees it i wanna live some of my life)

Ideal Home Mag (great deco'mag)

Giant Magazine (fierceee ..funky..futuristic)

Pink Mag (great mag for professional women..loves it)

Nigerian wedding planner (like a lot..great advice..great articles)

So many more, will keep u posted....

Djaa we in Africa have some wonderful mags:)

Eyee Wayeee:)


Ladybrille said...

Cool! Recognize some. Will check out the ones do not recognize and add on my list. hope u r well. Keep up the great work!!!!

Anonymous said... is great too!